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Alice of Alice in Wonderland is a real person in the real world. She enters the Realm of Fairytales (She knows it as Wonderland) through the Looking Glass. Through her adventures in Wonderland, she becomes the first of the Mirror Walkers.

Alice finds that every reflective surface is a portal to another world. She starts entering worlds. Every world of every possibility exists. She starts trying to keep track of the different worlds. Through her tracking she realizes that many worlds are waiting for Mirror Walkers to come and solve problems in their world.

Alice starts saving/solving problems in the different worlds. The solved stories start coming through to the real world. Real World people start following the movements of the Mirror Walker. Real World people start putting together real problem solutions.

As Alice solves more worlds, she brings/trains more Mirror Walkers. More people begin entering worlds and solving problems. It comes to the point that more worlds are solved than not. The mirrors in the Real World start reflecting differently.

The mirrors start showing rosier pictures than what’s in the Real World. Real World people question why the mirrors are different. The Mirror Walker movements are made known. The Real World starts following the guide on how to solve real world problems.

The Real World gets better. The reflections begin to match the Real World. Peace in every world. No problems. Until all the different worlds realize Alice has disappeared. No one can find her.

Every world is searched. Every world is tracked and recorded in every world it is connected to. All the details are kept in the effort to find Alice. When every portal has been explored, every mystery connected, it begins to come to mind that Alice was never real.

But if Alice was never real – who started walking through mirrors?

Questions start coming up pondering how the world was changed by a piece of fiction. Who wrote about Alice? Who said she was a Mirror Walker? Who started the tale that changed everything?

The more people asked, the more they wanted to know.

How do you explain a miracle everyone witnessed but no one can take credit for?

How do you prove what wasn’t seen?


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