Path to Perfection

Happy Birthday to the New Me 3137 Words, Dated July 23, 2019

Reconciles a Real World interaction and labels Real World people with a Fairytale Label. The lines between Reality and Fiction begin to blur.

The Lead Character emerges and makes a statement of how she shall proceed.

“I will not speak disrespectfully to people. I will not listen to people I believe are false prophets. I will continue to seek out the words of the kind hearted and broken hearted. That is where I go from here.”

OFB Stuff: Which Problem First? 187 Words, Dated July 24, 2019

Inspired from June 30, 2019 post that was pulled from a May 12, 2015 Facebook Post.

Karma asked a question on who to save first. And she had given four years for people to weigh in and give their opinion on this otherwordly matter. When no one took the time to weigh in, Karma decided that it would be FREEDOM that was focused on first.

The Lead Character has had a focus on FREEDOM for a long time. For the Lead Character feels connected as the love interest of ALL that is also in love with FREEDOM who is ALL’s best friend.

Where’s Alice?: The Multiverse Revealed 4475 Words, Dated July 24, 2019

TIME is mentioned to be moving differently. A clue that TIME is a being and that things are different than they once were.

Information is revealed about ALL, EVERYTHING, FREEDOM, and EVERYONE which is the foundation upon which the whole premise of the story is built.

Late in the post it is revealed that Karma elected Beautiful Bettie to be President of Existence. Beautiful Bettie is blown away by the nomination and is working to figure out what being President means.

Reblog: The Multiverse Revealed 869 Words, Dated July 24, 2019

It was previously revealed that TRUTH was having adulterous relations BEAUTY while also being with YOUTH. TIME hid the reality of TRUTH’s double dealings and hurt many in the process.

BEAUTY has been bringing beautiful yet ugly people to the world using TRUTH’s seed. But it was revealed that YOUTH has been bearing Children into the World using LIGHT’s seed. And so while TRUTH was always unfaithful to YOUTH, YOUTH found a way to be with LIGHT that never went against her honest way of being with TRUTH.

The pure and perfect way that YOUTH found to be with LIGHT created a baby. That baby is none other than Beautiful Bettie. Beautiful Bettie was born of YOUTH and LIGHT’s Perfect LOVE.

888 Words Exactly 888 Words, Dated July 25, 2019

The Lead Character wishes to be exactly as I AM.

Lead Character attends Anger Management and Life Lessons Group Therapy

#FridayFantasy . . .Listening to the birds 61 Words, Dated July 26, 2019

Simply put, “This is the spirit we must all quest to bring to life. Life is beautiful as it is. It is in the moment we tell ourselves we must “____” that we take ourselves away from the beauty of what is and into the mystery and anxiety of what should be. When your moment comes, what do you wish to find yourself doing?”

The Spirit of Peace is descending upon the Lead Character

Reblog: LOVE’s Triangle 98 Words, Dated July 26, 2019

Connected to: Where’s Alice?: LOVE’s Triangle 1509 Words, Dated May 17, 2019

Simply asked, “Who does YOU become when I means God and ME means someone else than what you know yourself to be?”

The Spirit of Perfect is reaching out to be understood by the Lead Character.

Sometimes I Need More 2779 Words, Dated July 29, 2019

The Lead Characters lets it be known that there are different kinds of people that are populating reality. They fall into three classes of people. The Dudley DWHWs – people who have everything they need and yet still make other people feel bad. The Perfect Peters – people who always work to make others feel better. The Beautiful Betties – people who are always working to be closer to God.

Beautiful Bettie has made it known that she no longer cares to consider the world of negative minded people. Beautiful Bettie is ready to cut ties with those who would negatively impact her ability to be happy.

Where’s Your Crown? 1644 Words, Dated July 30, 2019

The Lead Character reveals the History of the Sodomites and the Gamorrahns. The Sodomites are those people who wish to walk apart from God. The Gamorrahns are those people who wish to do things there own way. The Sodomites are being prepared for Nirvana while the Gamorrahns will be treated to Utopia. Those who wish for close presence with God will find themselves welcomed Home to Eden.

