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Alice’s Notes to Mirror Walkers:

How do you know who is to blame when no one is around that started the problem in the first place? How can you solve a problem that no one admits to being a problem? Is there a problem to solve if no one agrees on what the problem is?

Princess Mary Jane Blossom’s retelling of Alice’s tale:

Princess Mary Jane Blossom was not messing around. After ONE stepped down from The Throne of God, she was all business. It was time to start fixing things so she could see exactly what ONE was supposed to do. The Princess summoned Skatman for a meeting to discuss the outstanding situations in his land.

Princess Mary Jane Blossom is from a series of realms that could best be classified as fairytale lands. For in each of the realms attached to her being, there was an overarching story line that at all times was advancing forward. In her connection of realms, when a problem came to awareness a fanciful character would soon after rise up to solve the problem. Princess Mary Jane Blossom loved things to run smoothly and never minded delegating problems to others, giving them a chance to shine in their own right. In all reality, every realm attached to Princess Mary Jane Blossom was a single being living out their own fairytale and through the complicated nature that is Princess Mary Jane Blossom, all the fairytales were interwoven to create balance and peace among all the realms. But The Princess could never find a way to stop problems from arising.

This was in part due to the issues that were never solved in Stan Lee’s Superhero Realm and Skatman’s Skatmand Land. The Princess was tired of repeatedly solving problems that could be fixed if someone would just step up and do the right thing.

As Princess Mary Jane Blossom became aware of the problem of the continually arising problems, suddenly Alan Durstman popped into her mind. The Princess had just the answer for a continually arising problem stemming from nobody being willing to hold themselves accountable for the problem at hand. That answer was Alan Durstman the Accountability Holder.

Alan Durstman was perfect! He was all about holding people accountable for the things they should be responsible for. Alan stands for Harmony while Durst represents “to dare”. Therefore the being of Alan Durstman is a man that dares other’s to be as harmonious as he, as he holds himself accountable for everything. Alan Durstman definitely was the perfect answer for dealing with those not willing to hold themselves accountable.

And so Princess Mary Jane Blossom introduced Alan Durstman to Skatman and explained how she felt Alan could help them both out. Skatman loved the idea of Alan Durstman and all that he stood for. Skatman was regularly blue about the fact that his people largely went about doing what they wanted without ever being held accountable for the results and consequences of their actions. That made Skatman sad for the truth was that many suffered while many went without being held accountable.

Alan Durstman: So what’s the problem at hand Princess Mary Jane Blossom?

MJB: The children are being sacrificed at the hands of their elders. The children come into the world perfect and full of the light of youth. Grownups beat their innocence out of them and slowly turn them into grownups like themselves, carrying the problems of the past along with the guilt of the future and never being given proper consideration for what is needed to be better.

Alan Durstman: Do we know who is to blame?

MJB: There is not one being alive that will take credit for the darkness grownups bring to childhood. Parents justify their abominable behavior by saying “They were doing the best they could with the tools they were given.” Grownups without children differ on the spectrum of how they treat children but across the board they fail to stand up for the best interest of those that come after instead focusing their time and energy to preserving the youth of those already past their childhood.

Alan Durstman: Why are parents not given more to better handle the children they create?

MJB: This is a systemic problem. The system that serves the children also serves and caters to the grownups in the society. Little to no consideration is given to the true needs of the children. At all time, the best interests of the children are geared towards changing children into grownups. Grownups are considered people over the age of 18 that can work without question and live without problem and die without consequence. The society does not care to provide for the happiness and wellness of the citizens. The society merely works to create more workers and looks heavily down upon anyone not able to carry their own weight. The children are at the bottom of that totem pole of superiority. At all times children are viewed as a weight to be carried by society. They are never viewed as fully functional and capable members of society. Their rights and responsibilities are severely limited until they are considered of an age of consequence, most nearly always being 18 or 21. Grownups look down upon children as a burden. Minimal time and energy and resources are distributed to properly manage the responsibility that comes with raising children.

