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Life (for me) appears to be about learning lessons, guiding growth, and helping happiness so I may finally be free to find fate, to feel “alive”, and descriptively define how that works for me and my own.

Timeout for an explanation of how I “read” sentences (how my eyes recognize, my brain interprets, my mind “sees”, and my soul believes) and why I find it so extremely difficult to be concise when my “definitions” of words appear to have so many combinations of definition/interpretation the reader can take away. When reading the bolded sentence above, my eyes stop at the first word it remembers, triggering my brain to search my spirit’s dictionary of definitions (see below), so that my mind can pull up an image (intelligence/intuition) for my soul to feel/sense. I then continue on until my eyes stop again to repeat the process, this time with the addition of adding the understanding of the prior word(s) to the definition of the current word to attempt to reconstruct the intention of the writer/assembler behind the message. So on and so forth, until I string together the entire sentence and am able to make sense of all the information I am working with and conclude with an understanding of what I was being told. (Thankfully I have become a pro at reading/translating (digesting/understanding) the English language and now see it makes perfect sense why I never really had a knack for picking up other languages but was always really good at foreign vocabulary.)

Spirit’s Dictionary – Notes Etched In My Soul/Sand/Salvation during Creation to help me process my trips around the sun, in whatever form I take, in whichever body I find myself in, no matter the state, that the world at large would label as “definitions” where I digest them as acronyms (with embedded and buried definitions) for the power/energy each word is pulling from the universe when spoken in order to create the imagery/symbolism/understanding necessary for two beings to communicate effectively:

Sidenote: I believe speaking words powerfully, properly, and perfectly (as determined by universal codes of creation) invokes practical magic that is used to connect and communicate. I believe in the magic of words and the power of pronunciation to achieve profound wisdom. I believe the sharing of words of power produces perfect possibilities to share with the world.

Words pulled from my Spirit’s Dictionary for the starting sentence:

LIFE – Learning Individuality/Finding Eternity

ME – Metaphysical/Myopic/Mystical/Magical/Mundane Expectation/Exception/Exultation

BE – Beg./All,End./All

LEARN – Listening Earnestly Around/About Regular Negativity/Nothingness

LESSON – Life Examples Soulfully Searching Out Negative/Nothingness

GUIDE – Generosity Uniqueness Intelligence Decisiveness Empathy

GROWTH – Gained Reward: Opportunity, Wealth, Teaching, Happiness

HELP – Honestly Exhibiting Loving Performances/Personifications/Preferences

HAPPY – Honest Adoration Positively Producing Youthfulness

FREE – Felt Relief/Relaxation Energizing Euphoria

FIND – Frequent Intelligence/Necessary Decisions

FATE – Free Assumptions Tempered Expectations

FEELS – Functional Euphoria Eliciting Loving Sympathy

HOW – Healthy Organized Work

WORK – wealth opportunity requiring knowledge/kinesis

OWN – Obvious Wealth Necessity

A thirty-seven word sentence took me to my “dictionary” sixteen times which brought about an additional eighty-one words and eighty-one subsequent trips to the dictionary to get specific/actual/real definitions for the acronyms. Specific, Actual, and Real definitions for the words are different and therefore require a triplicate understanding of how to process intention to be comprehensible/translatable/relatable. In addition to the numerous trips to the mental dictionary, I admit I took quite a few searches on Google to confirm that I had in fact pulled the proper word to define what I was feeling before I could definitively add it to my acronym, which makes the whole process feel fuzzy and that much more exhausting.

It took me 592 words to explain the process of how I “talk” when I open my mouth and utter a solitary/singular sound.

I have now sat here for 23 minutes in absolute silence and total confusion and honest inquiry since writing the last sentence attempting to interpret how to sanely, articulately, and accurately state the following idea without appearing off my rocker, insanely egotistical, or purposefully preachy. I got nothing. So I’m just going to let the words flow and I’ll try to make sense of them after I “feel” I have come to “a’resting’ point”.

Free Flow Start Now:

God wants to talk to people. People want to talk to God. People do not know how to properly talk to God. People cannot use power in their words. Before people can talk to God they must learn to talk properly. Before they can learn to talk properly they must learn how to listen. Before they can learn to listen they must learn what is right. Before they can learn what is right they must right their wrongs. Before they can right their wrongs they must change their choices. Before they change their choices they must develop a new pattern of behavior, system of beliefs, and structure for living. Before any of that can happen it is essential to accept the me part of your person before you reject the you part of your equation.

Free Flow Word Count: 135 words

Free Flow Intrepretation/Intuition/Imagery:

God’s “hearable” voice is so powerful that with the utterance of just one single sound (imagine/picture/hear the beginning of an inhale of breath) every detail of creation will become understood.

Free Flow Translation:

Every sound you hear is a dilution of God trying to speak to you in a way you can understand. God has so much detail that it is near impossible to expand the mind enough to comprehend what he knows so rather than force his vast amount of knowledge into your fragile little mind, he breaks it down into bits and pieces that can be gobbled up for deeper understanding and a more solid connection with the elusive presence so many crave in their lives. While God would appear invisible to the naked eye, the invisibility itself is where God exists. The invisibility we “don’t see” is his actual tangible form holding up/supporting/moving our reality through time. Example – when the wind blows that is God sending messages [trees moving, things swaying, that general sssssshhhhh noise] that we “hear” as “sounds” which actually contain words, wisdom, and wealth if you know how to speak/listen/hear/interpret/feel/divine God’s language. Up until this moment in time God has not once shared his true language with people because up until this point in time “people” were not able to fathom what it takes to be God. Now that we are able to comprehend things on a worldwide scale God can begin to expand our minds to communicate effectively. God has begun dropping valuable nuggets of golden information into the spiritual pool of knowledge and wants people to drink freely of all that he is offering. In order to drink, it is essential to define who you are, what you believe, and how you live life rightly otherwise the information God shares will be nonsensical and valueless.


If “you” want to talk to God, you must first define what it means to be YOU, I, and ME. If you don’t KNOW you are talking with GOD, then you are not. If you are not talking with GOD, you have not yet found out how to be the “true and honest” version of yourself. If you do not know how to find yourself, you are not lost – you have just not yet been found, hold tight to faith and hope and you’ll find yourself safe after the coming storm. The storm is looming, the rains are falling, now it is time to hear your calling.