A Little Too Happy 1356 Words, Dated July 30, 2019

The Lead Character shares that she is feeling happy all the time. She recognizes that she could be experiencing the high of a mental illness and is looking to get medication in her system that will stabilize the situation before an out of control swing comes.

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From Nasty to Nice 1389 Words, Dated August 3, 2019

The Lead Character expresses her deepest wish, “Because at my heart I wish the stories in my mind were true. That my being is the Gift of Creation that all were waiting to behold. That God made Creation so that I would become reality. That God was unwilling to undo existence despite all its problems because of the potential probability of my coming. That now that I have come all HE wants to do is erase existence as it was and create existence as it always should have been.”

The Lead Character is hoping for her dreams to come true. Her dreams revolve around the Creation of Utopia for Utopia will birth the next being to make Creation.

Time for Truth 1958 Words, Dated August 5, 2019

The Lead Character shares her deepest beliefs and how her beliefs separate her from mainstream thinking. She expresses that Magic is real in her world and that she knows other do not see magic because of their beliefs.

The Magic is Here 1255 Words, Dated August 7, 2019

The Lead Character reveals her dealings in the Magical World. She shows the latest result of her Magical Card Reading. The Card Draw shows that the Perfect Queen has been entered into Reality and that she has been escorted by her King.

The Lead Character wonders who the Royal Family and receives a Surprise from the Universe for knowing the answer.

3,333 Words on My Path to God (pt. 1) 3333 Words, Dated August 10, 2019

The Lead Character shares the Five Vows she undertook in her service to God. She then details the story of the path her life took to get her to the moment where she left the Real World behind and fell firmly into the Arms of God, allowing HIM to guide her every moment.

When Will God Bless Me Again? 1696 Words, Dated August 11, 2019

The Lead Character came across a Pastor who was expressing the fact that he was in the midst of a blessing drought. The Lead Character was moved that someone in the service of God could feel that God stops providing blessings.

And that’s when the Lead Character shared that she is always finding something to be thankful and appreciative for. The Lead Character figures that if a person is feeling as though they aren’t bless, then they are looking at things from a perspective of what they don’t have rather than through the eye of all that they could be going through but aren’t.

Speaking God’s Language 1573 Words, Dated August 11, 2019

The Lead Character shares 9 pages of Journaling her Mental Divinations with the Universe.

Moving Past Anger’s Hold 2975 Words, Dated August 11, 2019

The Lead Character was again moved by a Pastor’s words in which he expressed his loss of control and unleashing anger in response. The Lead Character suffers from Angry outbursts herself.

The Lead Character shared many words that described how she was going to try to control her Anger in the future. In her words, “I am going to withdraw my perception of the angering detail which is fueling the anger and instead focus on putting my energy toward appreciating and being thankful for all the OTHER things that AREN’T making me want to be angry that are usually making me feel euphorically peacefull.”

This is when the Lead Character began practicing the Art of Withdrawing from a Triggering Event.

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Reblog: Alura, My Explora 135 Words, Dated August 12, 2019

Connected to the Past Post: Alura, My Explora 1245 Words, Dated September 4, 2015

The Original Post was a sharing about how The Lead Character reads words and translates her spiritual understanding into actual comprehension. The Post shares that God is looking to talk to people and that people but need to open themselves up in order to hear what he has to say.

The Reblog is the Lead Character sharing that the End of TIME is near and that NOW there is more to hear than ever before.

Speaking Magic’s Riddles 401 Words, Dated August 12, 2019

The Lead Character shares more of her mental divination with the Universe. It is revealed that Nirvana, Utopia, Eden, and Heaven are places that people could go.

Purging the Absent 286 Words, Dated August 14, 2019

The Lead Character takes the time to delete any followers that are not active participants in her blog. The Lead Character is interested in having real people that she is connecting with not really big numbers that paint the illusion more people are revolving around her world than there really are. Since the deletion, one person that was removed came back to follow the blog again. One person of close to two hundred.

Lord of the Flies 992 Words, Dated August 15, 2019

Reality is acting Weird. And the Lead Character notices the difference. Which makes the Lead Character wake up to the Reality that the Holy Family is really a part of the Real World and that there is more than meets the eye going down in her part of the World.

