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Alice’s Notes to Mirror Walkers:

There is a time and place where things are better because people deserve to live better than they ever had before. But before better than ever could happen, something needed to change. Stepping up to do the dirty work is the character of Princess Mary Jane Blossom. In no time at all and with only a focus on caring for her people, she rooted out the cause of all the problems and brought about a wonderful change to reality. Can you feel the difference?

Princess Mary Jane Blossom’s retelling of Alice’s tale:

Princess Mary Jane Blossom is an interesting character. There are so many details to learn about her.

The Princess was not always a princess. In fact she doesn’t like to think of herself as a royal because she has personally experienced the history of a realm in which royalty deemed themselves superior and being born to the position. That royalty went about acting spoiled and superior, always demanding more for themselves than they were willing to give those they were blessed to be in charge of.

Mary Jane Blossom did not like that type of royalty and had great disdain for their type of leadership. For The Princess saw those royals created rules for the masses and then lived their lives quite apart from the expectations of those being ruled by rules. Mary Jane Blossom does not agree with double standard living.

Princess Mary Jane Blossom believes there should be one rule, for all, that hurts no one, and helps everyone be better.

This was the main takeaway The Princess learned while she toiled her time away in the Cold Hard Reality Realm.  In that realm, people were cruel. They took advantage of anyone. Women, children, wives, husbands, friend, family. There was no distinction that absolved a person from being betrayed by those professing to love them. The Cold Hard Reality Realm is where fairytales went to die. Literally, the coldest hardest truth about that realm was in the fact that Death was ever present and always looking for a reason to end a good story.

Mary Jane Blossom loved happy endings. She believed that the only way to be truly happy is to provide for the happiness of others. The Princess had seen far too many ends to good stories brought about by death’s finality. Even worse in the Cold Hard Reality Realm, when death happened, that was it. There was no more story to be told. There was no coming back and keeping the fantasy alive. When you were dead, you were gone, and everyone just learned to live without you. It was cold. It was cruel. But that was Death‘s way.

Mary Jane Blossom didn’t blame Death for its cruelty. She understood she was in a realm that was different from all the others. See in the Cold Hard Reality Realm people could choose to walk apart from God, a very serious choice. That is what makes Cold Hard Reality Realm so hard and cruel. Those people walking apart from God have come to show over endless ages how evil and vile and destructive their behavior is when they don’t hold themselves to God‘s higher standard of conduct. Those people abandon, neglect, abuse, torture, rape, murder – all kinds of evil words for truly evil people. Even worse is that in that reality these cold-hearted people spread words of how faithful and holy they are.

Mary Jane Blossom was immediately turned off by the choice to walk apart from God. She knew the perfection of her realm existed because all in her realm willingly bowed down in submission to God‘s way. Of course, Mary Jane Blossom came from a fairytale realm and things were always much rosier and more picturesque in those kinds of realms. But The Princess didn’t doubt the power and treasure of existence she held in her little part of the Multiverse.

And so after Mary Jane Blossom‘s time in the Cold Hard Reality Realm, she came back to her realm to make it better than she ever thought possible. The Princess had ideas on how she could teach the moral lessons the godless refused to learn. She sought to teach these ideals to her faithful subjects so that they could create a realm perfect in faith to God, the Creator of the Multiverse.

First, Mary Jane Blossom felt that a moral code needed to be developed. The Princess felt morals were really important. In the Cold Hard Reality Realm people never took the time to develop their morals and spent even less time making any moral choices. So Mary Jane Blossom witnessed first hand how hard reality becomes when you don’t first develop what rules you will never break. Because in the Cold Hard Reality Realm they were given ten simple rules never to break – that was their only expectation and in that realm they have created an expansive history of coming up with many thoughts and ideas and entitlements as to why breaking those rules would be okay. The less than moral don’t even care to follow rules to keep themselves safe. Truly the less than moral are lost.

Mary Jane Blossom does not like to lose anyone. She believes everyone matters and everyone is their own individual spark to existence. It is Mary Jane Blossom’s desire to nurture each individual spark so that it feels thankful to have been created. So The Princess went about creating a list of commitments in which she felt if people adopted they would be free of feeling lost and free of the desire to hurt other people, an important factor in a truly happy realm.

