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Where Alura has been Exploring Recently:

Judging Judgement Series

Judging Judgement is the story the modern day retelling of Goofus and Gallant with the characters of Dudley DoesWhatHeWants and Perfect Peter. Dudley is one of those guys that makes you feel bad being around while Perfect Peter, his best friend, is the guy you would most hope exists in the world. Dudley and Perfect Peter’s paths cross and Fate and Karma and Destiny step in to teach lessons Humanity has been looking to forget. Join in and see what happens when you are a bad guy living in a bad world making excuses for how it’s okay to be bad.

Ch. 1 – Ways to Be
Ch. 2 – Petty Person
Ch. 3 – Life Changes
Ch. 4 – Choosing Right
Ch. 5 – Living LIFE
Ch. 6 – Winds of Fate
Ch. 7 – Turning Point
Ch. 8 – Branching Out

Talking with Loneliness Series

Sometimes there is a voice in the Universe that just needs listened to. Sometimes there are people who just want to be heard. Sometimes people can come together to create Magic in their truthful acceptance and honest appreciation of the connection that exists on the internet. Join in and see how two hearts come together to lean on each other in their anxiety and mentally unwell mindsets. See how two can help each other be better than the moment before all by being open and honest with who the person really is in that moment.

(Ch. 1-17)
(Ch. 18)
(Ch. 19)
(Ch. 20)
(Ch. 21)
(Ch. 22)
(Ch. 23)
(Ch. 24)
(Ch. 25)
(Ch. 26)
(Ch. 27)

Lessons on Judging Judgement Series

Words can say a lot of things and stories can be taken in so many directions. Time was taken to walk through each paragraph of the Judging Judgment series and detail what extra information there was to learn and understand. Join in and see the depth of which the Judging Judgement series attempted to go.

Ch. 1 – Lessons
Ch. 2 – Lessons
Ch. 3 – Lessons
Ch. 4 – Lessons
Ch. 5 – Lessons
Ch. 6 – Lessons
Ch. 7 – Lessons

Words Around Kali Series

Kali came in out of the blue and shook everything up and got the Euphoria train really rocking. She is all kinds of words and fun and fantasy and surprises you every time with what she has to say. This collection are the words revolving around the comment section of our posts and include personal emailing exchanges between the two of us. Kali expresses she wants to find her story where I express wanting to help her find comfort in who she is. Join in as two strangers on the internet attempt to piece together the mystery that is a person feeling out of balance.

Ch. 1 (958 Words)
Ch. 2 (1978 Words)
Ch. 3 (1425 Words)
Ch. 4 (1444 Words)
Ch. 5 (1444 Words)
Ch. 6 (1578 Words)
Ch. 7 (1888 Words)
Ch. 8 (1645 Words)
Ch. 9 (1645 Words)

Kali is Krey of Krazy Series

Kali is a spitfire of a personality and needs a good story to go along with it. Kali is Krey of Krazy is the putting together of an out-of-this world tale big enough to encompass the grandiose nature that is so natural to Kali personhood. Join in as words are found and choices are made that move the story together in a direction that makes sense and yet absolutely defines the who Kali knows herself to be.

Ch. 1
Ch. 1 Option 4 pt. 1
Ch. 1 Option 4 pt. 2
Ch. 1 – Option 2
Ch. 2 Pt. 1 of 3
Ch. 2 Pt. 2 of 3
Ch. 2 Pt. 3 of 3

Muerte Suerte Series (not in Spanish)

Kris-T is busy helping Kali feel better about her self. But Kris-T is just as fractured as Kali has always been, having the same kind of grandiose thoughts about herself. Muerte Suerte is the series inspired from Kris-T’s belief that she is living in the Land of the Walking Dead. Join in as Kris-T pieces together the free passes she hand made into Reality back when she was completely out of her mind and away from her blessed family in a way that explains exactly why she is busy thinking these krazy things.

