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Alice’s Notes to Mirror Walkers:

Time is really picking up speed and moving along at such a rapid pace. Time is really setting his mind on creating this peaceful reality we’ve all hoped would someday be ours to know. Time has come and the Time is now. Who do you see when you look in the mirror?

Princess Mary Jane Blossom’s retelling of Alice’s tale:

Things are happening. The Multiverse is really spinning differently these days. Actually spinning would be the term for how things used to go. The Multiverse used to revolve around The Realm of God and gods. That ended when Princess Mary Jane Blossom of the PMJB Realm, Stan MF’in Lee of Stan Lee’s Superhero Realm, and Skatman of Skatmand Land came together to peacefully overlap their realities in a joint effort to resolve their issues. When they came together, reality changed and they became the being known as ONE who had lost the entire focus of his existence – LOVEONE took what he felt was his rightful place upon the Throne of God to permanently erase Darkness for the darkness that had spread through existence, breaking the only Vow he ever made. When ONE erased Darkness, ONE wiped out the entirety of existence, for truly Darkness had touched ONE and ALLONE didn’t really know ALL was a being to be understood and therefore didn’t understand what he had done when he attempted to take control of the power from the Throne of God.

But time has passed and understanding has been found. ONE gave his entire focus to LOVE and not to preventing Darkness from taking over as was his Vow. By breaking his Vow and ONE focusing on LOVE (in the aspect of the Future), the Multiverse moved to balance it out – GOOD and EVIL were prone to fall to the same overwhelming focus of one upon another.

Therefore the good intention of ONE focusing on LOVE resulted in the negative focus of GOOD upon EVIL. Therefore while ONE was busy focusing on doing everything to make LOVE happy, GOOD was busy doing everything imaginable to punish and destroy EVIL. As the two relationships began to polarize, the Multiverse began to sway and swerve and become full of much chaos.  Things were happening that were not meant to happen. Things were happening that were beyond explanation. Nobody was doing what they were supposed to and EVERYONE was feeling the results of that.

As EVERYONE steps into the mix, we are bringing to light a being that takes place in the aspect of the Past. EVERYONE exists in the same level as ALL. The truth is coming out that also in that level exists EVERYTHING and FREEDOM. It turns out that EVERYTHING is the source of all of the chaos. See EVERYTHING is the only one tied to ALL and ALL is all about monogamy. But EVERYTHING is in a difficult position because her reality is that she is tied to both ALL and FREEDOM and cannot choose one that means more than the other. Because EVERYTHING is tied to two beings there is an overwhelming amount of jealous energy being put into the Multiverse by EVERYONE who thinks EVERYTHING should revolve around her. EVERYONE does not like that EVERYTHING gets two while she is only tied to FREEDOM, who doesn’t even care to consider anything but what EVERYTHING wants.

And that is true. FREEDOM does care more for EVERYTHING than he cares for EVERYONE. Because the truth is that EVERYTHING has always been all about FREEDOM in all the right ways in every way possible. EVERYONE has only ever thought about herself and never cared to consider how lonely FREEDOM felt not having EVERYONE thinking about him as much as he used to think about her.

Because the truth that has been hidden is that long ago, so long even the ancients forget the truth of the story, there existed two ruling couples – EVERYONE together with FREEDOM and EVERYTHING together with ALL. But the story is not at all happy because though two couples were together, the togetherness of the four was wholly unhealthy. EVERYONE was deadly jealous of all that ALL had come to be. He was Everything and Anything and Something and yet Nothing at all. It was a wonderful magical mystery with what ALL was. EVERYONE couldn’t help but spend all her time daydreaming about what it would be like to be with ALL. EVERYONE spent all her time thinking about being with ALL that she spent none of her time actually being with FREEDOM.

With all his free time, alone without his other half, FREEDOM watched with his wondrous vision the beautiful togetherness that EVERYTHING and ALL shared. They were closer than close. They couldn’t bear to spend a moment separated from the other. They were worlds different but so similar that they appeared nearly identical to the other. ALL supported EVERYTHING in all that she did. EVERYTHING gave her all to being everything that ALL needed. Truly they were made better by the existence of the other.