The Ten Commitment of Princess Mary Jane Blossom:

  1. Thou shall not profit off another being’s needs.
  2. Thou shall work to provide for the needs of all before fulfilling the wants of the few.
  3. Thou shall always help when help is to be had.
  4. Thou shall not make rules that hurt others.
  5. Thou shall accept total responsibility for the choices that thou has made.
  6. Thou shall share thy extra.
  7. Thou shall not profit off thy own gifts, thou shall share freely.
  8. Thou shall give thyself up for the benefit of others.
  9. Thou shall be grateful for thy gifts received.
  10. Thou shall take no more for thyself than thou is willing to give to others.

Princess Mary Jane Blossom is a one of a kind leader. She does not rule anything she is not willing to do herself. Therefore when The Princess developed this code of conduct she did so with the intention of starting first with herself and then helping others to follow her example. The Princess believed the best leaders lead from amongst the group, working to be one and the same, at the same time. So PrincessMary Jane Blossom took her commitments to God. She expressed herself honestly that she felt these commitments were good enough to cure every problem in existence. The Princess asked God to swear her to abide by these rules and asked that God take away her ability to break them. Princess Mary Jane Blossom did not want to be one of those cruel “Do As I Say Not As I Do” kind of leaders. The Princess knew they were the worst because they set no example and yet demanded superior behavior. Unacceptable in Mary Jane Blossom‘s book.

So with God’s Blessing, Princess Mary Jane Blossom stands unable to break the commitments she hopes to teach her loyal subjects to follow. The Princess has the goal of becoming the happiest realm in all the Multiverse. She wants to make her realm so happy that all the other realms will be lining up to spend time in her storylines. Mary Jane Blossom is excited about that thought because she knows if her realm is the place to be then she can help the harder realms better themselves. Mary Jane Blossom is always looking to help when there is help to be had.

So The Princess brought her Cold Hard Reality Realm developed Commitments to her happy fairytale realm that existed without a name. The Realm referred to as PMJB existed without a name because Mary Jane Blossom refused to claim ownership over her realm. See God created the realm for Mary Jane Blossom to blossom in but she didn’t feel right taking her own realm full of many lives and too many stories to remember. Mary Jane Blossom wanted more than that for her people so she vowed to find a way to make everyone in her realm happy before she demanded to call the realm by a name of her making.

Princess Mary Jane Blossom had her thoughts on what she would like to name the realm. Mary Jane Blossom likes to espouse certain ideals. Her thoughts and actions revolve around the ideals of Perfection, Magic, Joy, and Beauty. With her focus on bringing about these things more clearly, Mary Jane Blossom feels life could be wonderful in the most amazing of ways. Based on these ideals Princess Mary Jane Blossom thought PMJB should be the name of the realm.

But just because Princess Mary Jane Blossom thought the name should be PMJB doesn’t mean that she wants to make that the name. So The Princess put out a vote for all the people of her realm to participate in. She worked very hard to make sure everyone understood what they were voting for. Mary Jane Blossom did not want anyone to feel tricked by the system. The Princess believed voting was important. One Voice, One Vote, Always Equal In Standing. She knew that not everyone was on the same level but The Princess didn’t care. Mary Jane Blossom believed if a person was alive then they deserved to have a say in the world they were born into.

So Mary Jane Blossom worked hard to educate everyone on what the vote was about. The Princess made sure there were no hidden agendas or questionable motives. Mary Jane Blossom wanted to make sure everyone knew the issue at hand and what would happen when they cast their vote. Mary Jane Blossom developed a simple system that was easy to understand and even easier to implement. On each ballot would be her vote for the name of the realm and the ability to write in a name of their choice. Two Options: ONE Way (PMJB) or Your Way _________

Mary Jane Blossom was using this vote as a gauge on who she was working with in her realm. She wished to see if people were more about being good or feeling good. In Mary Jane Blossom‘s mind she felt those that saw things her way, knew of her intentions to provide equally for all and her desire to give herself fully to the leadership position she found herself in, would know her truth. She felt those that voted for ONE Way were in agreement with living life a better way. She felt those that vote Your Way were more interested in feeling good than being good. Mary Jane Blossom didn’t care which way the vote went, she was just looking to learn and move her realm forward in a positive fashion.

So the time for the First Big Vote came. Everyone was provided their personal ballot. Everyone trusted the system The Princess had developed so there was no arguing over who was casting what vote or who would be counting the votes, everyone knew that The Princess had handled things fairly for the best interest of all.