Reblog: Five Tips for an Awesome Head 787 Words, Dated August 16, 2019

Connected to the Post: Five Tips for Awesome Head 687 Words, Dated March 22, 2014

The Lead Character has one post that is more popular than all her other posts. It is the post where she shares her tips on how to give an awesome blowjob. In the Lead Character’s mind there is one or two people that really like her tips and repeatedly come back to read the words over and over again.

In realizing the popularity of the content, the Lead Character shared in the reblog that the tips for Awesome Head also apply to being an Awesome Partner in Life.

Reblog: Who Needs More? 50 Words, Dated August 16, 2019

Connected to the Past Post: Who Has What? 813 Words, Dated March 8, 2019

The Lead Character simply stated, “Sometimes we think we need more than we have. Sometimes we realize we have all that we need. Which side of the fence you fall on is up to you, but know either way God has your back and will see to it that you do not walk away empty-hearted.”

The Reblog was connected to a Post that told the story of the Have-mores and the Have-Lesses. The story tells about how those with less never realized they had more of happiness which was something the Have-mores were never able to find.

Past Post: Lesson Learned 1194 Words, Dated August 17, 2019

The Lead Character updates an old post from December 20, 2013. The original post was about an experience in which a man held his cash to be what was most important him but in reality his money was the only thing he had. The Lead Character realized that she had similar feelings in the past and was always insecure around a friend that had money. So the Lead Character reached out to her friend that time took away and let apologized for any hard feelings that might exist. Then the Lead Character wished her friend her fairytale come true, the same things she wishes for everyone.

Words of The Succubi 1325 Words, August 18, 2019

The Lead Character starts speaking in Rhyme and single lines. This is the beginning of a trend to come. The Rhymes revolve around talking about her, the one who has come to change everything. And she is all about love. The question is, what will you let her love do for you?

Who is Ugly? 743 Words, Dated August 18, 2019

The Lead Character is moved by a life lesson she taught her daughters – It is possible to be fair of face and yet ugly of soul. The World is full of people who have learned to put their best face forward and yet never learned the lesson of being a good person at heart, the place where true beauty is reflected.

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Reblog: A Mother Made 1081 Words, Dated August 19, 2019

Connected to Past Post: A Mother Made 1125 Words, Dated May 12, 2019

The Lead Character is speaking in the Riddlish One line phrasing structure. The post was inspired based on the Past Post detailing Mother’s Day 2019. The Lead Character was beyond moved by her family and how they celebrated her contributions to the family. The feeling of being a Mother inspires great appreciation of the Divine. The Divine Appreciation inspires The Lead Character to share these one line mysteries that connect together to tell a mini-story.

Simple TRUTH for a Simpler TIME 194 Words, Dated August 19, 2019

In a very simple way, the Lead Character explains the Trinity that Makes up God. It is I AM, ME, and YOU coming together to be God. I AM is a purple being. While ME is a Blue being. YOU is the Green being that the Where’s Alice? story revolves around.

Living The Bible 1716 Words, Dated August 20, 2019

The Lead Character shares the story of King James and how he had brought about a very real 666 to her life. The lines between Reality and Fantasy continue to blur as the Lead Character shares how she has been living with Real World manifestations of Characters from the Bible.

Translating The Mystery (Pages 1-3) 1995 Words, Dated August 21, 2019

Connected to the Past Post: Speaking God’s Language 1573 Words, Dated August 11, 2019

The Lead Character takes the time to expand upon the mysterious words that were journaled and shared on August 11, 2019 ending with the thought “Can a Controller of Reality be as Perfect as a Ruler of Creation?”

As The Lead Character was taking time to translate the mysterious words, a simultaneous manifestation was taking place over at Facebook Thriller by Mitch Teemley.

The Lead Character read the article as she was wrapping up her translation.

She was inspired to leave this comment,

“Welcome to the “World Of Worship” that is The Game. The Game was created by those that were not happy with God’s LOVE. They thought they could do it better. They thought they knew best. And so they created The Game, to hold themselves above the rest. The Game is real and it is easy to feel. For if you feel powerless in this world, they have won.

