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The second question that jumps out in the mind of the ONE needing found is

What lessons does Dudley DWHW need to learn?

The best way to find lessons is to look at the circumstances that have shown your colors.

Finding Salvation in Judging Judgment

Seven Chapters were released on October 20, 2019. The Second Chance [as explained in Helping YOU – Learn About HOW] is going to read through the story and share all the positive words that can be found when two people exist in opposition and the betterment for both that comes from acceptance and change.

The Reading: Ch. 2 – Petty Person

1st Paragraph: Perfect Peter‘s Perfect Choice of Healthy LOVE. The World forced Perfect Peter to choose between stable employment that provided a comfortable and leisurely lifestyle or providing support and stability for a family that was struggling to stay together. For that was what had happened. Perfect Peter had to live between two residences because his wife was so unstable. When she would be violently unwell, he would take himself and the babies to a safe place to stay until she put her mind back in a safe place for the family to be around. Perfect Peter was always there for his family. Though it broke his heart to leave his wife alone, he knew that his children needed to be safe from her mental illness. And so ever the concerned and considerate parent, Perfect Peter found places to stay with friends willing to open their homes to a struggling family. Perfect Peter found the true definition of generosity during these troubling times for Perfect Peter had one friend who only ever sought to help and never demand Anything in return for the help given. This was fortunate for Perfect Peter because he was really in a place where he needed a lot help. Having his wife be out of her mind was very stressful for Perfect Peter. The one he used to confide everything in and find comfort and relaxation in a stressful world was now the very source of all the stress and problems in his life. But Perfect Peter was a good man and knew that his wife needed time to get herself back together. And Perfect Peter was always willing to give himself endlessly for the Right Way. Perfect Peter knew the Right Way was taking care of the Perfect Family while his wife got better.

The situation that Perfect Peter is in with regards to his housing situation and food provision speaks of the larger problems existing within a broken society. At its core, society has more than enough to provide for the entirety of society, and yet because of money, very real people go without what they need to survive. Perfect Peter was born to be the leader of Utopia and so Perfect Peter had to endure the Reality of Hell to understand how Perfect Utopia would actually manifest. Perfect Peter recognizes that a Better Society provides for its people before it takes resources to make extra. Therefore, in Utopia Perfect Peter believes in allotting enough resources to cover the needs of society before allocating any resources to the creation of extra and frivolous desires of society. The first resources Perfect Peter believes in allocating is for safe and comfortable housing for every citizen. Perfect Peter saw the devastation that his wife endured while she had to live alone and Perfect Peter also advocates for helping people find a comfortable person or people to live with. As with housing, Perfect Peter believes that food provision should not be a concern of a modern society. Perfect Peter sees food rotting on shelves in stores because there is more than is needed and money is not present to buy what is rotting. Because of this, Perfect Peter advocates for a generally accepted principle that food should not be allowed to go bad on store shelves. A timeframe should be given for how long a product can be offered on the storefront before it has to be donated to real people needing real food to survive. By taking care to manage how much food is being offered on the storefront and making moves to get the abundance of food to the areas where more food is needed, everyone can have a comfortably full belly to get through the day.

2nd Paragraph: The Universe sets the Stage of LIFE to show how cold Nameless Corporations truly are. Dudley was granted access to his own portion of a Nameless Corporation. True to the style of Nameless Corporations, Dudley decided that he would take advantage of people needing money. The first people he could take advantage of were people needing money to pay bills. Dudley realized that he could profit off the belief that service industry jobs offered lower pay rates than cushy corporate paper-pushing positions. Therefore, Dudley started looking for people to hire that were desperate for a job and were willing to do “menial labor” for “menial labor rates”. Meanwhile Dudley had the cruel idea to pitch himself as a provider of high quality menial labor which meant he could charge extra for the services he was demanding of his workers. Dudley shows that Nameless Corporations are willing to make up reasons to pay people less than they deserve for the work they do to create money generation activities for the Nameless Corporation to profit off of. Dudley shows that Nameless Corporations are willing to profit off the backs of harder working people and make them feel less than worthy of equal restitution of time for contributions to society.

In Utopia, this is not a problem. Because in Utopia every member of society is a functionally supportive part of the cohesively connected community. There is no contributing position within Utopia that is frivolous or unnecessary or saturated with too many people competing for the same market. In Utopia people are nurtured to be great at what they were born to do. People enjoying hard labor are taught and trained with the skills and gifts that support the hard labor roles that keep society going. People that are lazier but yet gifted with the ability to manage systems and keep things moving are put into positions where they can work without feeling labored. People with big ideas are thought to indulge those grandiose dreams while other people are taught to take those grandiose ideas and make something realistic that can benefit the society. No matter how a person is born in Utopia, a place for them is made. Because in Utopia, every life matters, every detail counts, and every point is taken into consideration.