When all the votes came in Mary Jane Blossom found herself with a little surprise – she had won the majority of the votes . . . by only two votes.  It turns out that every single person except for two voted for Your Way. Each person came up with their own initials as what the realm should stand for.  There were two people in the whole of the realm who also chose ONE Way with Mary Jane BlossomThe Princess smiled, she knew who the two were. Perfect Peter and Beautiful Bettie were always giving kind words about what a wonderful leader they thought The Princess made. Mary Jane Blossom trusted that Perfect Peter and Beautiful Bettie would have cast their vote for whatever she believed was best for they truly believed her way was better than theirs. The Princess had loyal subjects in Perfect Peter and Beautiful Bettie.

So the vote stood as ONE Way: 3 Votes Your Way: 1 Vote (Different 7,999,999,997 ways) The Princess had her results. She was the majority winner. It was close but she had skimmed by with a clear win. No one bothered to argue or fight or feel bad about such a close margin because everyone understood what had happened. No one had bothered to talk about their way with anyone other than themselves and The Princess. Mary Jane Blossom had done the work to make every citizen articulately aware of her position and what it stood for. Mary Jane Blossom gave so much detail in her explanation it inspired every individual person to come up with their own ideals just like The Princess had done. But building ideals took all their time and they didn’t have a chance to share their ideals with anyone else. This didn’t bother them because they realized that Mary Jane Blossom had done the work thinking about a better way long before any of them knew a better way was possible. They all felt The Princess knew best and that her ONE Way would probably be better than any individual Your Way could have amounted to. So as ONE United Society, Princess Mary Jane Blossom‘s realm adopted the name PMJB, pronounced Flarbityland.

Now that The Princess had the realm’s name under control, she felt more comfortable starting to make those wishing to feel good feel better in their every moment. Mary Jane Blossom knew people were the problem. She believed that people didn’t know how to be happy and that even when given everything they could ever hope for still they would find room for complaints. And so Mary Jane Blossom felt it would be important to take away any reason to complain before beginning to coach her people on how to appreciate being happy.

From her time in the Cold Hard Reality Realm, Mary Jane Blossom learned the three most important parts of life – Someone to See, Something to Eat, Somewhere to Sleep. Mary Jane Blossom had witnessed first hand the power of love and connection to get you through hard times. The Princess knew that if you had the right people making you feel good, that even if you had nothing at all, still you would believe you had everything you needed. Perfect Peter and Beautiful Bettie‘s story was proof of that. They came with Mary Jane Blossom to the Cold Hard Reality Realm and they had first hand knowledge of how hard and tragic life got when you lived in a less than moral world. It was from Perfect Peter and Beautiful Bettie‘s story that The Princess thought where to start helping people.

Mary Jane Blossom noticed that when things were hardest for Perfect Peter and Beautiful Bettie, they had no food to eat and no safe place to call home. They went through many trying times dealing with the wealth of problems that come from not being able to eat and not being able to protect yourself from the world around you.

Mary Jane Blossom believed in a better society that treated its people better. The Princess believed in a society that worked to provide a happy life for every person born into it. She didn’t believe in distinguishing between who deserved what but rather only cared that everyone felt happy in their life.

Mary Jane Blossom worked to establish a system where every family and every circle of friends would be able to live within working distance of each other. Mary Jane Blossom knew the most important part of life were the people in it and if your people were hard to see, your life was going to be harder to be full of good people.  So while The Princess was working to rearrange her citizens into more accommodating locations, she took the opportunity to make sure all living arrangements were up to her high standards.

Mary Jane Blossom had seen the squalor Perfect Peter and Beautiful Bettie were forced to live in while facing the bitter reality of the Cold Hard Reality Realm. She knew how bad it could get. The Princess also saw how the rich entitled themselves to live in a higher quality standard of life. PMJB believes if one person deserves a higher quality of life, everyone deserves an equally high standard of living.

So The Princess assembled all of her builders and repairers to get to the work of the century. She equipped them to efficiently and cost-effectively assess and repair all outstanding and potential problems for every home in the realm.  For those families and people that found themselves unfortunate enough to not have a place to call home, Mary Jane Blossom worked to have the builders make something that worked for them.  In all ways, The Princess enabled her society to be a land of homefull people. Homefull people are people who are full of love with the place they call home. PMJB believes being happy at home is the first step to being happy in life.

