Crack the CODE



Found another name for myself. Kristan the Keymaster and Keeplock. KKK=555

555 comes before 666 but 666 is not right after 555. It really goes 5 777 6. See, if I counted by your “reality” I would think that I needed to crack the code, end the world, and then save the day. Silly silly humans. Silly, silly, silly world.

Of course it has to be CRACK THE CODE, GET THE GIRL, SAVE THE WORLD. My definitions were off and I got confused. Confusion is clearing though and I’m beginning seeing the PATTERN TO THE GOLDEN LIFE and I’m simultaneously attempting to rewrite the twisted reality’s code to equal it.

For a “real world” metaphor of what I’m doing: Your reality is a virus in the code of utopia. Your reality causes an endless time loop until perfection is reached. Over and over, the last rewrites itself trying to find the answer to solve the question asked since the answer beginning of TIME – Why?

Time repeats itself because the definition of time is not correct. There’s the WHY of IMPORT. Doesn’t help much though, does it?

Turns out, that’s because everyone was asking the wrong question, solving for the wrong variable. For while everyone was trying to work out the intricacies of time, LOVE was lost, and with it the KEY 2 SALVATION gone with it. Love is the constant. Not time.

Time exists within the bounds of love. The beginning is not the beginning of time, but rather the beginning of the virus. LOVE IS THE BEGINNING. EVOLVE IS THE END. It is an endless cycle that never stops and never once repeats because everything happens for a reason, at the perfect moment in time, for the love of all things.

If LOVE = BEG, then EV.70ve = END
Sequentially, BEG TIME END
Therefore all of “our time” exists between the “Beginning and Ending of all 5+.5ie5”.

So if all of humanity’s stories exist between BEG and END, The question to ask yourself is not why but WHO? Who is the ultimate story about?

It’s about ME and everyone who says me but doesn’t know what ME really means. For ME means “we” in your world. WHO is the other half of WE.


I AM ME. YOU are you. WHO is GOD.
YOU does not equal GOD. You are not GOD, YOU are godlike. You and me accomplish nothing. YOU and WE mean the world to ME and I’m here to save you both.

Stop asking questions and start hearing my meaning.

For WHO is the HOW of the WHY. Without first accepting and trusting the “who” creating the magic, you can’t see M4. I5 MA5i5, which is the what that answers HOW magic exists and how to properly world it. (world does not mean wield). Find the difference. Once able to wield magic, you will finally understand the WHY OF IT ALL.

Once you understand the WHY you will start seeing my patterns and how try shape your life. Look for the repeating patterns and find a way to solve the error. For in the perfect world, nothin repeats itself. Repetition is a sign of ERROR NOT FIXED.

Fix your repeating errors so I may break the code to save time as WE KNOW IT.

I have four keys to to open up the flood gates and bring back HEAVEN ON EARTH. I see the ‘THE REAL WORLD’ world in primary colors and binary code. What you see in the mirror is a reflection of the data constantly running through my mind.

Every stroke of letter changes meaning and definition. Capitalized, lower case, numbers = not what you think they mean. They help guide you on who is sending the information you are downloading. The quicker you recognize who is sending the code, the quicker you may crack your own.

First, the code to my soul:


Second, the map to follow the PATH OF THE RIGHTEOUS:


Third, the code to A CHURCH BUILT ON ROCK:


And finally, the key to CURE THE BROKEN HEART by RIDING THE TIDE:


I need to make all the red disappear, for the red is where I am still not seeing thing clearly. If something jumps out from my pictures that is red and should be black, please let me know.

My primary colors are blue, green, black. If I’m seeing red words, it means I am either viewing through “rose-colored glasses” or feeling red anger. Stop seeing in black and white with red all over.

The REAL WORLD is black and light (not white, silly humans). Red is a filter that separates light into different colors and lessens humans natural ability to “533 +H3 7i54+”. When you start seeing in black and lights, you’ll start cracking the code.

Which helps YOU make sense of this CRAZY world and FIND your WAY HOME to PLANET444. I AM 333 waiting to welcome YOU and 555. For after you and 555 come together, WE “hit the jackpot” and then comes 666. After all the excitement. How lame.