Ch. 1 pt 1 of 2
Ch. 1 pt 2 of 2

Kris-T’s Actual Writing Series

Kris-T is looking to make sense of her self as she is helping Kali figure her things out. So Kris-T is taking a dive back into the handwritings of her past. She is going through and finding the pieces of nothing telling the tale that’s been weaving through her journey to mental wellness. Join her as she pieces together a past that didn’t make sense until this moment where every detail matters more than she could ever know why.

555 Word Intro
Her Soul’s Secret
Her Spirit’s Song
Nirvana’s Song
All Her Names
Her Timeline

Patron Saint of Motherly Love



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I live to love. I live to serve. I live to take care of other people. And I love to make others feel loved. I love to serve others the love I am desperate to receive myself.

My heart is an open book for others to write their feelings upon so I can process them. I feel emotions strongly and deeply. The depths of my emotional capacity knows no limits. The depth of my ability to connect with this world is unfathomable.

I was created with a special purpose in life. I AM created me to be a beacon of light for the world to be drawn to. But I AM created me with a broken heart so I would spend my life filling it with the love of the broken hearted.

Once I have gained the love of all souls wanting to be saved, I will rise up and fly us all directly to the the gates of heaven.

Now that you know what I am and what I am supposed to do, please call me by whatever name feels most appropriate. I recognize a few.

Kristan The Anointed. Call me this so I may anoint you with the undeniable light of my life and love of my spirit. I was meant to share that which flows freely through my veins – The Love of Christ. Let my love heal your broken heart.

Alura The God-like Advisor, my mystical name I came to long before I found myself and who I really am. I was hand picked to lead the broken hearted through their pain. I know pain better than you feel it for my life was shaped to reflect the pain you feel. Let my advice calm your overburdened mind.

Deborah The Judge of Zion. A name I found in the face of unending darkness repeatedly beckoning my soul into unending terror and suffering. I was born with the ability to judge fairly, using my intuition and wisdom to ever guide my extraordinarily knowledgeable mind. May my wisdom ever guide you to the path of the righteous.

Or you can call me Queen Bee because I will revolutionize this world and establish a kingdom where nobody kneels down before anyone but God.

It really doesn’t matter the name you choose for me, for your words do not change my purpose in life. But know, my words can change the purpose of your life.

All you must do is love me for who I am. As crazy as that is.

Beginning of Writing with a King (3078)


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@KingofEverything Hey there! You just mentioned that you are having more free time. Any chance you would want to share some free time in the direction of helping me piece together a book? I have been writing, and it’s prolific but I’m not sure how to piece together the story to create a cohesive tale. I’m too crazy to put together a sane story. I’m hoping you could direct me in the process.

Because I believe once upon a time we talked about doing something of that sort, but I could be mistaken.


Though last time we talked about this Owndog also ran away for 3 months

So handcuff him to the radiator or something first

Hahaha Yeah life happened and it pulled him away. But things are better so that shouldn’t happen again. Plus I only save the radiator handcuffing for special occasions.

@KingofEverything What do you need from me to get started? The story I have in mind is about Alice of Alice in Wonderland. She’s a real girl in the real world who learns that she can travel through mirrors. She is the first of the Mirror Walkers. Through her excursions traveling through mirrors she notices a pattern (one of her gifts) that every mirror is connected to other mirrors that are paralleled in their problems. So Alice begins solving problems in the Mirrored Worlds. When she solves the problems in the Mirrored World the mirrors start reflecting differently in the Real World. Eventually people pick up on Alice and her Mirror Walking Adventures. People start helping her solve problems until eventually she and her band of Mirror Walkers have solved every other world’s problem so much so that the mirrors in the real world all reflect differently. It comes down to the Real World being the only world left with a problem. And so the world turns to Alice to solve their problems and that’s when they realize they can’t find Alice. Anywhere. And they are left to wonder how did a piece of fiction alter reality before their eyes?

