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Alice’s Notes to Mirror Walkers:

There’s a lot of people in this reality doing a lot of different things. The question always remains, who is doing it right? Who is leading a life worthy of respect and admiration? Who is someone worth knowing?

Princess Mary Jane Blossom’s retelling of Alice’s tale:

This is going to be a longer read. At over 8,000 words there are a lot of details to be told. But all of them matter. And all of them come together to paint a vivid picture of the tale of two very different men leading two very different lives focused on two very different life’s goals.

And so Time brought together two very different people to tell the story of two very different lives to lead.

First comes Dudley DoesWhatHeWants (DWHW). Dudley DWHW is kind of a douche. He doesn’t care about other people. He only cares about getting what he wants. He doesn’t mind bending the rules to get his way. He doesn’t care about lying and misleading and misdirecting to paint whatever illusion he needs to enable his desired outcome. Dudley DWHW has no morals, nor any scruples about his lack thereof.

When mentioning his lack of morals, now comes the time to mention his exact opposite – Perfect Peter with a Profound Moral Code (PMC) has an impeccably defined moral code of conduct. At all times Perfect Peter (PMC) feels honor bound to be the best person he can be. And to Perfect Peter (PMC) there is no honor to be found in taking advantage of someone else or hurting someone to get ahead. Perfect Peter (PMC) is so Perfect in his morals that sometimes he is unable to participate in life as he would desire. Sometimes his morals take him down paths he should never have to endure.

And as I speak of going down the path of darkness, I guess this is where the story picks up. Perfect Peter (PMC) was in trouble. Perfect Peter’s (PMC) perfect life was falling apart at the seams. His Perfect Wife was losing her mind and rapidly becoming his worst nightmare come to life. The weight of his Perfect Children was now solely on his plate and he was crippling under the pressure.

The job he worked to support the family didn’t care that he had a family to take care of. Nameless Corporation didn’t care two shits about a man in trouble, about one of their own that was losing everything fast.  Nameless Corporation only cared about making money and cutting costs. When Perfect Peter (PMC) spent too much time taking care of his NotSoPerfect Wife, suddenly Perfect Peter (PMC) didn’t seem so worthwhile to keep around.

He gave his time to the company. He put forth his best effort every day. Every day he implemented processes that enabled him to get more work done with less trouble. When problems arose, he was the one to put out fires and get the fixes started. Despite all his stellar performance, Nameless Corporation didn’t care to promote someone who so clearly defied their moral-less code of conduct. And so Nameless Corporation continued to work Perfect Peter to the bone until he had no time to give himself, no time to give his family, and no other option but to keep working hard to provide for the family in a job that didn’t appreciate the soul behind the blazer.

Soon Perfect Peter didn’t have the option to keep splitting his time between work and home. Home needed Perfect Peter and home Peter came. Peter was there through everything. Peter was there to carry the weight of everything falling apart. Peter was there to try to put the pieces back together as everything kept crumbling around him. Perfect Peter was trying to prop up a less than perfect existence as something worthy of calling a happy life. Peter worked hard to protect his perfect family. And it showed.

Seemingly while fate had dealt Perfect Peter (PMC) a solid blow to handle, karma seemed to be dealing Dudley DWHW everything he needed to get all that he needed to be happy.  Things were taking off.  Dudley found himself in a cushy job where he makes a hefty sum of money doing nothing but sitting hours behind a desk pretending to punch numbers into a computer program and calling himself a professional. Dudley is very sensitive about the work he does. He doesn’t like it to be known that he doesn’t do very much. He has made life quite simple for himself. Despite being chained to the desk for 40 hours a week, Dudley only had to give 4 hours of real work to get the job done in any given week. Dudley didn’t sweat his job because his job didn’t take any thought and next to no time.

While managing to squeeze himself into such a luxuriously lazy lifestyle, Dudley DWHW positioned himself to become a small business owner. Playing up his people skills, he made himself look like someone who deserved to be in charge of people and resources. Dudley DWHW took the opportunity to take advantage of good hard working people to make his life even easier and more luxurious.

See Dudley DWHW found himself in a position to create legal contracts that required his workers to agree to pay for the cost of the materials it took to run his business. That’s right – he actually charged people the right to work for him. Yes, Dudley DWHW actually believed that if you would be lucky enough to work for him you should be lucky enough to pay him for that privilege and pay him to make running his business easier. Yes, Dudley DWHW chose to profit off the backs of harder working men.