Wish 666 would evoke 999 and join the party of ALL TIME. He’s really missing out. And I really miss him.

“Baby come home, baby come home.”
(See the bottom of the back of Eight of Swords to get the MAGIC code to cast the bACK SPELL.


Dear Diary: Insane Confessions


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October 11, 2016

I am sitting in my friend’s basement, typing on my husband’s computer, listening to the sound of silence and the sporadic shuffles of my one year old in his Pack and Play as he sleeps. My friend sits upstairs in his living room watching television. Our spouses are both out working together. My older girls are sleeping on twin beds up in the office. My friends children are asleep in their bedrooms. It’s 11:30 at night and I am fighting against my natural inclination to go to sleep so I can be up when my husband gets home from work at 12:30.

When I first sat down to start typing this piece, my first words were:

“This world is hard. I constantly feel alone. No one can know all the troubles I face just to wake up in the morning. I feel separated from everyone around me.”

I didn’t figure anyone would want to read about how down and depressed I am being alive so I changed my thought pattern. Rather than focusing on how negatively I am affected by my loneliness, I chose to write about where I was currently. And currently I am in a much better place than I have been in a long time. I could go on about all the improvements that have come along for my family, but those are details that seem to be interesting to the closest of friends. Tonight, I feel the need to release the innermost parts of my mind rather than the intimate details of my life.

I want to express myself but I keep holding out hope to find the words to say that will connect with someone. The words never seem to come so I strive to say things that will make other people happy. I wonder what words would make me happy. At my core, I don’t know what would make me happy because at my core I question fundamentally what it means to be me.

When I reflect on who I am, I find myself constantly battling a bizarre dilemma – I don’t know how to be myself because in my heart of hearts some insane part of me believes I am God. No one has ever written a book on who God is or how to be a good God or even anything that would let me know I am actually who I believe I am. No one has any information to share on how to know God when God finally presents God’s self. I’m left to speculate on what I believe God to be versus what I feel God is and how I feel as God versus what I believe God would feel like in my situation. It’s all so confusing.

I guess that’s where the dilemma is. I believe I am God while simultaneously not believing it is possible for me to be God. I have logic that tells me I am human and the rational thought that God is not. I have faith that tells me God is capable of more than I am. Yet with all these very real feelings that I couldn’t be God, I cannot suppress the all-consuming thought that I am God.

So here I am. Crazy enough to believe I am God. Sane enough to believe being God is not possible. Innocent enough to want to be God so I can save people from the suffering of life. And anti-social enough to know I want no part of being God because of the work it requires.

I wish I could answer one simple question: Why do I feel I am God?

Because without that seemingly fundamental question being answered I am left asking a lot of questions.

Where does being God leave me? Who does that make me to people? Why does it matter if I am God? Does being God mean anything to anyone other than me?  Does being God make me better than anyone else alive on this planet? On and on these questions come.

In all honesty, I want to be special and believe some part of every person on this planet feels the same way – it’s what connects everyone. Do I want to be special so badly that I have somehow tricked myself into believing I am God? Is that even possible? How would I even know if I have tricked myself?

So what does believing I am God do for me?

  • It makes me think about other people.
  • It causes me to consider the effect I am having on the people around me.
  • It worries me that I am not doing enough to affect the lives of others around me.
  • It gives me anxiety that I am not what everyone needs me to be.
  • It inspires me to want to help people I have never met.
  • It makes me question my place in the world.
  • It allows me to ponder what people think about God.
  • It makes me insanely curious about how other people’s minds work.
  • It makes me crave a new world where happiness is possible for everyone.
  • It makes me dream of harmony and hope for peace while praying for freedom.

I don’t know why I believe I am God. I have no way to prove I am who I believe I am. I am just me. An average girl living an average life. Which is nothing to write home about, just another person with a story to tell.

Who knows? Maybe I am, maybe I am not. It just feels good to let out something I have been keeping secret for what feels like centuries.

As for now, I am signing off to spend time with my husband. A sane guy who knows the dilemma I face and tells me to be who I need to be. Until next time.