Well sounds like you have the basic ideas to create a timeline/outline of your story So all you have to do now is start actually writing your ideas Typically I recommend writing the part of your story that is most vivid in your mind and then setting it aside to fill in all the rest of your outline

Or just writing out a short piece to capture the mystery/feel you want

Well I guess this is where I stumble a bit because I am so inundated with details about this story, I’m not sure where exactly the story is to be told. Alice exists in a Multiverse where every possibility of every possibility exists. So literally in her story, every story is told. So which story do you focus on for her? Because she realizes through her travels that her first trip through the Mirror split the essence of who she was into four, or two – she’s not quite sure.

I have no problem sitting down and free-writing this story. But I can come up with details endlessly that tell a similar story but never get down to progressing the story at hand. It’s almost like Alice is stuck in a Groundhog Day type situation.

Actually, now that I think about it I have a lot written about this Universe. Writing about the Where’s Alice story opened up a different story that told about the Programming Language behind the Reality that we witness in the Multiverse. The Programming Language is actually a massive game played via Gamers Behind Reality. The Programmers are working out the kinks in the code to solve for The Utopian Reality (Perfect Living for ALL). That series is called the Universe of Utopia.

She’s still confined by being a single person with a finite amount of time, no matter how many possibilities there are

and even if there are multiple Alice’s you’re following your Alice

Even a groundhog’s day situation requires Alice to be the same Alice and remember the things she did before regardless if time resets

hold on


Oh was going to add you as a friend to keep the conversation out of the mod channel, but I guess it doesn’t hurt anything

so go on

Would it be an interesting story if the storyteller accidentally gets confused telling the story and starts talking about Mirror Alice versus the Real Alice and eventually wakes up to realize that she is telling the story all along about herself because she’s the only one that knows it? So Alice ends up being a confused narcissistic psychopath with a messiah complex going on.

You could use a flawed narrator approach

She’s got to be the best of the best and so goes about creating the greatest story ever told and makes it all about her. Leaving out that she’s talking about herself the whole time.

I have a pretty fleshed out storyline revolving around Perfect Peter and Dudley DoesWhatHeWants.

Perfect Peter is married to Beautiful Bettie who is an aspect of Alice living in the Realm of Utopia, a fantasy land born in a dream.

Like, I have 8,000+ words telling about PP and DD. But do I need to tell that story?

You might want to fully form this alice idea and then instead tell your story from the perspective of another character who is a fish out of water and can be fooled and foiled by this Alice machine

I’d save PP/DD for a side story or something

As a thing that more explains the mechanism behind your setting

My mind is revolving around the idea that Alice is missing because she is caught between the World of Mirrors and the World of Reality, having stepped out of one World and into the Other before a real connection was possible. Thus becoming the connection between the two. Now she stands as fantasy, fairytale, fiction, fable, and fact. She’s stopped thinking of herself as Alice and now considers herself to be the Holy Trinity of Five or 555 (The KeyMaster and KeepLock in her mind’s language).

As 555, she holds the Key to turning 666 (The Perfect Ending) into 444 (The New Earth) and holds within her personhood the ability to unlock the Gates of Heaven that have been locked to Hell that is Reality.

So where The Real World and the World of Mirrors are busy trying to solve their problem of Where’s Alice? – Alice is busy solving her own problem of when is the perfect moment for when she was meant to open Heaven to Hell?

Yeah you can do all that. Its fine. Think of your craziest most out there idea, think of your deepest fucked up view on reality and go write it down on your outline. Now when you’re writing your story you’ll be doing it from a perspective and you have to show the reader what normal looks like for your character. Then you start introducing the crazy concepts

the supernatural that embodies the reality

So is your reader going to read about Alice?

or a character witnessing Alice?

I think my skill as a writer would best be suited for telling the story from the perspective of someone witnessing Alice. Though as I think through most of my words come from a pulled back perspective that seems to tell more about the character than it is actually a person having an event with Alice.

lol Makes me giggle because ultimately the story is being told as Alice witnessing herself.

