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Alice’s Notes to Mirror Walkers:

What happens when time passes away and nothing becomes anything and something becomes everything you know? Does anything make sense when all the words start to mean their own thing? Who are you when you don’t have your words to say?

Princess Mary Jane Blossom’s retelling of Alice’s tale:

After Princess Mary Jane Blossom came together with Skatman and Stan Lee to form ONE, ONE experienced an awakening/awareness of the past existence that laid the foundation for the current existence to come to be. ONE came to know what was wrong and resolved to fix the problem forever. HE stepped down from the Throne of God. Upon stepping down, ONE was no more and once again “They” were the focus of the story. “They” come together to represent Princess Mary Jane Blossom, Skatman, Stan Lee, and Hunter the King. Each of “They” have unresolved issues. Becoming “They” again brought a new awareness of what their outstanding problems were.

Princess Mary Jane Blossom‘s realms ever struggled with the concept of devotion. When any fantasy or fairytale was possible, what was worthy enough of devoting yourself to for all the ages?

When Princess Mary Jane Blossom came back to being, she realized that the only thing that mattered to her was the “YOUTH” of Skatmand Land. YOUTH stands for “YOU’s Originality Using Time Honestly“. YOUTH was always blossoming in Skatmand Land. However because Skatman felt negatively about maturity and experience, the land was constantly corrupting the new YOUTH and making it become different than it was meant to be. For time beyond understanding YOUTH was thought to mean BEAUTY. BEAUTY stands for “Being Euphoric and Unique Toward YOU.” BEAUTY and YOUTH are quite similar in that BEAUTY and YOUTH both present themselves early on in life. However BEAUTY is a passing fancy while YOUTH is supposed to remain throughout life. Because Skatman is ever focused on YOUTH thinking it meant BEAUTY, things got a little messy in his land.

Princess Mary Jane Blossom saw how YOUTH was being tortured in Skatmand Land and sought to save the only thing worth devoting herself to. And so The Princess gave her all to creating the best land possible for the YOUTH of existence. When The Princess sealed herself to the saving of YOUTH, reality rippled and shifted around her decision.

Suddenly YOUTH was gone without explanation from Skatmand Land. With YOUTH gone, BEAUTY fled the devastation that the land was left in. Skatman’s Land was in very dark times. Stan Lee saw the devastation and his Passion was ignited. Finally the time had come to serve existence as he had ever been preparing to do. His realm was ever battling overcoming large obstacles and all manner of internal debates. He had been training the beings of his realm to face outstanding odds and overcome them in the most fantastical of ways. Stan Lee suddenly found himself wielding the Glowing Sword of TRUTH. TRUTH stood for “Teaching Real Unity Through Honesty“.

Stan Lee came to Skatmand Land with his Glowing Sword of TRUTH. The light of his Sword brightened the eyes of the Land in a way that YOUTH and BEAUTY never had. The beings of Skatmand Land were made aware of how little they valued the beauty of youthful innocence and how they had forsaken the youthful progression of beauty’s passage of time. In all ways the beings of Skatmand Land had failed to worship and praise and appreciate the things that were at the basis of who they were.

But now YOUTH and BEAUTY were gone and only TRUTH remained. TRUTH was the light Skatmand Land must hold onto in the storm of chaos that came when The Princess saved YOUTH from the darkness of Skatmand Land. As the Glowing Sword of TRUTH was plunged into the reality of Skatmand Land, suddenly the beings of Skatmand Land were awakened to something different. With their new awareness, the beings of Skatmand Land were able to see LIGHT. LIGHT had always been a part of Skatmand Land but the beings were ever focused on loving the wrong way or the wrong thing, never seeing what truly mattered. With Skatmand Land bathed in the goodness of LIGHT and the wholeness of TRUTH, suddenly Skatmand Land was becoming a better place to be.

Stan Lee’s Superhero Realm was abandoned. All the beings of his realm had felt the igniting of their inner Passion and had fled to fill the emptiness Skatman had experienced at the loss of YOUTH and BEAUTY. The Nothing was what was left of Stan Lee’s Superhero Realm.

This is where it gets tricky. The Nothing is a being of the future that had taken shape in the now. What was happening to the Multiverse if beings of the future were filtering into the reality of the now?

What did that mean?

Was time falling apart? Did time matter? Is time really even a thing when realities collide?

Stay tuned as we find out more about Where’s Alice? and the nonsense of beings found there.

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Written an unknowable time ago due to the complexities of save issues on drafts and the absent minded nature of the writer which is Beautiful Bettie who feels bummed to have missed out on dating such an important piece of the Where’s Alice? mapping.