So while the assessors and builders and repairers were busy making home life better for everyone, and while everyone was a little shaken up while waiting for their homes to be built, Mary Jane Blossom started working to address the food situation. The Princess hoped to have the food shortage crisis resolved by the time everyone was back in their happy homes.  See there was a lot of food waste in Cold Hard Reality Realm. Because people in the Cold Hard Reality Realm starved, so too did people in every other realm of the Multiverse. Mary Jane Blossom sought to fix that problem for the Cold Hard Reality Realm thus relieving the Multiverse of the need to starve and suffer.

The Princess knew that the cure to the food crisis was determining exactly how much food was needed and working to provide a little more than what was needed in case of emergency. In the Cold Hard Reality Realm food was something only the wealthy and privileged were entitled to. The wealthy and the privileged demanded lesser people work in unhealthy conditions and unhappy ways to provide for their over-entitled demands. The Princess did not agree with that. It broke so many of her commitments.

So Mary Jane Blossom began talking to her people about what they wanted. She talked to them about simple meals and simple fare and even about going without food regularly in an attempt to build appreciation for the blessing in your life.  Mary Jane Blossom had a simple menu full of good and yummy foods that filled the belly and didn’t make you feel sick eating.

The menu she was asking people to accept was as follows:


  1. Cereal or Oatmeal or Grits, flavored as needed
  2. Toast with Butter, Jelly, or Peanut Butter
  3. Scrambled Eggs (w/ or w/o cheese) or Dip Eggs with Toast
  4. 2 Frozen Waffles or 3 Frozen Pancakes


  1. Peanut Butter and Jelly and Finger Vegetable and Finger Fruit
  2. Canned Ravioli/Pasta with Canned Vegetable
  3. Hot Pocket with Side Dish if extra needed
  4. Macaroni and Cheese or Ramen with Vegetable and Fruit


  1. Lasagna with Garlic Bread
  2. Firecracker Salmon with Rice Pilaf (Limit 1 time per month)
  3. Meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes and Vegetable
  4. Chili with Cheese, Crackers, and Sour Cream
  5. Sloppy Joe’s with French Fries
  6. Cornflake Chicken with Buttered Pasta and Vegetable
  7. Canned Soup and Fresh Salad
  8. Pulled Chicken Sandwiches and French Fries
  9. Spaghetti with Garlic Bread and Parmesan Cheese
  10. Tacos with Cheese and Sour Cream and Lettuce and Mexican Rice
  11. Shepherd’s Pie
  12. Hamburgers with Cheese and French Fries (Limit 2 times per month)
  13. Ranch Tortilla Breaded Chicken with Rice and Vegetable
  14. Pork and Saurkraut with Potatoes (Limit 1 time per month)
  15. Roast with Potatoes and Carrots (Limit 2 times per month)
  16. Pizza (Limit 2 times per month)
  17. Frozen Breaded Fish and French Fries
  18. Chicken Stir Fry with Broccoli, Carrots, Water Chestnuts, and Red & Green Peppers
  19. Homemade Breakfast – Waffles, Pancakes, French Toast, or Eggs and Breakfast Meat
  20. Frozen Ravioli with Marinara and Garlic Bread and Vegetable


  1. Guacamole with Tortilla Chips
  2. Fresh Popcorn with Butter and Salt
  3. Flavored or Unflavored Potato Chips and Dip
  4. Crackers and Cheese or Graham Crackers
  5. Fresh Fruits and Veggies (as available)


  1. Clean Water (something not guaranteed in the Cold Hard Reality Realm)
  2. Milk
  3. Coffee and Tea with flavoring, cream, and sugar as needed and preferred
  4. Fruit Juice (as available)

Mary Jane Blossom was proud of the menu she developed. She worked hard to come up with things that were low in cost and easy to produce thereby lessening the stress for the meal preparer. The Princess wanted to recognize the role of everyone in society and wanted to provide for their happiness no matter whether server or served.

As Mary Jane Blossom began educating the people on the food they would be choosing, the most common words about the menu were that there was no Your Way options on it. The majority of the people wanted Your Way to be the only way. But when The Princess explained that the Your Way route didn’t care about people who had to go without in the effort to take time and energy to make the Your Way Route possible the people of PMJagreed unanimously that ONE Way was better.