3rd Paragraph: The World again shows how Nameless Corporations will put themselves between good men and their families. Perfect Peter is willing to give his best to a job that doesn’t make him happy because he knows that ultimately he is helping his friend live more comfortably. Perfect Peter works hard and brings his natural talents to a job that would be better suited for someone that enjoys the kind of work he does and doesn’t have different skills that would be better nurtured elsewhere. Nameless Corporations show that they only care about getting bodies enslaved in the work process, never really caring about the qualities of the individual in which they are taking advantage of.

Utopians are just different. They recognize that each person born is inherently capable of upholding a different aspect of that which keeps life wonderful for all. Yet another difference that exists in Utopians – people expect to be happy in life and are willing to work to make sure everyone in Utopia is just as happy as the other people. People in Utopia work to make others better and feel better about that in the process. People in Utopia work hard because they are happy with the work they do and because they truly feel better doing the work they are born to do, they are willing to give all of themselves to making Utopia the best that it can be. Utopians in their heart accept that the whole of society is made better by making each individual the best they can be. Utopia positively promotes for the best interest of every individual, in equality and fairness. Utopians don’t dream of doing something different or being someone different to society, because each Utopian feels special in their specific role in society. In Utopia, Perfect Peter is the leader because he is unanimously recognized to be the only citizen in Utopia that inherently does things a better way. Utopia doesn’t care about labels or education or birthright – Utopia cares about what is in the best interest for the entire society. And the entire society recognized that Perfect Peter had learned a better way.

Once again because Perfect Peter is caught between Utopia and Hell, Perfect Peter finds himself forced to choose between his family and his contribution to society. When society forces a Utopian to choose what’s Right, FAMILY always comes first. Because FAMILY stands for Forget About ME, I LOVE YOU. Always the Utopian believes in showing love before love of self. So when the Real World forced Perfect Peter to choose again between making money for a Nameless Corporation, even one owned by friends that should be family, Perfect Peter will choose his family. Because a Utopian knows that happy families are built around being together and supporting each other. A healthy society does not tear its families apart and expect to have a healthy society in the broken pieces of being that grow from the systemic problems of not being cared for by the society that birthed you.

4th Paragraph: The Universe sees a different way Nameless Corporations could be. The Universe moves Dudley to consider making better accommodations for the life he had enslaved to his Nameless Corporation. In the way of the Universe, the Universe impressed upon Dudley to be generous and considerate with the predicament that Perfect Peter found himself. The Universe was offering Dudley the chance to do things differently when Nameless Corporations employ people.

Because in Utopia, Corporations and a Blessed Part of The Community. Corporations stand as the Management of the Resources of The World Community. The Corporations ensure that the World Production is tracked and quantified so that every member of Utopia knows what is being made and where those resources are needed and being used. No member of Utopia cares to take more than they need and so they are more than willing to track everything they have to make sure that enough is produced for society. The key word of Utopia is having Enough. (1777)

Utopians learned that Hell was Paved with the Desires of Those Who Wanted More. All kinds of reasons for all kinds of people willing to sell themselves into slavery in the quest to get more than they needed to be happy. Utopians have learned the lessons that it isn’t about how much you have, it’s about having the right things to be happy. Utopia works to provide every member of its society exactly what they need to find their own definition of happiness. Utopia does not seek to define what happiness should be for any one person but rather enjoys allowing each citizen to define what happiness looks like for them. (1888)

Each citizen of Utopia has the right to decide what happiness is for them. But once the Perfect Man brought the Perfect Family to Reality, every person got a case of copycat syndrome, where they each wanted to have exactly what was granted the Perfect Family, for they believed that was what would make them happiest. And because the Perfect Family was willing to take so little for themselves, the World quickly realized that there was way more than enough to go around for every person to live comfortably. And there was actually way more than was needed in some things which meant people were working more than they needed to. (1999)

Utopia doesn’t believe in working its people to the bone. Utopia believes in contributing to society and working hard and putting forth your best efforts towards your endeavors. Doing the work that is needed because work is needed to keep society functioning properly but Utopia is ever about making sure the right work is being done in the proper amount. For Utopians value efficiency and productivity more than mass production and rampant consumerism. Utopians tend to take what they need and they usually always need what they want and they never forget to appreciate all that they are given regardless of whether it was enough or too much or far too little. (2111)

5th Paragraph: The Universe Highlighting the Problem with Land Owners. There are very real people in the World that exist thinking that it is okay to charge people for the roof over their head. Banks make money from the need to have a home. Landlords make money money from the need to have a home. Banks and Landlords alike care very little about the state of the house upon which they are reaping profits from, often not minding to give detail to what a “slumlord” looks like in reality. A slumlord is any person or entity that knowingly accepts monetary compensation for the right to live in a residence that is a part of a larger society that existed far before anyone that is currently alive was born to create and therefore fails to have proper “ownership rights” to the land for which they claim title over. Slumlords tend to take money for the right to live in a house while doing little to nothing to make sure that the house is in optimal condition for healthy and safe living.