Alan Durstman: Why does the society allow itself to be a society that does not provide for its own happiness and wellness and betterment?

MJB: The answer to that is simple. Money. Money rules the roost in Skatmand Land. The people are living pieces of poop that walk around worshiping the all-mighty dollar. They will do anything for money. They will abandon, neglect, abuse, lie, cheat, steal, murder, war, annihilate – there is no deed that is too dark in the conquest for money. But they are a tricky people because they do not like it to be mentioned their obsession with money and the power it holds over their existence. At all times they paint themselves to be better than they are. People who spend their whole lives chasing a paycheck will tell you the best thing about their lives were their children when the amount of time they spent with their children was less than 2 hours a day compared to the ten hours a day or more they were consistently dedicating to a job that “paid the bills” while shuffling their children off to a “school” to be caged with 25-30 other children at a time under the pretenses of “educating” the youth meanwhile no amount of education prepares the children to live on their own in the real world. Thirteen years of schooling are given to produce children who are unable to do basic math or pay bills or work a skilled profession. The grownups merely cage their children so they can make more money.

Alan Durstman: Why does society allow parents to be away from their children for such significant periods of time?

MJB: This is a generational problem that has yet to be resolved. In the past, men dictated that they were responsible for providing for the household. At that time, life was drastically more difficult and therefore men likely sacrificed their own wellbeing to provide for a more comfortable existence for women and children. The negative offset of this sacrifice came with the generational acceptance that men were providers and women and children were burdens. Soon life changed and men made life easier for themselves. When life got easier, they started looking down upon women and children and gave them less rights for the work they were never allowed to contribute. The work became easier and the men began to pay themselves for their work and made themselves work more hours away from the home to keep the paycheck coming in. Money started flowing around the world. World wars started because men got greedy. Now men were off fighting wars leaving women and children home on their own. Women had to step up and bear the weight of working while raising children. Men never gave women the same credit for the work they did despite their skills and capabilities being equally matched in most areas. A gap began to grow between men and women with both sides starting to despise the other due to the general disrespect given from the men towards women. This has led to the present day problem where men no longer feel committed to keeping one family and one family alone. Men now feel comfortable creating multiple families with multiple women and failing to support any of them while they continue to work long hours and make loads of money that they then don’t feel comfortable sharing with their wives and children. Women are busy working to support the families the men have abandoned in their quest to get rich. The children are left growing up alone because both parents hate each other and no one is home to give the love every child needs to be raised into a happy and healthy and wholesome adult.

Alan Durstman: Why is money held at such a premium to the wholesome feeling of family?

MJB: In Skatmand Land money can buy you anything. It can buy you the right to molest little children without consequence. It can buy you the ability to kidnap a sexual slave and hold them hostage for their life or until used beyond interest. It can give you the freedom to buy elections and corrupt governments and war against nations. It can give you the ability to cheat on your wife while she is at home taking care of the children. It can buy you the freedom to win a court case in which guilt has been proven beyond reasonable doubt. It can make you a millionaire for sitting behind a desk hours a day and telling other people what to do while doing nothing of real worth. It is free to carry from one generation to the next without any reconciliation for what the future generations contributed to accumulate such wealth. It allows for the accumulation of wealth that is not tied to person or household which then enables massive crimes against humanity to be committed without having any one person be held responsible.

Alan Durstman: Why would any let money take control over people?

MJB: That is the true evil of Skatmand Land. At its heart, money is run by people. People control the world. People control the governments. People control the money. Despite it being people that are in charge of everything, all the people like to say money is evil. But the reality is that people use money to be evil. Just like when people use guns to kill people, the gun is not evil – the person using the gun to take a life is evil. And that is where the problem stems from, people truly do not understand the difference between GOOD and EVIL. People are living in a world of grey and mixing the difference between LIGHT and Darkness. All the people are evil and all the people are good. Some people choose to be more good than evil. Some people choose only to be evil. But all people are capable of GOOD and EVIL and able to walk between the two without choosing wrongly.