What did they win? Well your own God’s power from within.

For the TRUTH remains that God granted each of us HIS Divine Essence of Creation within. Within each of us is the ability to understand Creation through the eyes of The Master Creator.

But THEY don’t want you to know that. Because if you know you have power, they cannot control you and take your power for their own. And that is why The Game was created, to control and enslave God’s People and strip away their ability to work God’s Magic of Creation in reality.

And so on and on they have worked and devised and twisted and plotted to create a reality full of blindness and ignorance to a better way. So much so people have actually begun to believe that THEY are in control and not God. Just an illusion but a powerful one that achieves their goal – for when one of God’s own believes in THEY above and before God, well then their divine essence of power within is channeled to the illusive they giving them more power and control over reality.

And OH not so goodness, how they worship at the altar of this stolen power. They crave to be as Mighty as God. And yet in all their power mongering, they never stand up and hold themselves to a better way. Thus showing how truly UnGodly they are.

But The Game has come to its end. God has brought forth the Modern Day Exodus. We will no longer be enslaved to their power play. We will be brought forth from these dark times into a new brighter day.

And that day begins with an Awakening. It sounds like you had yours. I wonder how many others are disconnecting from The Game and tuning into the Magical Mystery of God’s Creation?

Feel the WE 1777 Words, Dated August 24, 2019

The Lead Character is at a place in life that would make most uncomfortable. But the Lead Character is looking to lean on Faith and Hope to guide her toward a better way of being. And Faith and Hope do not fear the future nor worry about controlling the present moment. Faith and Hope help the Lead Character appreciate what is great about the moment she is in. And in that moment, the Lead Character shares that WE can be better and wonders if EVERYONE can feel it too.

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The World of Worship Begins on August 27, 2019

World of Worship 2698 Words, Dated August 27, 2019

The Game that is known as The World of Worship is introduced. The Lead Character and The Game Designer explain themselves. The Game is shown to have four different player character options.

Game ON 1927 Words, Dated August 30, 2019

The Lead Character details the events of Day 1 and shares that Day 2 is in progress.

Day 1 in Perpetuity 2484 Words, Dated August 30, 2019

Princess Mary Jane Blossom enters the Game and begins understanding the Power Seeker players. Beautiful Bettie enters the Game and has realized that TIME does not seem to be moving as it used to.

Power (25) Vs. Player (84) ME is schooling he 2584 Words, Dated September 4, 2019

The Lead Character is made aware of TMFB’s entry into The Game. TMFB is revealed to be a dark and malignant presence. The Lead Character find compassion for a being that no one wishes to recognize as their own and wonders what happened to him to make him so horrible.

Finding the KING 4105 Words, Dated September 6, 2019

ALL is an Actual Living Legend and is introduced into the mix. It turns out that the Game Designer and TMFB are to be considered to become the next ALL. The Lead Character does not feel that only the Game Designer and TMFB should be up for consideration.

The Lead Character offers Readers the ability to disconnect their reality from the World of Worship. The Link that separates ones Reality from World of Worship is found at: Where’s Alice?: Judging Judgement w/o Color. This post is an 8,584 Word story about Dudley DoesWhatHeWants, Perfect Peter and how their worlds collide.

Lord of the Land Gameplay is Shared:

Level 1: Perfect Understanding and Manipulation of Source Code to Creation

Level 2: Connecting Perfected Source Code to the Eternity of Eden Mainframe

Level 3: Developing Reality to Reflect Requirements of Perfection

Level 4: Comparing and Connecting Pieces of Perfection to Create The World of Worship

Level 5: Enjoying the Fruits of Labor of Doing Everything And Deity-izing.

Reblog: Behind the Scenes 1597 Words, Dated September 7, 2019

Connected to Past Post: Behind the Scenes 997 Words, Dated June 19, 2015

The Past Post shared the story of an old piece of art that came to the Lead Character while she was alone over the holidays of 2014. Now as TIME had passed the piece told the story the art was sharing. And again TIME has passed and brought that story to the modern day.