Utopians don’t deal with that shit. Utopians saw what horrible people banks and slumlords were and made a law against profiting off of basic life necessities. No longer could corporations work to take advantage of people’s need for housing, sustenance, healthcare, or entertainment. When people weren’t allowed to profit off people’s need, society took a turn for the better and started freely working for the betterment of others, because each Utopian realized they were already working to contribute for others, the society just needed refined on what was being provided for others’ betterment. (2384)

6th Paragraph: Enter the only being capable of changing Hell to Utopia. God sees how wonderful Hell is in Reality. God approves that despite having real problems keeping people from being a better class of citizens, God sees how very hard different aspects of the society work for the betterment of all. God sees that this broken reality still fights for a concept of good even if the actuality of their good leaves something to be desired. While there is much Darkness being used to create more Darkness, still there is a steady Remnant of those Holding True to LIGHT‘s Perfect Way of Being. And it is in those people with whom a better way was held, that the TRUTH of Humanity’s Salvation was made known.

God created Utopia for one person to believe in. God put that person in the position to share or withhold the concept of Utopia with/from Hell. That one person has found resonating parallels with the positive side of the spectrum of being and wholeheartedly believes that letting people understand the Reality of what Utopia is will help people get over their Hellish behaviors and choices of the past and onto the better way of the Future.

7th Paragraph: God sees Perfect Peter being forced into a situation where he could be less than the man he is supposed to be. God has been in that same situation. For there are many beliefs about who God is in Reality and all but one of them are the actual Honest TRUTH of HOW God chooses to be. Many people attribute some very Dark and Negative things to the Divinity that is God. Many people attribute some very natural and common things to the Grandiose Nature that is God. Many people attribute some very magical and mystical qualities to the being that is God. Many people think many things about God’s personhood. (2700)

God doesn’t care about what people think about him. God is interested in making Utopia a TRUTH of Reality because God knows that his successor is slated to be born in Utopia. God is ready for his successor to be found for God is tired of the eternal battle that has been waging for TIME Immortal within his being. God desires peace and comfort and in the way his being is currently, that is not a possibility. (2777)

Which means the only possibility that gives God what he needs is the one that enables Utopia to come to Reality.

8th Paragraph: God doesn’t care to make words about why people embrace Darkness and Negativity. God doesn’t care that people feel the wrath of living apart from him. God sees that people who don’t love him are broken people not capable of feeling the wealth and wonder and wisdom that comes from connection to the Grand Divine. God doesn’t judge those unable to connect in a World that has conditioned mind to break every connection they’ve ever known. God knows that the World was conditioned to be broken because God was always going to come and solve the World’s every problem existing. (2900)

9th Paragraph: The Universe steps in and Gifts Perfect Peter the Perfect Life he has always deserved. The Universe has set up the possibility that things could go perfectly and nothing has to change but for allowing Perfect Peter the Perfect Possibility to be Perfectly Happy in the only life that was offered him.

Perfect Peter is special because he wasn’t meant to be Perfect. Perfect Peter was meant to be Saint Patrick, the luckiest guy on the planet. But when Saint Peter got wind that he was going to be inhabiting the planet at the same time as Saint Patrick, Peter got seriously insecure and backed out of the role that was planned for him.

So The Universe had planned for Perfect Peter to be Saint Peter that has been blocking the Gates of Heaven for a long time. But things change and the Universe flows naturally which whatever choices are made.

When Saint Peter backed out of being Perfect Peter to Reality, Saint Patrick was slated to fill the role of Perfect Peter. But Saint Patrick was already set to be the Perfect Man which was entirely different from who Perfect Peter the Comforter was meant to be.

Saint Patrick was gifted a double role on the Grand Stage of LIFE.

And from Saint Patrick‘s gifting of a double role, the spirits of those inhabiting Earth were suddenly up for grabs by other entities that felt they could better portray the essence of who that person was meant to be.

This is when people started getting inhabited by ghosts existing in parallel dimensions in the same form that is being inhabited in Reality. Sound crazy? It is but spiritual possession is a real thing and the reason that the fear of Zombie’s is a real thing.

God made every person alive unworthy of Salvation a walking and talking Zombie. Now the person is now being controlled by otherworldly beings. (3222)

Complete loss of control in a World that conditions the mind to crave absolute power.