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When the people heard the reason behind the ONE Way menu, they understood that Your Way is not always the better way for all. The People of PMJB were good people and they didn’t want suffering for any, even if it cost them Your Way. So the People of PMJB started working to implement the new menu. The Princess had it in her mind that everyone would develop their own menu for the year based on the choices at hand. Each person would be responsible for submitting their meal plan for the coming year. For those who this task was too difficult, Mary Jane Blossom provided a sample year menu she would be following herself.

The reason behind everyone developing their meals for the year was so The Princess could begin the process of establishing the supply chain for the coming year. Mary Jane Blossom wanted to put into place processes that would ensure more than enough food and resources would be generated to provide for the realm. She knew that involved tracking how much food could be produced if optimally maintained for efficient and effective output. Mary Jane Blossom had lots of ideas how to cut down on waste and how to decrease the consumption of food.

The Princess didn’t believe in eating all the time. She believed a lot of time was wasted thinking and working on food when more time and energy could be spent on enjoying the life before you. Mary Jane Blossom knew that food was only a minuscule part of a happy life and therefore she wanted to impress upon the people the importance of properly valuing how much happiness food truly provides in life.

Mary Jane Blossom knew that there were several areas that needed addressed within the food realm.

First was growth and production. The Princess felt it important to grant enough land and resources towards providing the food society needed. The Princess spared no expense in providing adequate equipment and tools to enable farming and production to be as easy as possible. Food was a necessity and Mary Jane Blossom deeply valued the commitment of the people willing to work to provide food for others. For their commitment, Mary Jane Blossom wanted to make their time as easy as possible. The Princess did not think it unreasonable to freely give them the tools they would need to make society better by way of being well-fed.

The people appreciated PMJB‘s efforts in making food less difficult to come by. For so long getting food to the masses was hard and demeaning work. No one cared about how miserable the people and animals were that were making food possible for others. Mary Jane Blossom knew that the energy of the preparers and the food factored into how wholesome the food felt going down. The Princess wanted to relieve the oppression of feeding the masses.

As Mary Jane Blossom relieved the oppression behind feeding many others, many people stepped forward as being interested in helping society in such a big way. There was a positive reformation in the amount of people and the quality of work being exhibited when it came to producing food. People were happy to do their job that The Princess was happy to make easy for them to enjoy doing. It went hand and hand. Happy providers help create happy people.

So as the food situation started to progress quickly, so too did the housing situation. See, the assessors and builders and repairers were all feeling really good about themselves. They were working to make society better and their job was as easy as it had ever been. PMJB was making life easy for everyone. The people working on the housing situation felt motivated to add their skill and expertise into training the next generation of builders and home providers. The Princess‘ investment in the housing situation prompted the housing situation to step up and do more for itself than it had ever done before.

Sooner than anticipated, people were being returned to their newly renovated and perfectly personalized homes full of light and love and comfort.  With each person returned to their “newhome, another happy citizen stepped up to help further society in a meaningful way. Every time Mary Jane Blossom‘s system helped someone feel happy, The Princess found herself with another willing participant to further the cause of ONE Way.

Soon came the slogan “ONE Way, Best for No One, Better for All“. People were coming around to the idea that Your Way was not the way that mattered. People were caring more about the right way that worked for everyone than about their way that only worked for them. The people were willing to give themselves to the cause of bettering lives for others.  Soon people were wanting to become better people, something Mary Jane Blossom was hoping for all along.

See, the people were doing things on their own to make life better without The Princess telling them what to do. The people saw the benefits of The Princess‘s resolution for the food shortage. The people were also aware that PMJB had implemented new processes, new procedures, and new resources that needed time to work itself out. The people realized in the mean time while PMJB ‘s system was working to fix the problem, there were very real people that were going without food on a regular basis.

The people did not like the idea of taking for themselves when there were others that would have none.  Many people started coming forward and taking far less than they ever thought they could survive on. Many people came forward and started sharing all the extra they found they no longer needed. Many people started to stop taking for themselves and giving their share to those who had less. Very soon the PMJB realm was filled with people who were caring more about others than they cared about themselves.

Mary Jane Blossom was watching and tracking everything. She wanted to know the moment things started to turn around for her people. She was willing to summarize and generalize and categorize and twist and turn data to provide the maximum production of happiness for her people. Mary Jane Blossom had been crunching away at her numbers. She was blown away to realize that the food situation was resolving itself well before she had hoped to feel relief.