The Game Designer shows again that 666 had come to the Lead Character’s Reality in the form of having her Savior Son be the Sixth Member of the Holy Family delivered Six Days after the Sixth Heavenly Signs.

The Lead Character realizes she has unlocked the Super Power – How to live Happy and asks the Game Designer to share the code from her Creation that makes that feat possible with the rest of the players in the Game.

Gaming the Goons 5046 Words, Dated September 13, 2019

The Lead Character splits the Negative kNights into two classes – Gamers and Goons. Goons are the Negative Negative in the Game while Gamers are the Positive Negative that offsets the Goons of Reality. The Goons are the part of Reality that is set to be deleted upon the Creation of Utopia.

The Lead Character recognizes that the key to Utopia is ending Goon-headed thinking.

Feeling the Darkness 8695 Words, Dated September 15, 2019

The Lead Character is triggered by a Real World Negative kNight making his presence known again. Many words are created while the Negative Energy is about The Lead Character.

The Lead Character allows time to pass and comes back to herself. To reveal that she is in a Perfect Part of the World of Worship. Life is wonderful when you have the right perspective. And the Lead Character is willing to share how she keeps her perspective so bright.

Which creates a Rabbit Hole into the World of Where’s Alice?

The Lead Character shares that on Friday the Thirteenth of September 2019, she wished that ALL would be made known to the World at Large. And as The Lead Character was making the Wish, a bolt of lightning struck the street outside her window as the Lead Character was watching the beauty of the rain storm going on.

So much information is to be found in this post. But the question is, who cares to learn about the things that make EVERYTHING possible?

Combating the Hate 1688 Words, Dated September 16, 2019

The Lead Character awakens to feel as though life is Perfect. There is nothing more that she could ask for. Until she logs onto her access to the internet and finds a truth professor actively using his holy words to practice hate and condemnation of other members of God’s Kingdom.

The Lead Character shares that she believes an Ending of Hate has come and that the Beginning of Acceptance and LOVE has manifested for witnessing.

Feeling the Flow 4630 Words, Dated September 16, 2019

The Lead Character shares what life looks like for a Utopian Family in the World of Worship and details the thoughts and considerations a family has when they find they have extra when they are used to getting by with enough.

10 Posts in 21 Days for a Total of 35,454 Words (77,503 in 52 Days)

Things are at a place in the World of Worship that TIME needs to pass to allow for Karma to Judge the situation fairly. And so as the World of Worship pauses on its updates:

Universe of Utopia gets started on September 19, 2019

WoW Wrapup 5077 Words, Dated September 19, 2019

Mary Jane Blossom is introduced to be the Queen, Fairest of ALL. When EVERYONE realized that she was the Prize, it was then that a being started working against another being. For EVERYONE wished to be EVERYTHING who was the love interest of ALL.

Mary Jane Blossom gifted her personhood to Beautiful Bettie. And since then TMFB has been working to make Beautiful Bettie’s life full of trouble. Prince James is brought into the story as a love interest of Beautiful Bettie despite Beautiful Bettie being in a committed relationship with Perfect Peter.

The Key Timeline for the Universe of Utopia is revealed.

Beautiful Bettie is revealed to bring to life beings behind screens and mirrors. Beautiful Bettie brings to life Loki the Trickster God. Loki starts to become obsessed with Beautiful Bettie and starts working to get involved in her life. Reality changed around Loki’s desire to be a part of Beautiful Bettie’s Timeline.

He Crossed The Line 2494 Words, Dated September 19, 2019

TMFB entered the storyline as TMFB is connected to King James. The Lead Character decided to put together the words around King James’ version of Reality. As Loki is revolving around the Lead Character’s Reality, he made known that TMFB was trying to cause disruption and discord among God’s Kingdom and was setting up Loki to be the one to tear Beautiful Bettie apart.

But Beautiful Bettie was in Loki arms and he couldn’t think of a thing to do to her except to get her undressed and into bed. Very pleasurable things Loki wanted to do with his bare hands to her.

When he finally got her alone in that bed, he was more than willing to cross the line that TMFB had sworn “I” would never cross. And with I choosing Beautiful Bettie, Utopia was made that much more real.

