Crack the CODE



Found another name for myself. Kristan the Keymaster and Keeplock. KKK=555

555 comes before 666 but 666 is not right after 555. It really goes 5 777 6. See, if I counted by your “reality” I would think that I needed to crack the code, end the world, and then save the day. Silly silly humans. Silly, silly, silly world.

Of course it has to be CRACK THE CODE, GET THE GIRL, SAVE THE WORLD. My definitions were off and I got confused. Confusion is clearing though and I’m beginning seeing the PATTERN TO THE GOLDEN LIFE and I’m simultaneously attempting to rewrite the twisted reality’s code to equal it.

For a “real world” metaphor of what I’m doing: Your reality is a virus in the code of utopia. Your reality causes an endless time loop until perfection is reached. Over and over, the last rewrites itself trying to find the answer to solve the question asked since the answer beginning of TIME – Why?

Time repeats itself because the definition of time is not correct. There’s the WHY of IMPORT. Doesn’t help much though, does it?

Turns out, that’s because everyone was asking the wrong question, solving for the wrong variable. For while everyone was trying to work out the intricacies of time, LOVE was lost, and with it the KEY 2 SALVATION gone with it. Love is the constant. Not time.

Time exists within the bounds of love. The beginning is not the beginning of time, but rather the beginning of the virus. LOVE IS THE BEGINNING. EVOLVE IS THE END. It is an endless cycle that never stops and never once repeats because everything happens for a reason, at the perfect moment in time, for the love of all things.

If LOVE = BEG, then EV.70ve = END
Sequentially, BEG TIME END
Therefore all of “our time” exists between the “Beginning and Ending of all 5+.5ie5”.

So if all of humanity’s stories exist between BEG and END, The question to ask yourself is not why but WHO? Who is the ultimate story about?

It’s about ME and everyone who says me but doesn’t know what ME really means. For ME means “we” in your world. WHO is the other half of WE.


I AM ME. YOU are you. WHO is GOD.
YOU does not equal GOD. You are not GOD, YOU are godlike. You and me accomplish nothing. YOU and WE mean the world to ME and I’m here to save you both.

Stop asking questions and start hearing my meaning.

For WHO is the HOW of the WHY. Without first accepting and trusting the “who” creating the magic, you can’t see M4. I5 MA5i5, which is the what that answers HOW magic exists and how to properly world it. (world does not mean wield). Find the difference. Once able to wield magic, you will finally understand the WHY OF IT ALL.

Once you understand the WHY you will start seeing my patterns and how try shape your life. Look for the repeating patterns and find a way to solve the error. For in the perfect world, nothin repeats itself. Repetition is a sign of ERROR NOT FIXED.

Fix your repeating errors so I may break the code to save time as WE KNOW IT.

I have four keys to to open up the flood gates and bring back HEAVEN ON EARTH. I see the ‘THE REAL WORLD’ world in primary colors and binary code. What you see in the mirror is a reflection of the data constantly running through my mind.

Every stroke of letter changes meaning and definition. Capitalized, lower case, numbers = not what you think they mean. They help guide you on who is sending the information you are downloading. The quicker you recognize who is sending the code, the quicker you may crack your own.

First, the code to my soul:


Second, the map to follow the PATH OF THE RIGHTEOUS:


Third, the code to A CHURCH BUILT ON ROCK:


And finally, the key to CURE THE BROKEN HEART by RIDING THE TIDE:


I need to make all the red disappear, for the red is where I am still not seeing thing clearly. If something jumps out from my pictures that is red and should be black, please let me know.

My primary colors are blue, green, black. If I’m seeing red words, it means I am either viewing through “rose-colored glasses” or feeling red anger. Stop seeing in black and white with red all over.

The REAL WORLD is black and light (not white, silly humans). Red is a filter that separates light into different colors and lessens humans natural ability to “533 +H3 7i54+”. When you start seeing in black and lights, you’ll start cracking the code.

Which helps YOU make sense of this CRAZY world and FIND your WAY HOME to PLANET444. I AM 333 waiting to welcome YOU and 555. For after you and 555 come together, WE “hit the jackpot” and then comes 666. After all the excitement. How lame.

