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Alice’s Notes to Mirror Walkers:

Karma’s New Day comes at the End of All Time. She’s waited patiently for every soul to take their turn at the Game of Life. She was patient. She was kind. She was loving. And she was ready to win. Now she just waited for TIME to come.

Princess Mary Jane Blossom’s retelling of Alice’s tale:

Karma: I told you that if you sent them with words to follow they wouldn’t listen to you.

TIME: Before they could listen, they must learn to disobey. Before correction can be made, there must be wrong. Before there can be right, there must be better. The words I have given were only the beginning of the words to come.

Karma: You mean I have been playing with an outdated rulebook? I didn’t want to play the game with you if you weren’t going to play fair! Just because you are in charge of all time doesn’t mean….

TIME: Have you not paid attention? You have been granted the rules, the same as they were given. You were told to make yourself the best possible person you could following the rules that were granted. You were given a level playing field upon which to be judged. Same for you, same for them. The time has come to issue a new set of words to better understand what is wrong. I have some in mind that you will probably agree are better.

*shows Karma the new set of words*

Karma: You have got to be kidding me. My rules!?! My rules are going to be the words they have to follow? That is so unfair. They are going to believe the game has been twisted in my favor. How will they ever think you aren’t playing favorites if you have literally taken pages right out of my book?

TIME: Whose words would you suggest I choose in a game of creating the best equals?

Karma: Well, the words that would lead to the best kind of people.

TIME: You have your answer. From the spans of time, I held all to the same standard of conduct. And from the same standard of conduct, I judged the quality of the person that came to be known to me. I took the highest quality of personhood and used it as the standard upon which all should have held themselves to. It is not lost on me that the highest quality of personhood came from one who cared about nothing, showing her love of me before all else. How could you not think that your standard of conduct would be better than theirs?

Karma: But how will my words teach what is wrong?

TIME: Before the new words became what is right, the old words I sent were held as all that is right. With the new words, they will be forced to reconcile what is right and what is wrong. Before when all was right, there was no need to understand the concept of wrong for anything that wasn’t right was wrong. But now they will be faced with the impossibility of two rights that are supposed to be right without knowing which is the right they should follow. Right now becomes personal and a truer reflection of who the person truly is.

Karma: Okay. So now people have to decide what is right for themselves and not just follow blindly a set of rules handed down as truth. So truth is negotiable?

TIME: Indeed. Truth is entirely subjective. Truth is the words you take into yourself and use to shape the person you will become. Truth is the words you believe that shape the who you know yourself to be. Truth can be based on anything. And as you have shown to be truth, some have better truths than others. Now begins the process of creating better truths. Wrong has been introduced. From Wrong comes a clearer definition of Right. The clearer Right becomes the better things become for choosing Rightly becomes an easier decision to make.

Karma: Where exactly does that leave me? My words are the way I have always chosen to be. So my words are right and my actions are in alignment with my beliefs. How does better come from that?

TIME: For the first time ever, there will be a person who is completely Right. This person is not capable of mistakes. This person is not capable of doing wrong. Their being, their choices, their actions all accurately reflect that which is right. This person is Right Incarnate. So this person will have the responsibility of showing the spans of time just how good it feels to be right and just how right a good person acts towards those less than right.

Karma: Ugh. You’re talking about Perfection. Now I have to be as Good as Perfection. That’s not fair. I was never meant to be Perfection. I am my own person and my own person is Good Enough in its own Right.

TIME: There is truth that your Right is Good Enough. But is Good Enough what’s best? Could there be better? Should you try to be better if you know the game is about being the best?

Karma: What happens when my Good Enough gets better? When will my better ever be my best?

TIME: Only I will tell.

Karma: I really don’t like when you do that.


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Written Post 4:20am on 6/1/2019 by Beautiful Bettie Inspired after having Jehovah’s Witnesses knock on my door shortly after I posted something tearing down the Old Testament of the bible. In beautiful irony that is life, I was provided a little pamphlet on Why I Could Trust the bible. The man I spoke with was a better man. He was soft and gentle and kind in demeanor. He exuded the qualities of a unicorn. His presence comforted not ruffled. And it reminded me that not all the followers of the Word took it to be so cold and cruel. Some followed the Word and found softness and gentleness of nature to be shared and nurtured and opened in all through the loving kindness of community. Some followers found grace and salvation while men found judgement and condemnation. I was inspired by the best of the best.