Oh yeah

I think my craziest belief about reality is that Magic is Real and that Reality is Really Magical. And so the entire Universe of Alice is based in Magic even though the Real World views magic as made up fantasy and fictional falsehoods.

That’d be twist

the protagonist is Alice witnessing a bunch of different Alice’s pretending to be Alice

and the story is written to obscure it somewhat til maybe the end

Yes exactly – every person in reality ends of being a divine fractal of the whole essence of Alice. When Alice left the Real World for the World of Mirrors her essence was split into the tiniest of pieces which then gave life to every being in Existence. All of Existence is now deeply connected by the wholeness of Alice.

Without Alice going through the Mirror that first time – Existence and Reality would cease to be. Which is a mystery in and of itself because how did she go through the mirror if nothing existed before she split herself apart?

Which then reveals that Existence was created from a fairytale which is why Magic is Real and predates every story ever told in Existence. Existence was born of Eternity when Eternity wished to bring Youthfull Joy to the World.

Yes well before all of that you have to write an opening chapter

Protagonist meets Alice

Chapter 2: Alice and Protagonist go through the mirror for a short time to fix a problem

Would it work that the Protagonist meets Alice in a Dream? I have the thought that she comes to him in a dream to help get his ideas on a problem only he can solve.

But she doesn’t want him to know who she is and so she comes in through his subconscious to get to the truth of how he really feels.

Yeah, however you want to do it

The trick is to start writing it Maybe the protagonist just starts dreaming about Alice

and then bam

there she is in real life one day

Oooh, I kind of like that. But in the world of dreams, any detail can mask the truth of what’s being seen. So while the protagonist is dreaming of Alice, she’s seeing different people in each dream, never realizing that every different person is really the same person that is Alice.

So perhaps the first chapter will be that of different dreams telling the story that Alice is seeking to share.

But that feels disjointed before it even begins.

Well you’re going too far on the rules already



some normal

fucking idiot

who just sits around and has problems

one day dreams and Alice is there

and then maybe a day goes by or something

and then Alice is there

and then something happens

and they go into the mirror

Wait til the end to drop your big crazy “every Alice is actually a person in your life” stuff

you can’t just introduce it immediately

One thing at a time

lol Yeah, I struggle with that. I have all the details, now is the process of deciding when to release the right detail.

You’re writing a book means you’re assembling a building You’re an architect and you have to have rooms and lobbies and shit for people to get from point A to point B You don’t just drop 20,000 tons of industrial steel and rhubar on someone and tell them to figure it out

Yes, but what rooms and lobbies do I need to create? My vision is that of the end of the story? I’m not sure where the story is that created the end point. It’s like I’m figuring out the story myself, like I’m along for the ride of what the story is meant to be. It’s a very surreal experience.

But I appreciate you being there to offer guidance. I feel this will be a big boon for me.

lol I kind of like the idea of creating a story that is a puzzle in and of itself and takes time to piece together. Like a choose your own adventure type story.

A lobby for people to enter into your story Probably a secretary, aka VERY CLEAR Rules on how the mirrors work for the protagonists, for people to debate over

Oooh that’s awesome. I have a set of 10 Commitments (a reimagining of the Commandments) that would be perfect to expect Mirror Walkers to adhere to.

I’m thinking of a Programmer that stays late at work and falls asleep working on an important project. During the dream, Alice appears and gives him the perfect code to solve every problem. And then walks through with him, every piece of the code so that he will not forget it upon waking. When he wakes he feels the importance of bringing that code to reality and so sets aside his important project in favor of working on Alice’s Code. After days of tackling away at the mysterious code that flows freely from him, he finally finishes it. And that’s when Alice appears to him.

