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The second question that jumps out in the mind of the ONE needing found is

What lessons does Dudley DWHW need to learn?

The best way to find lessons is to look at the circumstances that have shown your colors.

Finding Salvation in Judging Judgment

Seven Chapters were released on October 20, 2019. The Second Chance [as explained in Helping YOU – Learn About HOW] is going to read through the story and share all the positive words that can be found when two people exist in opposition and the betterment for both that comes from acceptance and change.

The Reading: Ch. 3 – Life Changes

1st Paragraph: The Reason that Land Ownership is a Thing of The Past. The reality of the landlords and bank owners that profit off the land they have no right to claim ownership over is that they unfairly keep people from accessing the very real needs that a healthy individual requires to maintain happiness and sanity in the modern world. In the modern world it is possible for landlords and bank owners to evict a person living in the house even when nothing wrong was done. Even worse, the system enables those landowners to dictate and manipulate a citizens ability to find housing in the future. The system is catering to the groups of individuals reaping profits from land ownership over the individual rights of the citizens needing homes. The Landlords and Bank Owners show that the Corrupt System Governing Reality is favoring those with money over those who create the money that is used within society.

In Utopia this simply is not a problem. Money doesn’t exist because people work to provide for Society’s needs and then Relax and Enjoy all the benefits that society freely offers. Every person has their every need catered to. Every person feels good existing within the society. Every person counts on home, utilities, food, healthcare, and entertainment. And no person goes without because everyone in the society agrees that every person deserves to be happy. No person in Utopia spends time counting the different things people need to be happy because as a whole the society only asks for that which it truly needs. Utopians wish to provide as little of an impact on the Material World as possible for they recognize that the more they take the less time the planet may have.

2nd Paragraph: The Answer to Every Problem in Existence. Perfect Peter demonstrated perfect faith in the Universe to provide him that which the Universe had promised. Perfect Peter was granted access to the Perfect Life. All Perfect Peter had to do was keep on believing and keep on working to be true and honest to himself. In time, Perfect Peter would find the person he most needed to make the next piece of his life fall into place. Perfect Peter‘s Faith is the First Example of what Perfect Peter possesses that so many fall short on. For Perfect Peter recognizes both the Universe is the source of his provision and that he trusts the Universe unconditionally to provide that which he needs most. For Perfect Peter, there is never a reason to second guess or doubt the will and wonder of the Universe. (555)

3rd Paragraph: The Essence of What Every Person Needs. Perfect Peter doesn’t need much to be happy. Perfect Peter represents the absolute bare minimum that one should expect to find abundant happiness in. To Perfect Peter the only thing that matters is having enough. It isn’t about the newest things or the most expensive. Perfect Peter is more interested in good quality products that will last and can be well taken care of to pass onto future generations. Perfect Peter thinks it really special to be able to have something an ancient relation has brought forward from the past. But Perfect Peter is living in Hell where mass quantities of temporary trash are put on shelves and quickly disposed of to be replaced by more temporary trash.

So Perfect Peter doesn’t need a lot of things from this Hellish reality. Because the truth of the Reality is that Hell doesn’t offer a lot of things without strings attached. Perfect Peter is looking for Perfect Living and that doesn’t involve being unhappy with negative occurrences manifesting due to unforeseen negative consequences of having obtained some form of satisfaction in the material world. Perfect Peter has seen how people will slave hours of their time for moments of pleasure. Perfect Peter sees how in Hell people think doing something is more important than being honestly happy. (777)

4th Paragraph: The Saving Grace that is Rescuing the Day. The Perfect Landlord represents that which Land Owners and Property Management Teams should work towards in their line of contributing to society. For in an ideal society, everyone has access to comfortable and safe and clean housing. In order for this facet of society to be a reality, there must be an essential core group of society that is focused on maintaining and producing the homes and essentials necessary to make modern living possible. At all times the youth of society will be taught the importance of happy home life and what slumlords of the past allowed people to exist in while they turned a cold eye towards profiting from suffering. The youth will grow understanding the important role that land owners and property management teams represent to the stability of society. And so in some form, all parts of an ideal society are trained to maintain and repair homes and equipment so that optimal performance and condition is maintained without needlessly replacing and using resources. An additional part of the society will be trained and will work on the quality of homes that people are afforded, keeping that which has been made safe and up to date while enabling the creation of new homes for new members of society. This keeps people happy. (999)

5th Paragraph: The Answer to What Needs Provided for Everyone to Be Happy. Perfect Peter has lived in a whole host of places and Perfect Peter learned exactly what it takes to be happy. It isn’t about having a humongous place full of fancy objects nor is it about having a tiny place that can be easily maintained but rather a mix of having enough space to get the things you need easily without having too much to keep track of and maintain. Perfect Peter believes in moderation. He wants to have room to move around but not having the house feeling cavernous or empty. Perfect Peter feels the Perfect Home if Comfy Feeling. (1111)

