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Alice’s Notes to Mirror Walkers:

Suppose an other worldly being started talking to you about fairytale happy endings. Would you care to listen? Would you think it was real? What about when the story started coming to life in front of your eyes? Would you read truth?

Princess Mary Jane Blossom’s retelling of Alice’s tale:

Princess Mary Jane Blossom is moved by some pretty awesome things. Her favorite fairytale of all time is none other than the story “Outside the Lines” which tells of TruBlue and Vanilla Nut-all SheSeams.

Check out Outside the Lines for a dive into the mind of Princess Mary Jane Blossom and what moves her being to something more. The sad reality is that Princess Mary Jane Blossom is such a weird kind of being, she can’t for the life of her remember exactly where the rest of the story went or how exactly it turned out. But she can definitely pin point that this is her favorite story despite the less than detailed account she can recall of it.

After digging around in the archives of Alura’s Library, I stumbled across this little gem. Turns out Mary Jane Blossom’s favorite fairytale is her favorite for a reason. She‘s in the darn thing!!! Nothing like good honest self-interest to float your fancy. What’s even crazier is that she doesn’t seem to remember that the story is about her. Of course in Borrowed Faces she is referred to as Mary Jane Blossom without the title of Princess. Perhaps the result of the story is how she stumbled into the title of Princess Mary Jane Blossom?

This dive through Alura’s library has been fun. Buried deep in one of the ancient tomes was a Rune of Translation. I am working feverishly to understand how exactly it works. It appears to enable communication and understanding between layers of existence. The Rune seems to work to provide definition and detail where reality fades together and fuzzes over the differences.

I can’t wait to see what more Alura and Mary Jane Blossom and this Multiverse have in store!


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Written Pre4:20pm on 5/15/2018 by Beautiful Bettie. This post was inspired after finding old fairytales in the archives of Alura’s blog. Beautiful Bettie found it interesting how the details of fairytales from years ago tied so closely into the story that is being woven in present day. Beautiful Bettie loves when synchronicity happens, even when the parallel between events is her. Weird how Beautiful Bettie and Mary Jane Blossom keep referring to themselves in different persons. Kind of like they are one and the same but totally different people. Now how could that make sense?