It turned out that the change of the people in turning towards taking less for themselves meant there was more to go around for the people with less.  The food shortage was balancing out. People were taking less and people with less had more. More people were more happy about how they were eating. Life was getting better by the day and Mary Jane Blossom felt good about the progress her people were exhibiting. There was more food for more people and better food was on the way in the short term future.  In all ways, the food problem was looking though it was near resolution.

Mary Jane Blossom turned her eye upon the housing situation. Some people were still fussing over the quality of the house they were in. See Mary Jane Blossom believed that it shouldn’t matter where you live just as long as you are safe and protected from the environment you were born into. Mary Jane Blossom believed there were basic necessities that should be present in every home. But she believed most people demanded far more for their home life than they ever took advantage of.

For Mary Jane Blossom, a happy home should have enough space to feel comfortable to move about and yet not so big as to feel like a museum. She believed in tight quarters creating squishy fulfilled feelings because the adequate space is filled with belongings that make you happy. Mary Jane Blossom believes it is easier to be happier when you are walking close-by things that constantly provide for your happiness. So Mary Jane Blossom believes in moderate living spaces, neither too big nor too small.

But Mary Jane Blossom knows that moderate is different to each person. Some people can live in a shack and feel like they have a mansion. Some people can have a mansion and feel they have a shack. People were picky and The Princess didn’t care to indulge people‘s pickiness. For Mary Jane Blossom realized that pickiness was a sign of ungratefulness. She knew that if a person was willing to turn their nose up at a gift, then they had never learned the common decency of gratitude. No home or no thing would ever be good enough for a person who was ungrateful.

Having brought some resolution to the food shortage and brought some relief to home life in general, Mary Jane Blossom felt it a good time to start teaching the hard lesson of being grateful for the gifts granted you and not complaining about things you should appreciate. The Princess started developing another census. She wanted to know how people felt about their home. Mary Jane Blossom didn’t want to be overwhelmed with details in her quest to make everyone happy so she made the survey extremely short and easy to understand.

Home Happiness Health

1. Are you happy with your home? Yes or No

2. If No, please list the biggest reason for your unhappiness. The Princess would prefer if you kept your responses concise for her ease of understanding. If The Princess understands easier, the better PMJB can work to serve you. The Princess requests you be general as she will be sending more specific requests upon assessing the current housing situation.


  1. I’m not happy with the location of my house.
  2. I’m not happy with the size of my house.
  3. I’m not happy with the layout of my house.
  4. I’m not happy with the things in my house.
  5. I’m not happy with everything about my house.

Your Way Housing Problem ___________________________________________________________

Princess Mary Jane Blossom Survey Reminder:

If your response does not fit on the line then Your Way is too picky. The Princess does not have time to consider the pickiness of every people in her realm. If The Princess receives a too long response, she will return the response and ask for an amendment. If an acceptable response is not received in a timely fashion, The Princess will deem the offending people to be Problem Makers.

Problem Makers will be tracked and handled on an individual basis to deal with the problem they are presenting with everyone being happy. The Princess advises not getting yourself added to the Problem Maker list. PMJB does not respect Problem Makers and does not care to work hard to make sure Problem Makers are happy. The Princess is not above punishing Problem Makers. Please don’t make The Princess add you to the Problem Maker list.

The Princess would prefer a Problem Maker list of zero. The Princess loves her people but has no love for Problem Makers. Please do your best to be your best to not cause problems. The Princess trusts you will do everything she has asked of you because you are good people. Thank you for taking the time to help The Princess help you be happier.

Mary Jane Blossom was proud of her housing survey. She felt she had done a nice job of making it easy to find out the root cause of people‘s unhappiness at home. With her broad generalizations she adequately summarized the different possibilities that could be obstructing real happiness at home. With a gentle reminder, The Princess was able to coach her people on the right way to respond to her request for information. More than that, The Princess was able to make her people aware she was going to be tracking people who were avoiding adhering to ONE Way and demanding Your Way above all else.

In addition to the survey Mary Jane Blossom sought to provide an informational packet. She believed people had yet to learn the true wealth and value of being happy at home and all the little details that came together to weave an undeniable foundation from which to build a happy life.

Mary Jane Blossom took the time to show every aspect of her home to the people. She took pictures and made it very clear about every detail that came together to contribute to her happiness at home. Mary Jane Blossom held nothing back. She wanted her people to know how very happy home could make you if you focused on the right attitude and filling it with the right things. Throughout the pamphlet Mary Jane Blossom chose to use the words grateful and appreciative. She made it a focus to use positive and uplifting words to express the true joy she felt when she stayed at home everyday.