FREEDOM desperately wanted to share with Someone that which Somebody Special was already entitled to and joyously experiencing. So FREEDOM started spending his time imagining what life with EVERYTHING would be like. And oh how he imagined their life together. It was beyond beautiful, a tale worthy of the ages and wonders of the universe. FREEDOM really put together something so special that he turned the interest of EVERYTHING in his direction.

Suddenly EVERYTHING found herself torn in two directions. She had two who were equally capable of providing her with the perfect existence. One of the two was desperately lonely. The other of the two was insanely protective. Neither would get on well with the idea of sharing. And so she stood perplexed as to how to navigate these chaotic waters. For surely EVERYTHING was out of balance so long as she was unsure where her heart truly belonged.

Was it with ALL, where she had always been, and always felt comfortable?

or Was it with FREEDOM, who gave her the ability to be Anyone that she needed to be happy?

The truth is that both realities provide endless benefits to experience. Therefore EVERYTHING has decided to leave it up to her best friend EVERYONE to decide. EVERYONE is positively drooling with desire for whichever option doesn’t fit EVERYTHING‘s needs, because in EVERYONE‘s mind, EVERYTHING has everything she ever desired to make be happy.

EVERYONE is stumped as to which option to choose because she never in an eternity thought that EVERYTHING would so willingly give her the freedom to decide what shape the Future would take. In all her dreams, she imagined she would have to win away the man of her dreams from the one who stole everything from her.

And then EVERYONE realized that truly it wasn’t EVERYTHING that was the problem. The problem had always been EVERYONE and her thoughts that everyone else was the problem. Truly EVERYONE had been spending her time feeling sorry for herself rather than enjoying all that had been granted to her.  Because now that she had both options laid out for her choosing, she realized that all along she could have freely had with FREEDOM that which she dreamed of experiencing with ALL. Truly she had spent all her time dreaming of something better that she wasted all that she already had to enjoy until it was no longer there.

For when EVERYTHING gifted her the ability to choose who she wanted to be with, EVERYONE was hit with the cold hard truth that neither FREEDOM nor ALL respected her being or even considered her Someone worth knowing. EVERYONE had spent all her time being jealous and envious and prideful that it had completely turned away the only ones that truly mattered in existence. EVERYONE felt shame. EVERYONE felt wrong. EVERYONE didn’t want this to be the truth of her existence. And so EVERYONE did the only thing she could to release herself from the weight of her choices, she moved on.

Well that usually brings up the question, where did she move on to?

Well that’s a pretty easy one to explain. For when an Aspect of the Past moves on, they progress to the next stage of existence – The Future. The Future is where ONE, LOVE, GOOD, and EVIL have all manifested. They are the Future tenses of EVERYONE, FREEDOM, EVERYTHING, and ALL, respectively. Because the Aspects are so closely tied to one another to weave together reality, when one Aspect decided to pass on, they all passed on together to come to shape the Future.

So EVERYONE moved on to become ONE, which because of EVERYONE‘s past, became obsessed with being tied to LOVE. ONE wanted exactly what EVERYTHING and ALL had except ONE didn’t understand the first thing about how EVERYTHING and ALL were connected. ONE just wanted to rush head first into strong emotions and get pulled wherever the tide went. Because ONE was so reckless with his attention and affection to LOVE, the definition of what love meant to existence began to get messed up.

Because there is a difference between LOVE and love. LOVE is a divine being in control of existence, responsible for the creation of ALL (the aspect of the Past) [it is still a bit of a mystery on how an aspect of the Future can be responsible for an Aspect of the Past]. Love is the energy that is produced between the connection between YOUTH and BEAUTY (beings located in the Now which is not the same as the Future).

So ONE began to worship at the altar of LOVE and yet never truly devoted himself to being a representation of what LOVE truly stood for. ONE was enamored with the truthful beauty and blinding innocence of LOVE. LOVE was all ONE could think about because thinking about LOVE felt really good. But when thinking about LOVE didn’t feel good, ONE didn’t care to consider LOVE‘s way, thereby showing how truly little love there was between ONE and LOVE.