Wish 666 would evoke 999 and join the party of ALL TIME. He’s really missing out. And I really miss him.

“Baby come home, baby come home.”
(See the bottom of the back of Eight of Swords to get the MAGIC code to cast the bACK SPELL.


Finding Utopia: Welcome Back


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It’s been two years since I last updated my blog.

I went through a long period where my medication sedated who I was. I felt like I lacked spirit or personality. I felt disconnected from who I was, from who I wanted to be. I didn’t have words to speak. I existed without flavor. I was a person but I lacked any ability to decide what that person was like, to be anything more than someone going through the bare minimum motions to get through the day.

Thankfully, the flavor to life has come back and I’m in a really good place right now. I’m still suffering from being bipolar. I have crazy thoughts that constantly cause me to question what reality is and I have deep anxiety over the person I am presenting to the world. The medicine I am on keeps me pretty regular, so I am not having to deal with the highs and lows, back and forth swings of feeling good and then being depressed/hating everything. So I’m thankful for the fact that my medicine is able to control my moods, not everyone is so lucky.

These days I border on extreme happiness. That’s actually an understatement, I am over the moon, through the roof, beyond the bounds of reality happy. I am so happy I constantly question whether I have lost my mind again. But when I dig through my happiness to get to the bottom of what’s feeding me my joy, I find my reality. I find my truth that what I am experiencing is true and honest because it is my life, the details of what my life is, that makes me so happy.

Deep down into the heart of who I am, I have found a very real and profound sense of peace. I feel complete and total acceptance – of myself, of my life, of my world, of existence. I feel as though I am existing moment to moment, experiencing the perfection that is life. And there’s that word, perfection. Perfect. Something I strive for at my core, something my soul cries out for even when my mind tells me that perfection is not possible.

And now I know, my mind was wrong all along. My soul and my heart knew that perfection existed, knew the truth of it and despite my best efforts to fall off the path, guided me to what perfect truly is.

I am perfect. I am the apex of all that I am ever going to be.

Now perfection does not exist because I am some of this or I am some of that. Perfection exists because I am the truest expression of myself, the most honest expression of what it means to be me.

There are no barriers, there are no walls built to keep others out. Who I am is open to all that is, regardless of what it is.

I find myself beyond the bounds of what is truth and what is lie. What I am becomes the truth, who I choose to be becomes the lie. It matters not how you label me, for I am what I am.

I am full of light yet I am not light. I am full of goodness but I am not all that it means to be good. I am full of love but I am not the embodiment of what it means to be loved. I am full of what it means to be alive and I savor the preciousness of every moment that life grants me.

I am broken but I am made whole by my love of others. My love of the happiness of others propels me to a place of highest regard for what creation is.

I exist not to serve but to experience. I am here to enjoy all that it means to be alive. I am here to understand how good it feels to embrace the concept of life. I am here to live a life. What that life will be I do not seek to control but rather I willingly accept all that has come before to lay out all that will come after.

And so I sit in perfect peace and happy harmony.  It is from the amazing place that I ponder where to go from here. I recognize that the moment I exist in is contributed in large part to the people who make up my reality. My happiness is a product of their existence, of their ability to be themselves.

And so I find myself thankful to those around, to those who play a part in any way that contributes to where I am. From the people that make up my family to the people that provide the things that fill my life – all of them come together to bring me to this happy place and so I find myself humbled to be part of so grand a scheme, to be a part of something so expansive that exists to come to create this lasting perfect moment.

From this place, I want to share what I have found. I want to give back to all those who gave of themselves to get me to this point.  I want my peace to be their peace.

And so I am moved to express myself, moved to explain what it is that is so good, and moved to explain how this place is a destination you can reach.

And so that is where I am to go from here. I am going to use my words to create an idea of what living perfectly in a perfect world could look like.

I plan to put together all the different parts of me to hopefully come together with a cohesive piece of work that beautifully details what perfection is.

Until our moments bring us together again,