Where’s Alice? Characters

Updated through the post The Nonsense of Before

Alice of Alice in Wonderland

What’s known: Alice is a real person in the real world. She stepped through the Looking Glass. She is the first of the Mirror Walkers. Alice travels through mirrors to different worlds. She starts solving problems in different worlds. She is the reason the Mirror Walker Movement gets started.

Mirror Walkers

What’s known: The Mirror Walkers are a group of people who use magical means to travel between worlds. They have taken it upon themselves to solve the problems existing within each world.

Princess Mary Jane Blossom

What’s known: Princess Mary Jane Blossom is responsible for the retelling of Alice’s tale.


What’s known: He stands as the most impressive person you’ll ever meet. His appearance changes based upon who you are. He wears the Crown of Reality, around his head exists reality, maintained by his thoughts and focus on existence. We (the readers) are reflections of His Will and Imagination. He hides himself as a human. He only appears to those who wish to know Him. His appearance changes a person completely. He is seeking close connection and true commitment. He will give what is shared with Him.

Beautiful Bettie/Ogre

What’s known: Beautiful Bettie is the typist of the Where’s Alice series of words. Beautiful Bettie is revealed to be the same being as Ogre. Ogre was sad she couldn’t be with her true love Elf. Ogre wished to be the same as Elf because she was harsh though fragile and sensitive in nature. Ogre leaped through the ripple in the mirror she held that connected her to Elf. Ogre is willing to hide things to do what she wants. Ogre can be irrational and prone to act without thinking. After stepping through the mirror, Ogre changed into Beautiful Bettie and is revealed to have lost her mind. Beautiful Bettie acts violently when she gets a demonic gleam in her eye. Something reaches through Beautiful Bettie and uses her on its behalf. After screaming through the window about the Nothing, Beautiful Bettie is committed to a psych ward, separated from Elf. It is revealed that Ogre is of a long line of primal force controllers that were always battling The Nothing. Ogre was special among special. She had been locked away in a realm and her way of being pacified The Nothing into inaction. She was true Ogre with an Elf soul inside her. She is gentle and soft and so full of love it hurts to be her. Her presence is able to change you. Ogre exists in a love triangle between Elf and The Nothing.


What’s known: The Elf is the love interest of Ogre. Elf comes from a land different from the land Ogre is from. Elf carried a magical mirror connected to a mirror Ogre held in her own land. Elf changed after Ogre leaped through her mirror into his world. The Elf the world knew existed was still in his mind though he was now aware of the new world he existed in with Ogre. Elf went to jail because Ogre/Beautiful Bettie was screaming about The Nothing and when the The Protectors of the Law came, they used an old wound to say Elf hurt Beautiful Bettie. Elf knows very little about The Nothing and almost believes it to be a product of Beautiful Bettie’s overactive imagination.

The Nothing/The Dark One

What’s known: The Nothing is introduced as having come to the shared world of Elf and Ogre at the same time as the end. The Nothing is revealed to seek submission. The Nothing leaves nothingness in its wake. The Nothing agrees that Ogre is something special. The Nothing used to be determined to bring about the destruction of all until pacified by Ogre’s existence. Peace was possible because The Nothing loved Ogre. The Nothing knows all about Elf and hates him completely. The Nothing withholds his rage from Elf because of the love Ogre holds for Elf. The Nothing does not wish to hurt Ogre. The Nothing treasure Ogre more than it desired destruction. The Nothing changes into the Dark One after Ogre jumps through her mirror. The Dark One desires Ogre or it will unleash the nothingness of its being. In “The Nonsense of Before” it is revealed that The Nothing exists with Everything and Anything as an equal ruler. The Nothing was fearful of the magic and creation that Everything was toying with. The Nothing is the result of previous magic and creation. The Nothing asked Anything for help. The Nothing knew Anything wished to escape Everything and The Nothing. The Nothing allowed Anything to escape to its realm without telling Anything about where it was going. The Nothing was only interested in the safety of all. The Nothing enabled the creation of Something by watching. The Nothing stood still as Something came into existence.

Protectors of the Law

What’s known:  Protectors of the Law are called when there is a problem. Protectors of the Law do not investigate problems or resolve issues, they only care about arresting people to boost the inmate population. The goal of Protectors of the Law is to make money off the backs of their duty to “protect the people”. Protectors of the Law do not protect the people but only other Protectors of the Law. Protectors of the Law do not respect personal rights or freedoms granted by the law.


What’s known: Exists as an equal ruler with The Nothing and Anything. Exists in opposition to The Nothing and is fearful of The Nothing. Everything thought The Nothing desired to change Everything into something different. Everything started toying with magic and creation in the hopes of finding its true form. Everything only thought about one thing and didn’t realize Anything was avoiding it. Everything forgot Anything existed. Everything created Something while attempting to keep every something away from The Nothing using magic and creation. Everything tore itself apart to create Something. Everything stood still as Something came into existence.


What’s known: Exists as an equal ruler with The Nothing and Everything. Anything didn’t care about anything. Anything was busy doing anything it could to get away from Everything. Anything would attempt to escape by disappearing. Disappearing caused Anything to appear in the realm of The Nothing. Anything did not know where it appeared, only that it had escaped Everything. Anything stood still as Something came into existence.


What’s known: Something was needed and was special. Everything made Something while attempting to keep all the somethings that were special away from The Nothing. Something was made of Everything, Anything, and The Nothing. Something was tortured and did not know how to be. Something was lost in a chaos and destruction of its own making. Something does not have a mind of its own.