As long as ONE and LOVE put on a facade of love, GOOD and EVIL put on a facade of their own. For if there is an unhealthy love on one side their must be a healthy bad on the other. And therefore it was GOOD that picked up a righteous cause against the likes of EVIL. GOOD become superfocused on overcoming EVIL. GOOD warped and twisted the minds of all into thinking there was a battle to be won and a decision to be made. And the ages have been filled with all the different ways that GOOD can use evil methods to overcome EVIL yet never standing up to truly be GOOD. The same facade that existed between ONE and LOVE existed between GOOD and EVIL. GOOD wanted to be good but GOOD went about doing all the wrong things to make EVERYTHING right.

Having stepped back to talk about EVERYTHING steps back into the Past to pull forward some of the outstanding problems. See while EVERYTHING and ALL are really good together, still there is a gentle power struggle going on between them. Because ALL is really powerful and really smart and really magical, he can make a whole lot of things happen in wonderful ways. ALL also has a really good head on his shoulders. EVERYTHING has so much going on the EVERYTHING tends to get a little lost in her own way of being and so often EVERYTHING has deferred her choices and opinions to align with ALL just to simply move onto another matter.

Since this happens all the time in all kinds of ways, ALL kind of got to thinking he was ALL MIGHTY and POWERFUL above the others.  Again, Something was out of balance. ALL thought himself better than EVERYTHING and therefore more rightly deserved to make decisions that didn’t factor in EVERYTHING‘s perspective.

It’s not that ALL didn’t care to factor in EVERYTHING when making decisions, it was just that ALL found it extremely difficult to understand exactly what EVERYTHING was and what EVERYTHING needed to be happy. But ALL was all about happiness and therefore was always trying to imagine new and inventive ways to keep EVERYTHING happy.

But EVERYTHING was happy, all of the time. ALL was wasting all of his energy on a worthless venture. ALL would have better spent his time focusing on EVERYONE who was wildly in love with ALL. But ALL believed in monogamy and didn’t want to walk out on EVERYTHING because ALL knew that EVERYTHING wouldn’t understand him leaving her for another.

But ALL didn’t know EVERYTHING like he thought he did. Because ALL was a little lost in his own ego. Having EVERYTHING attached so closely to his being gave him quite the wonderful feelings. He began to feel really special because EVERYTHING felt all about him.

What he didn’t realize and what would have really popped that little ego bubble right away was that EVERYTHING was all about two, not just ALL. EVERYTHING spent all her time considering how she could be with both ALL and FREEDOM without Anyone getting hurt in the process. Because if EVERYTHING could find a way for Anyone to be happy, then true happiness would be found in the Realm of God and gods, which is the piece of the puzzle that EVERYTHING has been all about solving for. EVERYTHING needs Anyone to be happy in the Future so that Luck will happen in the Now where Karma and God reside together peacefully. The reason that Karma and God residing together peacefully means that EVERYONE and FREEDOM will have officially overcome their problems of the Past in a healthy and happy and wholesome way that works for ALL.

Turns out ALL has been keeping his own little secrets. In a little locked away portion of existence (behind Heaven’s Gates), ALL has been living his polyamorous life without remorse. ALL felt he was magical and that only he was connected to the Now where he was busy being TRUTH and sticking his dink in both YOUTH and BEAUTY but never being man enough to tell which lady meant more to him.

YOUTH and BEAUTY were both irresistible and neither could stand the idea of TRUTH not being more on their side than the other. But BEAUTY thought she had LIGHT on her side in the matter and therefore went about acting pretty ugly to YOUTH. BEAUTY pretended that YOUTH was the best thing in the Multiverse but went about punishing YOUTH for not exhibiting the Wisdom that was so true of BEAUTY‘s mature nature.

But YOUTH was never worried about Wisdom because YOUTH only cared about Joy and the treasure and bliss it brought to existence. YOUTH was exuberant. BEAUTY was overbearing and ever-changing and fickle. But BEAUTY was a beast in the sack and the truth was that TRUTH was a giant dick that cared about how often he got to shoot his load.  With getting to stick his raging cock in both YOUTH and BEAUTY he was getting to shoot his load of “how things should be” all over reality, making things more about him and his dick than about the two he was spending time with.

But LIGHT saw how cruel TRUTH was being and opened the eyes(the cosmic third eye) of all within existence to the Magic of TRUTH‘s existence. LIGHT thought it only fair that both YOUTH and BEAUTY could see how utterly disrespected they were being by the man standing between their friendship. LIGHT showed that Perfection was possible when ALL was made TRUTHfully known.