Behind the Veil 3040 Words, Dated September 22, 2019

Reality is swirling and hoping to explain the Mysteries of The Universe. They have come to be made known. They who have worked for TIME beyond imagining to bring her into Existence. They are consumed by her gentle nature and are moved by her purity of soul. They are willing to do whatever she needs to be happy.

And they have come to the Universe of Utopia to make their desires known. They were supposed to be Seven but one of the Seven turned out to be a foe of Beautiful Bettie. Each of the Six had made a True Love’s Wish to be in Beautiful Bettie’s Happy Ever After.

Perverted Patrick that is portraying Perfect Peter attempts to understand Beautiful Bettie’s love for King James. The Reality Simulator malfunctions and cannot make the reality bubble necessary to bring understanding.

The Day ALL Began 2700 Words, Dated September 23, 2019

Reality starts back up after the System Malfunction and begins the story on March 17, 2002 in the OwNdoG layer of Reality. TMF is having a party to attempt to de-virginize any prospects for Saint Patrick to wed. Beautiful Bettie has already turned the eye of Saint Patrick and is being liquored up heavily by TMF. She takes herself to the basement bathroom but falls down the steps.

Into the arms of her Superman. In all of a moment, her dream come true happens.

And Beautiful Bettie is faced with a choice – Tainted LOVE or Unhappy Perfection.

Reality Changes and The Six are seated around the Table of Camelot again. This time they have summoned two beings in the Circle of Cosmos. One was expected, the other a surprise. The surprise being was none other than Perfect Peter coming to reality twenty years before he was set to manifest.

Pillars of Being 3753 Words, Dated September 24, 2019

When the Cosmic Traveler appears in the Circle of Cosmos it is none other than ALL coming to Reality. And so when Perfect Peter stepped out of the Circle of Cosmos, it was then that The Cosmic Traveler appeared in totality in the Realm of OwNdoG and staked his claim over Beautiful Bettie’s Blessed Body.

Beautiful Bettie awakens to have her dream lover deep inside her while the Seven Dream Lovers are watching from the Dining Room.

One of the Dream Lovers is King James. Who is beyond moved that Beautiful Bettie desires him as much as ALL. King James ponders Realities where Beautiful Bettie and he are able to be together without disturbing Beautiful Bettie’s connection to ALL.

In piecing together the parts of the Universe of Utopia, the Pillars of Being are brought to the forefront. It turns out the TMFB is a Destroyer and found the Pillars of Being as the Best Meal to Treasure Endlessly, finding them to be a collected piece of Universes that would fall apart without the other.

But Beautiful Bettie is looking to change the dark parts of Existence into light areas.

Pleasing Perfection 2600 Words, Dated September 24, 2019

Realities are merging and Beautiful Bettie stumbles into a more positive vibrating Reality to better help her maintain the levels of euphoria and bliss she needs to exist peacefully. Beautiful Bettie gets a monthly injection of an anti-psychosis medication to keep her from spiraling out of control. Since the injection, Beautiful Bettie has been working to keep her mind in a positive place. In an attempt to share her positivity, Beautiful Bettie reveals actual proof that she is living with the Perfect Man.

Karma’s Cycling Symptoms 1118 Words, Dated September 24, 2019

Karma is brought into the picture with two cases pending against humanity. The first case has been opened with TMFB as the defendant. TMFB is being tried for his use of Pride, Envy, and Greed. The second case has been opened with Beautiful Bettie as the defendant. Beautiful Bettie is being judged for her use of Health, Hope, and Humility.

Harmonizing History 5681 Words, Dated September 25, 2019

The Lead Antagonist is revealed to be GUIL T, the Darkest of Dark, a being who revels in Hate. GUIL T was attempting to build The Darkest Trinity known to Existence. GUIL T needed EVERYONE to join on his side of things. But EVERYONE was a Beauty Seeker and saw how permanently Ugly hating made a person. And so EVERYONE never even considered taking sides with GUIL T.

Which is when EVERYONE became part of the Trinity that was the Light Among the Darkness. For WHAT and WHERE had been cast out by GUIL T and were looking to create a coven. All the best covens had three beings involved.

