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Alice’s Notes to Mirror Walkers:

So often we look at ourselves and we take what is as what was meant to be. What if what was meant to be has never had a chance to happen? Would you accept what is as all that should be? Would you take the chance to make something better happen? Do you believe in better? Do you wish to know a better way? Take the time to look at what matters most. For in every story, in every tale, there remains one common thread connecting them all. Find the thread, find the truth. And all will be made known.

Princess Mary Jane Blossom’s retelling of Alice’s tale:

Alice the Mirror Walker of Wonderland fame has done many things. The biggest thing she did was mess up all of Existence. Things were once ordered in a certain way to make things happen the way they did. The very first time Alice stepped through the Looking Glass, reality changed and all of Existence rippled and morphed into a completely new system.

Figuring out what is without knowing exactly what was leaves everyone unable to piece together exactly what it was that Alice did. But another early follower of the Mirror Walker Movement had her own special mirror that did something pretty wondrous too.

See the Elf and the Ogre were head over heels in love with each other. But the Elf lived in a land that was different than the land of the Ogre. They were worlds apart and yet they shared a magical mirror that connected the two.

Each carried the mirror around in their pocket so they could see the one they love in the reflection. They were able to share every detail of their lives. They were able to find they loved each other more than they knew how to love themselves. Their love was epic and grand in nature. One could consider that their love was so epic in nature, reality had to change in order to accommodate such grandiose feelings.

Enter Alice. She changed reality. How? That’s something to be discovered down the road. Right now, we can definitively point to the change in the Ogre and Elf‘s connected mirrors. Where once it was nothing but solid glass now the surface of the mirror rippled when they spoke.

Ogre had listened to Elf‘s tale of the Mirror Walker. In her own land, the Mirror Walker had not come. The Ogre was sad that she couldn’t be the same as her true love. It hurt her that they were different. She wanted to be the same and as good as her Elf beloved was. Ogre felt Elf was really the most perfect being you could hope to cross paths with. She worshiped how kind and gentle and funny he could be. Ogres tended to be harsh and brutal and this particular Ogre was extremely fragile and sensitive though still a full ogreblood. The Elf‘s loving nature soothed the rough exterior of Ogre and she loved that.

Ogre started wondering about the ripples in the mirror. She wondered if the Mirror Walker had done something special just for her. Ogre got it in her mind to try walking through her own mirror. She chose not to tell Elf about her plan because he was always thinking through his plans and he would probably tell her the safe thing would be not to do what she wanted to do.

Knowing she probably shouldn’t didn’t stop Ogre but rather enabled her to decide to go through with her idea. The next time she opened her mirror to talk to Elf she told him she loved him and that she had something to do that would bring the two of them closer forever. Without a word in from him, Ogre threw herself completely into her little pocket mirror.

The Elf was shocked as he saw Ogre barreling towards him through a little mirror. And the moment she looked as though she was going to crash into him, everything changed.

Ogre did not look like Ogre anymore. Elf looked the same yet different. The world around Elf was no longer the one he was used to, everything had changed. And yet while Elf was aware that everything had changed, he found himself completely aware of how the world now stood.

He was standing in a bathroom. Everything was Nothing like he remembered and yet he knew all that was going on. There was a tub and a sink and a toilet. All the things that make up a bathroom and yet Elf thought he had never before seen a bathroom arranged like the one he was in. It made Elf feel weird to think that this was a new bathroom not like the old. Elf didn’t like to feel weird and so he chose not to indulge that thought.

As Elf chose not to indulge the curiosity of the difference, he immediately realized that Ogre was in the bathroom with him. And yet Ogre was no longer Ogre. Ogre was now Beautiful Bettie, the same and yet totally different. She was all that she was before but now she was completely different. Elf saw the Ogre he always loved and cared not to consider what it was that was different but rather only how he now got to put his arms around the one he had loved for eternities.

And so he stepped forward to embrace the one he had waited forever to hold. But Ogre was not doing as well with the change as Elf had taken it. Ogre was losing her mind and was reaching the brink of insanity. Elf had no idea his approach would trigger her and push her over the edge.

Ogre was standing by the open bathroom window. Small yet capable of scaring the neighbors when Ogre started screaming for Hope to save her. Loudly she yelled as ogres were so capable. She screamed how The Nothing had come and how the world was over. And when she turned to see Elf approaching her, her eyes flared with a demonic gleam and she charged Elf knocking him to the ground.

Elf was laid prone on the floor. Ogre pounced and put her big meaty hands around his fragile Elf neck. She squeezed hard, so hard Elf thought his end had come. Ogre squeezed and then let loose a tiny bit. She breathed into Elf‘s ear venomously, “Don’t you dare lay a hand on her. She is yours to protect. Not yours to punish. You do your best to give her your best and she will remain yours. Hurt her once and you will lose everything.”

As Ogre finished threatening Elf, the demonic gleam left her eyes and Ogre came back a little to herself. Elf stood, shaken but aware that it was time to get their children. Though frightened beyond belief, Elf started making ready to leave. Ogre went and waited out in the car with a white blanket over her head.

As Elf came out to leave to get the children, he was approached by Protectors of the Law. It turns out that some of the neighbors had called for assistance. The Protectors of the Law were not interested in finding out what was going on. They were only interested in getting more bodies into the justice system to earn more money for themselves. See, Protectors of the Law make more money for arresting more people. They often don’t worry about guilt or innocence but only about the cold hard cash that comes from having criminals to detain and people to pretend to protect.

See the Protectors of the Law had received a call about a woman screaming for help. Here was a man and a woman. The woman had a cut over her eye. The Protectors of the Law saw the injury and assumed the man had caused it not caring about the fact that the injury was stitched and attended to, obviously old. Without questioning the woman, the Officers coldly decided that Elf must go to jail even though they had no real reason to detain him.

While the Protectors of the Law held Elf against his will and his right to innocence before being treated guilty, paramedics came to sweep Ogre away to the psych ward without telling Elf what was happening. Because Ogre was screaming about The Nothing coming and the end of the world and all the other nonsense that came out, they deemed her unfit to make decisions for herself and did not care to talk to Elf who was responsible for Ogre‘s wellbeing. The paramedics stripped Ogre of her right to consent to treatment and shipped her to a place to be locked away.

At the end of the day both Elf and Ogre found themselves locked away from each other with no way to get in touch. For the first time in their relationship, they stood truly separated from the other.

And from that moment in time, it was a battle to come back together peacefully.

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For the Elf‘s music he’s currently working on: Cosmic Hope  There’s a story to be told in the songs that have been created about a noble gnome king. We are working to create a video to go with the music to retell the tale.  I hope you find yourself enjoying the soothing nature of the music as I feel this is Elf‘s nature coming through. Feel the music, feel the Elf.

Written Post4:20am on 4/25/19 by Beautiful Bettie. Inspiration came the previous day while telling Elf about how Ogre came to his world.