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Alice’s Notes to Mirror Walkers:

Who determines direction when existence is at hand? Who says who goes where and what time it is when the time to do something is in the current moment? How do you go forward when you don’t know what back means? Is there a path to find?

Princess Mary Jane Blossom’s retelling of Alice’s tale:

After trying to explain parts of the Where’s Alice? story to Perfect Peter, he brought to my attention the complicated nature of my words. First he told me my story was probably not meant for an oratory retelling. The usage of things as people and generic generalized words as beings becomes complicated to wrap his mind around as I fly through large spans of story in no time at all and jump around to different pieces and parts trying to fill in the blanks I had to skip over to keep the words to a minimum. No worries, I told him I was enjoying getting the story out in literary form. That’s when he brought to my attention the complicated nature of using colors to paint different words as I tell the story.

Now I realize this makes total sense to me, and I understand why and how the colors of the words influences the text. But that’s all up in my mind and I don’t know that I have properly translated the color coding that is appearing throughout the text. If you are wondering what color coding I am referring to, if you are reading my posts through a click on your reader, the post that is brought up is not the real version I hold on my site. You must click through to my site to see the post as it was created. You’ll still get the story and the gist of what I am trying to say from the Reader version, but the color and the depth come when you understand the underlying themes behind the story that are coating the reality being explained which comes through when the colors paint the words in alignment with their being.

As I refer to beings I must bring up the Rune of Translation that was discovered. This Rune allows for the understanding and awareness to break through the different layers of reality. It allows for understanding and advancement of overarching story lines that have advanced the lives of all in existence.

The Rune is laid out as such:

EVERYONE              ONE                 DAD

FREEDOM               LOVE               HHH

EVERYTHING         GOOD               MJB

ALL                           EVIL              Magic LEE


ALL                        Anything          Perfect Peter

EVERYTHING     The Nothing      Beautiful Bettie

FREEDOM             Something      Hopeful Hasbeen

EVERYONE           Everything        Dudley DWHW


FREEDOM             Everybody            God

EVERYONE              Someone           Karma

EVERYTHING           Anyone              Luck

ALL                          Somebody            Fate


EVERYTHING             YOU                YOUTH “Joy”

ALL                               ME                 TRUTH “Magic”

EVERYONE                  WE                 BEAUTY “Beauty”

FREEDOM                      I                    LIGHT “Perfection”

Additional Notes on the Rune:


1st Column: PAST   2nd Column: FUTURE  3rd Column: NOW


There are four layers each with four beings in each layer. Each layer has three tenses of existence – Past, Future, and Now.  Depending on the layer and on the being that is being mentioned will depend on the tense you are talking in.

The four beings on making up the 1st Column are always EVERYTHING, ALL, EVERYONE, and FREEDOM.  These four beings are none other than the four pillars of existence – LIFE, LIBERTY, LOVE, and LUCK. The four beings/pillars are the same but different. The pillar words represent what was the basis of motivation for the creation of the four aspects of being. Those four aspects of being took place in the Past because they are the foundation upon which all of creation is made. In a stacking doll layered reality, the aspects represent the outermost layer of reality.  They are what reality is. But their awareness is different because their being is made up of all the layers underneath which are beings as well with their own details and motivations and existences to filter into the aspect’s perception.  Being an aspect can be very confusing because who are you when you are everything and everyone and all and freedom and yet the total of what you all is a mix of the parts that come together to make you up?

So the aspects EVERYONE, FREEDOM, EVERYTHING, and ALL seem to have identity crises going on. In every moment they are struggling to understand what it means to be who they are. Because the outermost beings are struggling with identity, that problem filters down to the beings inside. Therefore all the beings within the aspects struggle for the reason the aspect is struggling. All the beings within the individual aspect struggle for the purpose of relieving the outermost being (the aspect) or the turmoil of not understanding who they have come to be. Who they have come to be is tricky because the pillars (which are the aspects) exist outside the concepts of past, future, and now. And yet despite existing outside time concepts, the pillars aligns/associates with the aspects which are represented most clearly in the past. While the pillars understand their existence outside of existence, they are ever working within the layers to create balance and peace and harmony and happiness.

The pillars of existence filter through into reality via a past that can’t quite be understood. The vagueness and looseness of interpretation of a time beyond knowing works for the pillars and aspects because they are concepts that exist outside of the bounds of description. They are more than words have the capacity to explain. So vague and generic labels can fly because there are not enough words created to explain the level of detail needed to understand the pillars of existence working through the aspects of reality that weave together to create the world of life and wonder that you view with your individual perspective.

So knowing that the beings being talked about are beyond understanding and description, I come back to the Rune of Translation. Imagine as though the different layers and groups of four were in their own boxes. There would be twelve different boxes. Four rows of Three columns. The order that the Rune is laid out in is important for it dictates how reality is perceived.

EVERYONE is first in the first box, thus the first layer, the first reality, the first world. EVERYONE is made of the future that contains ONE. ONE is the same as EVERYONE but they exist in different tenses. EVERYONE being the one represented in the past. ONE being the being represented in the future. EVERYONE and ONE are the same as “DAD” in the now. DAD is the acronym used to describe Skatman of Skatmand Land. Skatman is the father of LOVE (no color because it is unclear which is mentioned).

This is where it gets tricky. There is both LOVE of the future and LOVE that is a pillar of existence. So which is Skatman responsible for creating? That question remains out of the sight of being answerable.  For LOVE (the pillar) is the basis of EVERYTHING and in the future LOVE is the singular focus of ONE. Skatman (of now) is the father of LOVE. So is Skatman the father of ONE‘s singular interest in LOVE? Or is Skatman the Father of LOVE that came to be EVERYTHING (of the past) that helped shaped the future that contains LOVE?