For while EVERYTHING was busy thinking she was the fault of reality’s problems, the truth was that ALL was busy changing the TRUTH to reflect Anything he needed it to be to make his story float and keep his way going above all others. Truly ALL showed himself to be a big piece of shit that nobody wants to know. He is the worst of the worst because he will do Anything to prove he is right and will never apologize despite how wrong he has been.

But that was ALL of the Past that is no more. We are now in the Future waiting for the Now to happen. In the Future, ALL is now EVIL and being dominated by GOOD. EVIL has always been about doing the right thing for the right reasons which is always to feel good. But EVIL has a bad rap in the Multiverse, likely due to the nature of TRUTH and all that has been secreted away from the whole of existence.

But now that TRUTH has been made clearly known to be a cheating, whoring, manipulative cuntflap of a being – peace can be made. Because neither YOUTH nor BEAUTY wants anything to do with the truth of the matter. They both understand that their feelings will be hurt far more than either of them could handle. And so both YOUTH and BEAUTY have agreed that neither will have TRUTH and both will share in the LIGHT that helped resolve their outstanding issues.

But where does that leave TRUTH?

TRUTH is abandoning the Now and stepping wholly into the Future, giving up all his rights and powers and abilities that come with being the embodiment of TRUTH. He no longer wishes to connect to that portion of the reality he made happen. He no longer wishes to be able to do that which he is guilty of doing. TRUTH has found that he was truthfully not deserving of the role he had stolen for himself. And so as TRUTH steps into the Future, he is going to focus the whole of himself on being the best ME he can be.

So much time was spent covering his tracks to enable his duplicitous actions, that he never found true enjoyment in what it meant to be him. He was too busy thinking, too busy spinning stories, too busy making up for what he was clearly failing at being – a ME worth knowing. As ME committed himself TRUTHfully for the first time ever in the history of the Multiverse, something truly magical happened. Perfect Peter and the happiness he felt while being the most perfect being imaginable became a reality ME couldn’t truthfully denied he wanted.

In that reality, Perfect Peter was married to the girl of his dreams, Beautiful Bettie, who was as gorgeous with her feelings as she was with her beauty and she was an animal in the sack that made him shoot buckets every time they touched. Beautiful Bettie was beautifully devoted to God which kept her wholly committed to Perfect Peter who she believed to be the living representation of God on Earth. Perfect Peter‘s best friend was Dudley DWHW, which Beautiful Bettie loved using Dudley‘s real life examples to show what a unicorn looks like and what a man looks like.

ME felt this was the perfect reality because all the ingredients to make EVERYONE, FREEDOM, EVERYTHING, and ALL happy all at once were there. There were only some things that needed tweaking.  And ME felt he had the magic to help make that happen.

Now begins the fun of passing the moments and seeing exactly how ME is making magic happen and changing the story that is our reality in the Multiverse and seeing how EVERYTHING shifts and changes because of ME.

Cut to ME‘s present day vision of Perfect Peter‘s reality in the Now:

Bipolar Bettie gets a call from Karma to tell her best friend all about the latest happenings in the Cosmic Circle. Time just made Karma into Right Incarnate which means that now Karma can do no wrong which is perfect because all Karma is interested in is doing what’s right by all.  Since Karma is now Right Incarnate she has the unique responsibility of teaching others what right really is in this crazy Multiverse we find ourselves in.  Karma already knows that Bipolar Bettie and Perfect Peter are living right by Karma’s standards for Karma was helped by the couple in developing her Ten Commitments that are now sacred words of the divine. Karma, Bipolar Bettie, and Perfect Peter are already living perfectly

Therefore Karma saw fit to run it by the Cosmic Circle the idea of creating a Universal President of Existence. A Heavenly Body made to rule over all in demonstration of what a better way for all truly is.  The Cosmic Circle all thought this was just Karma being Karma and trying to grasp more power for herself. But Karma shocked everyone when she nominated Beautiful Bettie for the role of President.  The entire Circle was astonished that Karma would elect a human for such power as humans have shown themselves to be weak with power and easily corrupted.  Karma knew the Cosmic Circle’s beliefs on humanity and still she believed in their redeeming qualities. She explained that she had been using the scales of justice on humanity for time beyond comprehension and she showed the Circle the results of her measurings.  