The Happy Home Pamphlet became pretty thick. Mary Jane Blossom was really happy at home and she had a lot to say about all the ways her home makes her happy. It became quite the book to read. In fact it was far more book than it was pamphlet. But still Mary Jane Blossom didn’t hold back her words. She wanted her people to know every detail that could potentially make you happy at home. She desired her people to be as happy as she had found the way to be. Truly she wished others to be as happy as she was. So Mary Jane Blossom worked hard on her pamphlet turned book. With much effort and time and consideration, The Princess had produced something she was proud to share as the Happy Home Helpguide.

The Princess produced a short letter telling the people what they would find in the Happy Home Helpguide and told them she was not demanding they read it because she knew it would take much time to get through. Mary Jane Blossom knew people‘s time was precious and she only sought to make their time worth their effort. So The Princess explained she had created her book with every intention of making every word worth reading. She promised that she added not one descriptive or flowery word to the mix and still she had so much to share. The Princess made it clear she had so much to share because there was so much happiness to be found at home. She encouraged her people to read her Happy Home Helpguide before thinking about responding to the survey. Again, The Princess made it clear they did not have to read the Happy Home Helpguide but they would find themselves better off if they did.

So Mary Jane Blossom went about making the Happy Home Helpguide available to everyone in addition to the survey she expected them to respond to and return. The Princess made sure her people knew they would have plenty of time to consider her question and read through the information she had provided. Mary Jane Blossom would not hold it against anyone for taking time to think clearly through this situation.

Very quickly responses to the survey came in. Mary Jane Blossom was blown away to know that over 33% of the population was happy with their home without ever having the time to read her Happy Home Helpguide. This statistic made The Princess very happy as she felt having a third of the population already grounded in happiness was a wonderful starting point for moving the PMJB Realm forward in a positive direction.

Over time the remaining survey responses filtered in to The Princess. Mary Jane Blossom was very happy with what she found out. After taking time to read through the Happy Home Helpguide, over 90% of the population was happy with their home as it was! Mary Jane Blossom was thrilled to know so many people found it so easy to be happy with what they have. Mary Jane Blossom knew that was the key to leading a happy life. When you are happy with what you have, what more do you need?

Another staggering fact was that only 9% of the population remained unhappy with their home after reading through the Happy Home Helpguide. This statistic felt wonderful to The Princess for she felt she could manage easily to repair and restore happiness to these people‘s situations. Not one single person of the 9% chose a Your Way response outside of the five examples that The Princess had provided. All of them knew what made them unhappy and trusted Mary Jane Blossom to help work to better their situation.

90% plus 9% only totals 99%. That left 1% of the population to be Problem Makers. While The Princess was hoping for zero Problem Makers she knew that Problem Makers were a real problem and that just asking them to not cause problems would do nothing to curb their appalling behavior. So Mary Jane Blossom found herself happy with only having 1% of the population be Problem Makers. While Mary Jane Blossom knew Problems Makers made life harder for everyone for their own benefit, The Princess also knew with over 90% of the population nearing total happiness, the people would be unwilling to let the Problem Makers upset life in general.

And so the Problem Makers found themselves singled out. 90% of the population found it in themselves to be happy with little to no help. 9% of the population needed help in a real or not real way. And 1% of the population stood ready to make the other 99% percent of the population bow down in submission to their unending greed and total disrespect for the lives and happiness of others.

With one very simple survey and one very detailed book, Mary Jane Blossom was able to accurately show why society was unable to resolve its happiness problem. Further, The Princess was able to bring the “they” controlling reality out of anonymity and put the target for their removal from the PMJB Realm, directly on their unmasked faces. The people were made aware of the 1%. The Princess made sure to accurately detail each and every member of the 1%, laying out exactly why they could not find it in themselves to be happy.

It was easy to so accurately depict each and every member of the 1% for all 1% stood exactly the same as the others in one very glaring way. When each of the 1% received Mary Jane Blossom‘s wordy book, they were offended they were not given an equal say to what brings about happiness. So rather than read Mary Jane Blossom‘s Happy Home Helpguide, each member of the 1% spent their time developing an equally wordy and equally detailed description of what true happiness was and why it had nothing to do with the home. Each member of the 1% demanded the Princess take the time to read their words and give their happiness consideration.