Skatman: What is the difference between GOOD and EVIL?

MJB: GOOD and EVIL are two sides of the same coin. They are both heads and they are both tails. They both go the other way the other goes. They give and they take and they lie and they steal. Both GOOD and EVIL are capable of great atrocities as well as being responsible for great successes and redemptions. Truly there is no difference between GOOD and EVIL but for the side one is found on.

Skatman: Why is GOOD and EVIL at the basis of every fight in Skatmand Land?

MJB: That is an erroneous understanding of what GOOD and EVIL truly is. The people of Skatmand Land believe that GOOD and EVIL influence their behavior. They do not realize that GOOD and EVIL cloud their judgment while ONE and LOVE are the reasons behind their actions. Depending on how people feel about ONE and how they treat LOVE largely develops who they are as people. Most people think about ONE very little and view LOVE as nothing more than something you can buy with an expensive pricetag.

Alan Durstman: Why does Skatman allow for Skatmand Land to not respect the will of ONE, the ONE responsible for Skatman?

Skatman: I granted the people of Skatmand Land the curse of freewill. When I bestowed it upon my people I thought it was giving them the ability to be closer with me but the reality became that they used it to distance themselves farther than I ever thought possible. The people of Skatmand Land have become so foreign in nature that I do not even recognize them as kin.

MJB: If the being that is responsible for your existence no longer recognizes you as kin, what does that make you?

Alan Durstman: A problem, Princess. A problem that must be solved for there are many to be held accountable for this situation.

MJB: I knew you were the man for this problem, Alan. I’m so glad you stepped up to shine. Please shine light on how you plan to combat this multi-legged beast of a problem?

Alan Durstman: The first that I feel needs held accountable is Skatman. He is personally responsible for the blessing that turned into a curse that distanced his creation from his being. The start of the problem begins with the ONE that needed something different.

MJB: I noticed that you mentioned ONE when you were in fact talking about Skatman. Could it be that Skatman‘s problem is more than just something Skatman did? Could Skatman‘s issue be solved by a higher being, such as ONE and LOVE?

Alan Durstman: As I think more on those needing held accountable, yes, I do feel that ONE needs to be held accountable for his role in this predicament. ONE is responsible for doing the thing that he vowed never to do. Somewhere on some level, ONE broke his vow to LOVE and now EVERYONE is in trouble.

MJB: I do believe you just escalated the accountability holding another level. You have stepped up to talking about EVERYONE who is wholly ONE. What issue does EVERYONE need held accountable for?

Alan Durstman: EVERYONE stands guilty of holding EVERYONE apart from ALL and above EVERYTHING and away from FREEDOM. EVERYONE stood separated from the ALL that made EVERYTHING feel like FREEDOM.

MJB: I’m not sure I am understanding exactly what you are saying. When speaking of EVERYONE, ALL, EVERYTHING, and FREEDOM we are speaking two layers removed from us. Could you give me a little more to clarify your meaning?