Perfect Peter‘s family is six people strong. Three Girls, One Boy, And A Couple of Parents. The Three Girls share a room. The Boy has his room but currently prefers to share a bed with his parents. Perfect Peter and his wife don’t mind co-sleeping with their babies as they understand how comfortable it is to have someone sleep near. Perfect Peter and his Wife are interested in raising children that are comfortable being close to others and feel if left in a room alone, could raise a solitary mindset. Perfect Peter leaves the son’s room for play though it is quite empty. There is an attic in the house that is used for the kids space. There are desks and storage and creative play like drums and guitars and microphones and artistic supplies. The living room is full of comfortable seating and the work desk that Perfect Peter uses to work and connect to his community. The dining room table sits in the middle of the dining room and has ample seating for the family. The kitchen is comfortably sized with a good amount of storage potential. The basement is clean, dry, bright, and able to store keepsakes and house the laundry machines. The house is free of pests and vermin and utilities are always present. Perfect Peter‘s life is simple. (1333)

6th Paragraph: The Proper Behavior When Receiving Blessings. Perfect Peter receives everything he was promised. Perfect Peter feels thankful that he was blessed to receive so much provision. Perfect Peter is appreciative that he is so lucky to have everything he needs. Perfect Peter knows that having everything you need is the beginning to being happy. The next step to being happy is actually enjoying that which has been bestowed upon you. Not asking for more. Not wanting something different. But actually sitting back and enjoying the bounty that already exists for pleasure and entertainment.

Some people don’t know how to appreciate that which has been bestowed upon them. Some people prefer to view their blessings as entitlements and if they don’t have their entitlements then they can’t be happy. But even when they have their entitlements, they feel entitled to demand more. More and more they entitle themselves to, but never do they learn the beautiful art of appropriately appreciating that which is, over that which could be. (1500)

7th Paragraph: The Problem With People. Some people have everything they need and yet they still demand the ability to make other people suffer or go without. Some people have every opportunity to do the right thing and instead choose to do the Wrong Way which is often mean and hurtful. Dudley is that person. Dudley had everything going for him and every opportunity to be in the position to relieve Perfect Peter of his suffering. But just like when Perfect Peter lived with Dudley, Dudley doesn’t choose to do the right thing but rather profit off the situation as much as possible. In this situation, the only thing Dudley could do was make Perfect Peter as miserable as possible in a life he had no control over.

But that is the wonder of the Universe for Dudley showed his true colors while Perfect Peter passed into the Perfect Life he was always meant to enjoy. (1654)

8th Paragraph: The Plight of Humanity. Dudley represents the choice that humanity is repeatedly making to walk in the face of that which is Right by others and best by ALL. Dudley does not care about the choices he is making only that he is happy with what he is doing. Dudley does not consider how what he is doing is wrong nor does he care about how his wrong could hurt very real people he thinks he cares about. Dudley is at all times only concerned with Dudley. And when people like Dudley are hurting or upset, they look to cause hurt and upset in the lives of otherwise happy people.

9th Paragraph: The Problem in Self Preservation. Dudley is jealous that Perfect Peter is getting the Perfect Life he always dreamed of. Dudley is green with envy that someone else could possibly have something better than what he had. And the more that Dudley looked at the hand he had been dealt, he realized that he wasn’t liking the odds or favorable fortune on his side. Dudley was feeling as though things weren’t going the best for him. Because where as with Perfect Peter there was always an abundance to rely on, with Perfect Peter leaving, things couldn’t be the way they were. And when things didn’t go the way Dudley wanted, Dudley got angry. And when the Dudleys of the world get angry, they start finding ways to cause problems.

10th Paragraph: The Hypocrisy of Modern Man. Dudley believes himself to be a good guy. Dudley spends most of his energy trying to get more for himself than he is willing to afford to others. At all times, Dudley expects others to care for his things just as much as he does and expects financial compensation should something happen to one of his belongings. Dudley expects others to appreciate that which Dudley finds valuable. But Dudley is a hypocrite at his worst because while¬†he has labelled his junk as treasure, he has labelled Perfect Peter‘s junk as trash. And even worse than labelling personal belongings as trash, Dudley is willing to disrespectfully dispose of the treasure Perfect Peter would have willingly taken with him had he been granted the opportunity. But Dudley wasn’t concerned with those details, he was only interested in punishing people for daring to be happier than he could be.

11th Paragraph: The Saving Grace on Display. Perfect Peter had everything a person ever needs to get through a situation – Faith. He knew that time helps all situations and that a good person only need to wait for things to work themselves out. Perfect Peter doesn’t question what is happening, he doesn’t waste time creating angry thoughts in response to the situation. Perfect Peter merely looks at the situation and finds a way to be happy despite the seemingly negative situation. Perfect Peter doesn’t choose to dwell on the bad but rather sit back and enjoy the wonderful wealth of blessing abound in his life.

12th Paragraph: Perfect Peter had really lived through some difficult things. So when Perfect Peter was given the chance to get everything he needed all at once, it didn’t take Perfect Peter much time at all to realize how very little it took to be happy. Perfect Peter filled his home with the essentials and some nice amenities that make life rosier and more joyous for the family. Then Perfect Peter set himself to enjoying the richness of life.