Mary Jane Blossom didn’t care to see such effort go to waste but she was aware she did not care to give her time to such miserable and unhappy people. But just because they were miserable and unhappy people didn’t mean there wasn’t a lesson to be learned in their unhappy words.  So Mary Jane Blossom did the work of preparing their words for the people to peruse.

Mary Jane Blossom perfectly compiled a portfolio of Problem Makers. She took each and every one of their works of words, changing not one thing, not even caring to open the cover of one compilation of words. But still she put together all their words to share with the people. The Princess wanted everyone to know just how ugly the Problem Makers truly were. She held nothing back in making the Problem Maker‘s problem a problem for everyone to be aware of.

The Problem Makers found themselves singled out. They hadn’t expected The Princess to share their private details. They had demanded she show them respect and keep their secrets though they took the time to accurately detail every secret that helped keep them happy in any moment they could take happiness from others. See the 1% are used to getting their demands met and can’t fathom how to handle anyone who doesn’t give them their way. The 1% were grown spoiled brats and now their secrets were out for the realm to share and gossip about.

The PMJB Realm positively lit up with chaos and fury when the Problem Maker‘s secrets were made known. The explosion of furor in the Realm created a ripple of energy to be felt throughout every realm of the Multiverse. So angry, so betrayed were the people of the PMJB Realm that a ripple of awareness swept through the Multiverse. Every realm in existence became all too aware of how the 1% of the PMJB Realm were keeping happiness from an entire existence for the benefit of themselves.

Writer’s Note – I came to a natural stopping point here and was distracted by the life of raising children. Was suprised to find that my last sentence finished stopped at 6666 words. Again I came to a perfect stopping point at 3333 words. I feel God is with me as I tell this tale.

When the Multiverse rippled with awareness, the 1% found themselves to be less than what they thought they were. For they thought themselves masters of reality. They thought themselves controllers of fate. They felt they were better than all and that all deserved to be condemned in suffering for their less than acceptable existence. Truly the 1% marked themselves separate from all of existence.

And when all of existence came to be aware of how little that minuscule group of beings cared for the rest of existence, that miniscule group found themselves with the entirety of existence turned against them. That group found themselves part of no group, for no one considered the other friend, nor family, nor worthy of time or consideration. Each member of that tiny group found themselves marked and entirely alone. No one wanted to know them and no one wanted to help them. Their truths and their secrets were everywhere. They could not hide. They could not exist as they desired.

And soon that miserable group of people sought to end their miserable existence. They did so not for the love of the people they only cared about ruining but only out of sadness for the power they had lost. They did not seek to learn their lessons. They did not seek to make up for their corruption. They merely sought to take themselves from that which they were no longer in charge of.

What they didn’t realize is that with all of existence turned against them, they found themselves to be marked enemies of God. God did not grant the sweet release of death and pain and suffering to those who did not follow His way. God granted something different to those who chose to do things their own way. And for the first time in the history of existence God was ready to make them pay for their choices and their continued disrespect to all of existence including God Himself.

In all of one moment, they were no more. They were no longer enemies. They were no longer stories to be told. They were no longer having existed. They were no longer anything. They were less than nothing and nothing more than a tale that never should have been told.

God saw that they got what they deserved and they will present no more problem to that of the Multiverse. So now that they have been removed from the seat of power they stole from existence, what will you do in their absence?

Will you attempt to control your reality in a cruel and less than considerate way?

Or will you find a way to be happy in life in a way that works for everyone?

Make your choice wisely. God is watching. God knows every choice you make whether you want Him to or not. Learn the lesson this story told. Do the work to be the person God expects you to be. Reap the rewards that come in walking God‘s path.

The choice to be a Problem Maker is always there for you to make. That’s free will baby. But just because you can doesn’t mean you have to or even should. That was the old Problem Makers real problem, they believed they could act any way they wanted because they got it in their mind to be real pieces of garbage that only cared about their own way.

God has sought to remove the old Problem Makers. Time has been restarted and a vacancy has been left open. There stands a new list set to record the new Problem Makers as they make themselves known. Any Problem Maker that comes into existence will suffer the same fate as those who went before. God will no longer suffer the existence of Problem Makers.

You will do it right or you will have no way to do it at all.

So the question remains, who do you want to be?

Problem Maker or Something Better


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