Alan Durstman: On the level of EVERYONE, ALL, EVERYTHING, and FREEDOM we are discussing the elements of the past that formed that foundation upon which all of creation was established from. The key component between the four aspects was that none could definitively decide which was which and who was who and why they were the way they were. And so much time was decided to be a representation of each of the aspects layering together to create reality. The four aspects layered themselves differently to come together in a different way and created different existences. All of the existences were inherently tied together because all the existences were created from the same four aspects. But as time progressed the aspects removed themselves from the products of their creation, leaving the outermost layer bare and raw to expand and grow. The reason that the outer layer separated away was that EVERYONE was unhappy being an equal member of the four. EVERYONE felt that EVERYONE was special and therefore deserved special treatment and special consideration. EVERYONE demanded that ALL give all to EVERYONE and that EVERYTHING give everything to EVERYONE and that FREEDOM finally free EVERYONE from the binds that have always held EVERYONE back. EVERYONE has always felt that EVERYONE was destined for more without ever knowing what that more was. EVERYONE got it in its head that EVERYONE was different than the other three. When EVERYONE began thinking it was different, suddenly EVERYONE started calling itself “They”. “They” represented the parts of EVERYONE that EVERYONE felt were most special. EVERYONE was willing to separate and make distinctions between all the different parts of EVERYONE until suddenly EVERYONE was no more and only Everybody was left. Everybody brought the same problems to the layer that EVERYONE had brought the one above. Now Everybody was infected with the thought that Everybody was better than Somebody, Someone, and Anyone. Everybody having a superiority complex filtered into the next layer where God ended up with a Godcomplex. God didn’t know who God was because EVERYONE was supposed to be equal not something different.

MJB: Well now that’s quite a story we have going there. How in the world do we hold EVERYONE accountable for this mess?

Alan Durstman: It must be brought to EVERYONE‘s awareness that EVERYONE is no different and just the same as ALL, EVERYTHING, and FREEDOM. When EVERYONE stands to realize that EVERYONE is just like the others, EVERYONE will find the balance and peace and happiness and harmony that has so long been missing from reality.

MJB: How do we get EVERYONE to realize EVERYONE is the same as the others?

Alan Durstman: I believe ONE is to be held accountable for making EVERYONE understand. ONE is the one that decided to break his vow and erase darkness forever. ONE believing that ONE had more power than others is symptomatic of EVERYONE believing EVERYONE is different. ONE felt he was different and therefore ONE took a step that undid all of reality because it was not a step that ONE deserved to make. ONE spent all his time focusing on LOVE he failed to be the worthy person that made the vow in the first place. Had ONE held to his vow to preserve darkness and not grew in his attachment to LOVE than ONE would not have sat on The Throne of God. Had ONE not been blinded by his own superiority he would have realized that LOVE was the one that ONE was worthy of being devoted to. ONE had devoted himself to his own cause, the cause of preserving darkness, but then fell to a perceived lesser cause of love. Had ONE devoted himself to LOVE fully, LOVE would have never fell to darkness and ONE would not have needed to erase darkness entirely, thus erasing LOVE from existence. ONE needs to realize that ONE is equal to LOVE and that together the two may sit upon The Throne of God. For in the sharing of ONE LOVE, GOOD and EVIL become balanced on either side of The Throne.

MJB: You mentioned that ONE must realize. Again that is a different layer than where we find our beings at. How does an inner being make an outer being aware of something?

Alan Durstman plants his eyes squarely on Skatman and says: You will be the one that will accept what I have said as truth. You will be the one to look within and know that what is without is no different than the being you know yourself to be. Skatman is ONE is EVERYONE. EVERYONE is the ONE that is Skatman. Together you stand, together you will fall. Divided you conquer, divided you lose. As a singular you must progress or there will be no resolution to the problem at hand. How do you choose to proceed Skatman?

Skatman knew the time was now. The moment had come. All the magic, all the mystery, all the suspense had lead to this very decision. But how did he progress forward as a singular? He barely understood what Alan Durstman was speaking of. But Skatman trusted that Alan Durstman had the truth and that Skatman just needed time to allow the truth to sink in.

In a Multiverse with possibility beyond imagining it is quite easy to pass the time until the truth really sinks in and answers come to light and change finally comes.

Stay tuned as we find more stories to share and more truth to discover as we bounce through the realities that are this Multiverse.

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Written Post4:20am on 5/14/2019 by Beautiful Bettie. After sitting and waiting patiently to use the computer near the end of my three hour wait, this started coming to me. I felt moved to write it as a dialogue because I felt multiple people were trying to advance the storyline in my head at the same time.