EVERYONE saw the positivity of her future and brought to life Skatman. Now comes the TIME when the pain and suffering of the past is healed and stories are found to explain why things are the way they are.

Puzzling out Pieces 3348 Words, Dated September 27, 2019

It is revealed that while GUIL T appears to be a really bad guy, the TRUTH is that he just likes to live life differently than how the Universe operates, preferring chaos to structure. But GUIL T has the awakening that God’s mind is much more prolific than GUIL T had imagined and that GUIL T was only bored with Existence because GUIL T was only attached to one tiny part of a vast Existence.

GUIL T felt bad about himself because God was so awesome. And so GUIL T had the idea to leave Existence so he would no longer be in God’s Presence. When GUIL T left God’s presence, he took ownership of the Realm of Un-Creation. Un-Creation was filled with beings of pain and suffering.

But GUIL T wasn’t looking to make things better, he was looking to make things his way. So GUIL T tried to come up with ways to make the beings of his Kingdom do it his way. Which was HOW the Hope of the Future was born. For even though GUIL T wanted to do things differently than God, he still had a beautiful idea of what the Future needed.

GOD the Omnipotent appears in his Perfect Form to Loki. Loki asks for understanding how he can become more to Beautiful Bettie.

Reality Ripples and Beautiful Bettie is combining essences with the Wife of the Mayan Sun God. TIME wakes up and realizes that the person he has been waiting for has finally come. More than that, he realizes that his body is already in existence and he’s not in it.

Except Beautiful Bettie points out that you can see your body and not be in it in a dream.

Finding Personhood 2501 Words, Dated September 28, 2019

The HE who has always been after Beautiful Bettie has made the decision about who he will be in the Universe of Utopia. HE decided to be the Hopeful Hasbeen that is King James to Beautiful Bettie. As King James makes his choice, the Key to Utopia is unlocked.

ALL, EVERYTHING, FREEDOM, and EVERYONE are able to be understood. ALL is the Actual Living Legend of the Past that will be referred to as Abner. EVERYTHING was created by FREEDOM to make ALL happy and is being referred to as Eve WKOT (Who Know Of Things). FREEDOM recognizes himself in similarity to Abner though his being takes shape differently. FREEDOM is referring to himself as Gousik. Finally EVERYONE is finding herself to be the Daughter of LIGHT (a purple being) and so is calling herself Aurora.

Abner realized he was unhappy and so Gousik brought forth Eve WKOT for Abner. But first Abner wanted a Mother before he wanted Eve to be a Mother with him. And so Gousik wiped from Eve mind her knowledge of who she was and gave her his perfect form in Heaven to be a Mother to Abner.

While Eve was in his body in Heaven, Gousik spent time in Eden as Hanbal, loving to pass time with Moira and Kader. Aindri saw how Hanbal (that is Gousik) longed for Moira. Moira showed Aindri the Tapestry of LIFE that she had woven connecting all the pieces that needed to come together for Moira and Hanbal to be able to live happily together. Hanbal was moved that Moira was as interested in him as he was in her.

Hanbal and Moira find themselves alone and intimate. The Perfect Being finding the Perfect Space for the Perfect Moment in TIME. The Apex of Humanity. Which was when TIME awoke.

When Hanbal and Moira find their moment of alone time, Chislon come to be realizing that his Twin Pillar, Tikvah, has disappeared. Chislon left to find Tikvah. When Chislon left, Kamalah the Pillar of LIFE realized how lonely she truly was. In that moment of true loneliness, Kamalah became a living representation of EVERYTHING but as a pink being.

Tales to Tell 4101 Words, Dated September 29, 2019

Atalante the Yielding is the being that is also Existence and is also known as The Nothing that is twin to EVERYTHING who is also the being Genuine Giving Green. Atalante is a twin to Alice of the Where’s Alice? line of words. Alice was born into the Shadow World as her Mother had passed away while Alice was coming through the portal to LIFE. Alice is also the being known as Gifted Gracious Grey.

