Blog-Rolling out The “Got to Read” Carpet

2019 Edition:

I’m just now jumping back into the blogging world. In the short time I have been here a couple blogs have made themselves known to me in a way I feel I am connecting to very real people I could really get along with if chance brought us into each other’s lives. And that’s what I’m looking to cultivate as I go forward with my blogging. I’m hoping to find other bloggers who bare their soul honestly to the world and reach out and connect to strangers in an open and honest way that hurts no one. Because I’m all about making people happy without having to hurt anyone in the process. Peace without pain.

I look forward to these people appearing in my Reader. I actively choose to give my limited spare time to engaging actively with these writers. I feel strongly connected to the content they share and the person they are representing themselves to be via their blog. It brings me much pleasure knowing they are out there doing what I’m doing.

Fractured Faith Blog

Ben Naga

The Book of Guff

Matthew Winters (Honest Thoughts From A Pastor) Ending 10/2019

Mitch Teemley – The Power of Story

Windmills of My Mind

Yonnie In His Care

The Ground On Which I Stand

2015 Edition:

I’m still considered insane but this year I have come to embrace the insanity and appreciate it for the honest lessons it provides, the truthful insights I need to guide, and the hopeful light of what moves me at my core. Rather than blog-rolling people who reached out to me personally, I have chosen seven bloggers who shared their creativity, their passion, and their voice leaving a profound mark on my mind, a firey passion for their spirit, a loving dream to wrap myself in, and a heartfelt connection to someone else trying to express themselves while connecting to others in the process. I fell in love with these people because they showed me their true colors and blinded me with their light and left me dazzled by their vision.

When I open my Reader, these are the people I most hope to find something new from. Strength, Positivity, Wisdom, Kindness, Intrigue, Mystery, Understanding, Artistic Expression, Beauty, Peace, Compassion, Wealth, Health among a myriad of other wonderful feelings are all granted to me when I view their work. It is epically intoxicating, endlessly fulfilling, and enormously rewarding – pretty awesome for relative strangers on the internet.

John Pavlovitz

Creations in Poetry and Words


Silently Heard Once

Tales from Genie and Lou

Seeing the Whisper


2014 Edition:

The world tells me I am crazy. My emotions are all over the place. I struggle to control my willpower. It would be more honest to say I lack willpower entirely. I have a desperate need to speak what I perceive to be the truth. For me the truth is unconditional love and understanding, in whatever form that might take. Sometimes love can be brutal with its honesty. I am comfortable speaking brutal truths because I understand I can give them without seeking to hurt another. My words come from a place of love. The world doesn’t see that.

My friends though, they see right through me to the light I’m trying to shine. My friends in my growing community treasure what I have to say. They read what I have to say and leave warm and uplifting messages that affect my day to day life. I may never be given the opportunity to meet them in person, but I still feel as though I have made rock solid friendships. But that’s just the ravings of a crazy person. 😉

And without further ado, here are five of the best people this blogging community has to offer:

Romeo at Twenty – Juliette – You are the light of a youthful generation I had all but written off. Often times I speak in broad generalizations so I can get my message across. You break every broad generalization I have. You are young, beautiful, and full of light and love. Somehow you remain a pure bit of innocence in a society that appears endlessly corrupt. I look forward to your posts. They remind me of a time when I could look at the world and see endless possibility rather than the tainted perspective I am working from. I am always excited when you have time to stop by and comment. While I will only be thirty this year, I feel much older than my years. You give me a direct connection into a youth I never truly enjoyed and appreciated until it was already past. Thank you so much for your innocent voice.

August 2015 Update: No longer posting on this blog.

Because I Can – Pavanne – You are the light of a loving mother. When I gave the impression I would retreat back into darkness, it did not matter that we have not met. You wouldn’t stand for it. And so you risked our friendship (which isn’t possible, by the way) to tell me a cold hard truth: Going back into darkness is not the right choice – you reminded to keep fighting the good fight. Thank you for being so concerned about me. I look forward to your posts, to see the beauty you show and the wisdom you find and share. I always am left feeling loved and appreciated when I read your posts. I appreciate heartfelt criticism, such as the kind you so lovingly offered. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog so regularly. My husband knows about you because you are one of the lights of my every post. Thank you so much for your motherly affection.

August 2015 Update: Still posting and commenting occasionally, hoping to come back to blogging regularly once life stabilizes more, often shares meaningful and uplifting posts from others.

Living with Post Concussion Syndrome and Everything in Between – Lana – Thank you for having the courage to show yourself when you believe you are less than your best. I don’t believe that though. I strongly believe things happen in life to put us precisely where we need to be. And I can’t help but think you are meant to be this way. You are meant to show people that even when we can’t remember the little things, it is still possible to make a difference, both in ourselves and for others. You do that for me Lana. I struggle with memory issues and used to deal with chronic pain, yet you show me every day that despite the burden you carry, it is always possible to make a difference. You made a difference in my life Lana. I was ready to fall back to darkness and with just a couple kind and uplifting words from you and other well-intentioned friends, you helped remind me that I needed to get over myself. We all have our bags to carry, it’s how we carry them that will enable us to help others. Thank you for my reminder. Your blog is such an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing your story and your struggle. Your struggles help mine seem less burdensome. For that I am eternally grateful. Thank you so much for your unending drive against all the odds.

August 2015 Update: Still blogging infrequently, still worth checking out her amazing story and drive to survive the pain.

The Irreducible Primary – Rob – I always feel dwarfed by your intellect. When you write it feels so darn intellectual. I often times must read a passage several times before I feel like I was able to understand the message. I attempt to leave comments that are in agreement with your message and leave the door open for further discussion but I really feel like I’m missing the mark most times. I appreciate your wisdom – so much. I always look forward to the next message I get to work through. Because your blog is my food for thought. Thank you for being so open to sharing such an intelligent mind and encouraging me to break some of the chains I placed on my brain. Your blog makes my brain hurt in the best possible way. I always feel like I have had a good workout after connecting with your work. Thank you for your unending supply of intelligence.

August 2015 Update: Still producing pieces that make me feel small but manage to stretch my mind in profound way. Still a blogger I hope to see in my Reader.

Gotta Find A Home – Dennis – You were the very first person to follow my blog. You were the very first person to give me that spark of excitement. I feel a strong connection to you for that and so many other reasons. I love that you give a voice to people society chooses to ignore. Not only do you give them a voice, but you give out a dose of reality. I have nothing but love and admiration for people who can look at the world, see suffering, and choose to pick up the baton and start making a difference. I can’t be more excited that you are so close to turning your hard work and endless concern into a tangible product. I am so excited for your future successes. Thank you for giving a voice to those who society would rather forget.

August 2015 Update: Still highly active on his blog, I have fallen away from his page because it feels to corporate and profitized for my liking. Still a wonderful blogger who is spreading the word about people who society refuses to help in any meaningful way while simultaneously placing blame on them as the cause, source, and perpetuation of their own suffering.

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