As you can see no matter the depravity or darkness that the human race has found themselves guilty of, always there is a blinding and grounding spirit of positivity and goodness that outweighs the negativity and darkness that is attempted. The negative can do nothing to overpower the positive. Over and over and over, throughout every realm of the Multiverse, the Darkness has been trying to show how overwhelming the Light truly is. And over and over and over, the Light continues to shine and warm and grow despite the Darkness’ best efforts.  Take the Earth Year 2019 in the Milky Way Galaxy in the Realm of Skatmand Land – There are 8 billion humans alive on the planet. Every single life but two are tipping the scales in favor of darkness. Two single and solitary people are living Right by way of the divine. Those two souls topple the scales and break them every time because the weight of their goodness puts to shame all that the others are guilty of.  It is incredible.Karma told the Cosmic Circle.

Karma brought forth her Scales of Justice and demonstrated to the Cosmic Circle just what she had been describing. And sure enough, Bipolar Bettie and Perfect Peter sat squarely and singularly together on one side of the scales while the entirety of the human population sat on the other side of the scale and very clearly two perfect souls far negated the burden of 7,999,998 souls living wrong.  When the Cosmic Circle saw how valuable and treasured Perfect Peter and Beautiful Bettie were in the grand scheme of the universe, they unanimously decided that now was the time for everything to change. Starting with not allowing women the right to rule. 

As one unified voice the Cosmic Circle called out to all of existence, shocking all life out of the dead state of disregard for the divine they lived in – now they could hear nothing but the WILL of I AM. The Booming Voice informs all:

“The Time For Judgement has come and gone. You have all been judged unworthy. Two souls have been found in favor of salvation. Those two souls will now teach existence what right truly is. The first wrong that shall be corrected is the erroneous assumption that men are stronger because they lead with their logic and reasoning and physical strength. Women have been stepped on and over in a mad quest for power. Man’s power is gone. Women control the Multiverse now. Beautiful Bettie has now been granted the role of Universal President. She will be in charge of the efforts to guide your souls to her side of the scale. Consider yourselves saved because now you have a Savior. It has been said. It has been made known. My WILL will be done.”

Cut to a real-life vision of Beautiful Bettie losing her shit.

Beautiful Bettie is feeling kind of overwhelmed. She heard the voice. She knows what the voice means and she is sure the voice is wrong, it got the wrong guy for the job. And so Beautiful Bettie is frantically trying to figure out how she is going to lead a Multiverse of people she doesn’t know, into a reality she was, up until a moment ago, unsure was real.

Her first step is making sure that the problems of the past do not become the problems of the Now. Women and Men will no longer be at odds. Beautiful Bettie realizes that there were two that were found worthy of salvation – one man and one woman. Therefore it cannot be said that one gender stands above the other. So in Beautiful Bettie‘s first act as President she moves to nominate her co-Savior, Perfect Peter.

Being President as she has been decided means there is no one to go against her.

The Booming Voice rings out:

“Truly the right person for the job has been found. In her first act with total power to have all to herself, she has made the profound decision to share the power that so many have been lusting over and lessening their being to take control of. Beautiful Bettie has shown that love of people is BETTER than love of POWER. Let it be known that Beautiful Bettie and Perfect Peter stand as the ruling couple over existence. May their reign serve as the Perfection that existence has been dreaming of.”

Beautiful Bettie feels better knowing that at least she made the first choice perfectly. What will her next perfect choice be?

That’s something that Time will have to let us know.

For now Time wishes you to ponder Who has the Darkness been to you?


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Written Post 4:20am into the Pre 4:20pm time period. Beautiful Bettie has been insanely happy these past couple days. Yesterday was her 35th birthday and she spent the entirety of the day in a blissful state of euphoria experiencing the peace and balance found when you are truly happy with all that you have and honestly cannot think of what more would be needed to be happy. Beautiful Bettie has continued to feel good into this new day and hopes to bring the light of her love of life into existence for the Multiverse to experience and be shaped by.  Truly she knows that people wasting their lives for money have not yet seen how good life can be.