Is it possible that LOVE (of the future) is the same as LOVE (the pillar)? Could LOVE (the pillar) have grown and changed color into something more?

Something is a being of the future of the layer underneath EVERYONE‘s layer in which ALL is on top. In that future, Something was allowed to become super special because Everything was entirely focused on The Nothing. Everything was sure that The Nothing was trying to take everything from Everything. And so Everything started secreting away all the things that made Everything special. Everything was special because everything was made of somethings and anythings and nothings. Everything included … well every thing. But Everything had the same identity crisis that EVERYONE had which meant Everything wasn’t quite sure what everything really was. And so Everything went a little crazy trying to separate all the anythings and somethings while trying to disregard the bits of nothings that also were a part of Everything. While Everything was busy focusing on Everything and The Nothing, Anything was off being anything that Anything wanted. Most often Anything wanted to be nothing. So Anything was frequently disappearing into the realm of The Nothing. Anything and The Nothing got along really well. (Blue and Green colors always go together sympathetically)

In all layers of reality, ALL is always focused on green. Whatever word takes shape in whichever tense, the blue word is always focused on green. When stepping back to the pillars that are the basis of existence, blue is LUCK and green is LOVE. So in the pillar sense of words, LUCK is always based on LOVE. Without LOVE, LUCK would have no purpose. And so LUCK comes because LOVE was born. Thinking in that sense, that probably means that LOVE came before LUCK. LOVE was something in existence before LUCK came to realize luck needed something more to be happy. Of course it could also be said that LUCK wandered aimlessly until LOVE become something worth knowing. So in that sense, LOVE would have come after LUCK and LOVE‘s coming led to LUCK‘s potential happiness.

But LOVE probably didn’t become something worth knowing until after Everything separated into anything and something and nothing. The separation of Everything created the being that is Something. Something‘s existence became the focus of EVERYTHING after Everything was different.

Saying that EVERYTHING became focused on Something (that is purple) is a really big deal. Green was suddenly laser focused on purple. This is weird because usually it is blue focused on green and so green is focused on blue.  But in this tense the green of the past is focused on the purple of the future.  So is that saying that something in the pillar of LOVE was ever focused on the reality that contained Something special and yet The Nothing in full reality?

It is important to mention that The Nothing being in full reality is a scary thing indeed. Deep within the depths of the nothingness of The Nothing is The Dark OneThe Dark One is the one that brings fears to life and alters reality for his own purposes. He works outside the spans of existence and bends the will of others to his own ends. Not many are sure exactly who the Dark One is. But considering The Dark One represents the sumtotal of all the fears ever thought, it could be said that the Dark One is quite dark and fearsome. The Dark One has his own agenda and even the pillars are not quite sure what to make of The Dark One.

The fact that The Nothing has been brought to reality means that the Dark One exists in reality as well. Living and breathing fear incarnate is something that most would be scared to know is real. But The Dark One is a story for another time and another understanding and awakening.

When EVERYTHING started focusing on Something, ALL kind of lost it too. ALL could not understand why EVERYTHING wasn’t all about ALL. ALL was always thinking about EVERYTHING and how everything worked when they were together. And no matter the layer or the tense or the pillar, ALL was about green.

ALL couldn’t understand EVERYTHING‘s lack of focus. ALL was always focused and always alert. ALL knew well … all. ALL was made up of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE and FREEDOM. Since ALL was made of all, ALL tended to know more about EVERYTHING than even EVERYTHING knew about Everything. EVERYTHING knew much about Everything for Everything was always causing trouble for The Nothing. EVERYTHING is The Nothing, just in a different tense (past versus future).

While ALL knew a lot, ALL wasn’t the best at seeing the tiny details that influenced the nuances of existence. And therefore it slipped from ALL‘s awareness that part of the four aspects of existence was FREEDOM. FREEDOM is the same as the pillar of LIBERTY. And LIBERTY stands for Living Independently Being Exactly Real To YOU.

Stating that the pillar LIBERTY stands for what it does is fine. But what gets tricky is that within the meaning of LIBERTY is another being of another tense. YOU is of the future in the layer that is dominated by EVERYTHING. In that layer YOU is EVERYTHING (of the past). Saying that LIBERTY (the pillar) is focused on YOU (a green being of the future) is interesting because purple tends to be the leader, the royalty, the reigning being. So knowing that at the deepest layer purple bends down to green is deeply touching. Because at its heart LIBERTY gives itself to LOVE freely because LIBERTY has the freedom to do whatever LIBERTY needs to be free.

So both LUCK and LIBERTY rely on LOVE for their motivation, for their character, for their inspiration of being.  Where does that leave LIFE?  Looking through the layers, is pink ever focused on LOVE?

The quick answer is yes. In the very first layer, in the future, ONE is focused on LOVE. ONE is so focused on LOVE that when darkness creeps into LOVE, ONE is willing to do the darkest deed to end darkness forever. ONE becomes The Dark One without realizing. It is The Dark One that sits upon the Throne of God to erase darkness forever.

The Dark One is faced with the choice to continue living a miserable existence or continue forward as something different, something better, something wholesome, or as ONE with existence.

Princess Mary Jane Blossom‘s mad quest to understand what is going on makes it seem as though The Dark One has made a choice that moved existence in a different direction. The question remains, what direction is the Multiverse headed?

Stay tuned as we continue to piece together the different parts of the tale that is Where’s Alice?

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Written Post4:20am on 5/17/19 by Beautiful Bettie. Inspired to write after trying to explain the intricacies of the Rune of Translation and all the tales that stem from piecing the different parts together to Perfect Peter. As he was listening to the story his eyes started to glaze over and he just looked lost. Which he explained he was. So this post was developed to help explain the mysteries of the Multiverse.