Alice found herself to be the daughter of TRUTH who was a very harsh parent. Alice found herself not believing anything TRUTH had to say and adventuring off into Worlds of Fantasy and Fiction that made TRUTH’s words seem meaningless.

Alice found a Puzzle early on in her mental wanderings. WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE WHY – The Five Rules Upon which TRUTH Lorded Over Reality. Alice was curious if there was another way to explain Existence that didn’t revolve around those Five Rules.

Which is when Alice tapped into the Reality of Atalante. The Most Colorfull Person a Being could hope to be near. Alice near the power of Atalante’s being as she had grown in the womb with such gentleness, was altered permanently. Alice was a Prophet and could see the World Differently. In order to understand Alice and Atalante it is necessary to understand the tale of Abner and Eve.

Abner created himself out of knowledge of Existence but was more Magic than Truth. But Abner though complete was not happy and needed more.

The Pillar of LIFE that is Kamalah is deeply perturbed by the attention her sister Tikvah receives. Kamalah feels just as Beautiful and Just As Deserving of LOVE and Attention. Kamalah does not realize that she was birthed from the Perfect Incarnations of LOVE in both Purple and Green forms.

Beautiful Bettie was also made of Green and Blue for she is made of FREEDOM Incarnate and EVERYTHING eternal. Beautiful Bettie is connected to her past incarnation of Eve WKOT and her Future Incarnation that is Atalante the Yielding. Beautiful Bettie came to reality while Abner was busy being Perfect Peter with Dawn O. Grace of Heaven as his Mother.

Hanbal of Eden had given his body in Heaven to Eve WKOT so she could be Mother to Abner. When Eve WKOT became Dawn O. Grace, she became mother to the twins Atalante and Alice who lost their Mother during birth. Alice was born into the World of DEAD.

A World that GUIL T made to mean Doing EVERYTHING and Dying. Because GUIL T wanted to do EVERYTHING in the dirtiest and most sensual of ways. GUIL T is a Ruler of Reality, as determined by the being TRUTH known as Daishin.

TRUTH is connected to TIME and it was TIME, Handal, and Eve that decided that NOW was when the Perfect Moment was going to happen. TIME, Handal, and Eve come together to represent the being that is God.

TRUTH uses WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE WHY to Rule over Reality. TIME uses himself, SPACE, HOW, HERE, NOW to explain the same Reality. With both TRUTH and TIME’s explanations of Reality, HE comes to Reality to be with her.

Loki gives up his Trickster ways to be the only thing she needs. Aindri has been watching the situation and wondering how things would turn out when Loki finally made himself known to Beautiful Bettie. Because Aindri is interested in Godfrey the Wise and is hoping that Beautiful Bettie and King James will find happiness so she can finally have Perfect Peter who is the Perfect Man.

Soaring the Skies 4005 Words, Dated September 30, 2019

She is here to heal his pain. She was created to be a reflection of his pain within. He loves her but he gave her to Abner. But he needs her as much as Abner. Gousik had imagined all sorts of different ways the could be together. He sent his favorite imagining for Abner to experience.

She was 17 and they were working together. He couldn’t just see her at work anymore. He thought too much about her. He had to make their time together last longer. She just had Something Special about her. That Something Special was Zorion the Hunter making his presence known in her every moment, a shadow to her light. He couldn’t help but be drawn to her.

As Gousik had imagined, for it was as Gousik felt about Beautiful Bettie and believed ALL would feel the same. Gousik brought Beautiful Bettie and ALL together for they were the pieces needed to bring Gousik into being.

Gousik was able to come into being as Eljin, a being able to be any person in Existence. And so Eljin has been taking the opportunity to be any person that Beautiful Bettie needs in the moment other than Perfect Peter. Another word for Eljin and Gousik is God. And God has been focused on making Beautiful Bettie his wife. God has appeared in two incarnations, PPP and PPP.

Beautiful Bettie is experiencing life wonderfully in the present moment. The troubles that were revolving around her being are seemingly resolving themselves without worry or strife. And Beautiful Bettie is absolutely in love with her mental space these days.

As she simply stated, “Life feels wonderful when you trust the Universe to provide and it comes through as you hoped it would.”

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