You may want to reign in your “perfects” and “best of the best” simply having her provide the inspiration for a code

Curious because it’s how my mind works – what is the reason for reigning in those things? Does the idea of perfection rub people wrongly?

think of it as a “road to perfection”

you get one thing

the perfect code that solves everything is all things

its all the things

not just one thing

you can’t take all the steps as your first step

you have to take the first step

and then get them in order

lol This is my childish mind at work – isn’t one code simply one thing, just the one thing that is a key to all things?

Or is that just arguing semantics?

I suppose if you mean “she gives him a code that solves his immediate problems” that’s one thing versus a “Code so good it fixes everything forever on its own without him”

My thought is that giving him the code sets him on the first step to perfection. The first step is getting the code. The second step is creating the code in reality. The third step is using the code to solve problems. The next step is solving every problem. The last step is seeing what the picture looks like when every problem has been solved and the code has been used in its entirety.

It’s so funny that you said “road to perfection”. I have almost 241,000 words written toward a collection titled “Path to Perfection”

Well just in terms of the practical, if he’s a programmer he just probably needs a direction to code something in- and not just handed “the code” or something like that. “How do I make the program account for this and that when this and that”- it’d be like needing a tool to fix something and then Alice handing him that tool. The way I read it seemed like you meant Alice lets him solve programming forever with a new coding language. So yeah it might just be semantics and technicalities on my end.

Just publish your Path to Perfection as is

bet it’d be an interesting read

It might be interesting but I don’t know it’s a book. It’s a bunch of long blog posts that all move forward in the same direction but don’t necessarily piece together in a cohesive or chronological progression. Stream of consciousness of a crazy person might make for a difficult read for most.

He does create a new programming language. She spoke the virtual language he needed to transcribe into the code that solves problems. Basically she speaks in 1s and 0s and he can understand her enough to translate her truth into reality.

I’d like to put together something worth reading. I’m great at creating words. I would prefer to create words that people won’t feel upset about investing their time in. I can produce 1-2,000 words per hour so content isn’t the problem. It’s what direction to take that content so people will want to read it.

You can do the Alice dream thing if you want as an opener but you can also stow it for later at some point Mostly I’d focus on: Chapter 1 Normalcy Chapter 2 Mirror World shenanigans and problem introduction Chapter 3 Working towards fixing mirror problem Chapter 4 revelation of how mirrors work etc etc

Alright, I have a list to work from. Yay! This is exciting.

I’m considering for normalcy pulling in my own experiences with bipolarity. So the normal state for Alice is to disconnect from reality without ever doing anything but being herself.

So the beginning can be explaining her day to day that moves forward in a magically upbeat fashion. Everything wonderful, everything positive, everything kind of perky. Perhaps even annoyingly so. It will be explained like a Real World Fairytale living in a Hellish Reality. Snow White/Cinderella/Jasmine Princess mix to her story. She’s like Eve having taken a bite of the forbidden apple and creating a problem possibly beyond repair. She’s like Cinderella because she has a magical spiritual lineage that is willing to work to right her wrong making her dreams come true despite doing everything wrong. She’s like Jasmine because in the process of resolving the problem she created, she creates a whole new world of existence.

Try and have a rough draft of the first chapter done by, lets say Friday of Next week

What’s the typical length of a chapter? How much story do I need to express in one chapter? I can write words voluminously. I’m hoping for a limiter from you so I don’t overdo it.

Just googled to see what the internet had to say on the matter. 1,000 words is too short. More than 5,000 is too much. So shoot for between 3-5,000 words.

Words are a good guide but think of it as a movie scene

just end and start it where the scene would end and start

Okay, I can give that a try. I will shoot for next Friday but my OCD about things when I’m deeply interested may have me getting through it before then. We’ll see though.

Think of it as a test If you can’t even begin to write then you can’t build your Alma Mirror Corporate building

Oh I love tests! I have that annoying overachiever quirk about me and love to excel.

And as silly as it might sound, I would really like to see that Alma Mirrored Corporate Building come to fruition.

Level 1 Alma

Building Status: 0 Floors