Even worse than making them pay for the right to work for him, then Dudley DWHW went about the business of charging 100 times the markup for the cost of the worker’s services and then went about pocketing the difference between what he paid his workers and he charged the customers.  Dudley DWHW had positioned himself to make much money off the backs of other people’s hard work. Dudley DWHW felt good about himself. He got ahead and he didn’t care how he looked doing it.

One would question why anyone would choose to work for such a man, why would anyone would enable such cruel laziness?  The truth is when a family needs provided for, you’re not often picky about who you’ll take money from despite the shady circumstances you are all too aware of existing. When the family needs fed, the provider must make money to make ends meet.

Enter Perfect Peter into the equation again. Perfect Peter has sunken into deplorable poverty. He was living in a shack with no heat or running water, the pantries were bare, he and his wife were walking skeletons – though their children ever portrayed the vision of well-cared for babies. Despite the dire circumstances Perfect Peter ever sought to shelter his family from the coldness of life’s reality, always sacrificing the little portions he managed to procure to nurture the growing bellies of the babies who had no choice about the sad state of the world.  He nurtured their growth while his body wasted away.

Dudley DWHW saw his chance. He saw how low his old friend Perfect Peter was. Dudley DWHW never liked to see one of his own so bad off and so he extended his offer of help to Perfect Peter. Dudley DWHW offered Perfect Peter a position that would get him the money he needed to get his family back on track.  All Dudley DWHW asked of Perfect Peter was to work as much as he could as often as Dudley DWHW could find work.  Dudley DWHW even charged Perfect Peter with finding more accounts for Dudley DWHW to acquire to have Perfect Peter work hard at while Dudley DWHW takes ample reward for negotiating the terms of the agreement.  Dudley DWHW is one of those greasy middle men who make himself feel better by connecting those that need work done with those that are willing to do the work. Dudley DWHW stands as the greasy underside of the situation as the one who puts out his hand for generous payment for knowing two people that could help each other.  At all times, Dudley DWHW takes advantage of every situation to put himself ahead. Still Dudley DWHW doesn’t care how he comes off looking in the process.

Perfect Peter found himself in a predicament. He was a slave to Dudley DWHW’s quest to make more money. Dudley DWHW could never make enough. He wanted to bank and he was willing to do whatever he needed to make that happen. And that included working Perfect Peter to the bone. Dudley DWHW was working Perfect Peter so hard that Perfect Peter was failing to be able to take care of the unstable home with his sick wife. Perfect Peter started to pull away to care for his family.

Dudley DWHW saw the potential loss of income as quite scary and so Dudley DWHW did something extreme, he welcomed Perfect Peter and his Perfect Family to come and live in his Drearily Dark Cave-like Home.  Perfect Peter couldn’t pass up the chance to make his family more comfortable and take them into better living conditions. They didn’t deserve what they were dealing with and so they came to live with Dudley DWHW.

As Dudley DWHW usually does, Dudley saw the potential for profit. Well now Dudley DWHW was a landlord and landlords get deposits and money for water. Dudley DWHW took what he thought he was entitled right out of the pay of Perfect Peter. Perfect Peter was up against a wall, he didn’t like that his pay was being taken but he was living better and so he just took it with a shrug. Dudley DWHW saw more room for gain, Perfect Peter found himself in possession of a prepaid food card gifted from Heaven. Dudley DWHW impressed upon Perfect Peter how his portion included covering the cost of food for the house. And thus Dudley DWHW found himself with a live in slave from whom he could take as much money as he wished, work as often as he needed, and charge for the expenses he didn’t want to pay in the house. Dudley DWHW was definitely coming out ahead for doing the nice deed of taking a homeless family in. Dudley DWHW was definitely better off for it. Dudley DWHW felt good about himself.

Enter God.

God sees Perfect Peter’s Plight. He understands personally the quest of being true to your nature in a world hell bent on making you dark and evil.

God sees Dudley DWHW. He knows Dudley’s excuses for his poor behavior. He does not care to understand why someone could be so cruel.

And so God stepped in to help Perfect Peter. God sent Perfect Peter a care package from above in secret so that he would have exactly enough to get himself a house and fill it with all the stuff he needed to be happy. Perfect Peter graciously received his gift from Above and kept his secret while working hard to procure his home as God had offered.

Life wasn’t made easy for Perfect Peter to get back on track. Despite having the money to get into the house, Perfect Peter found himself unable to find someone willing to rent to him. Sadly, crooks and criminals had run Perfect Peter’s rental history through the ringer leaving him looking like a poor choice for a tenant. And despite having money, people just weren’t willing to trust Perfect Peter.

But Perfect Peter kept trying. He was open and honest about what he had been through. He didn’t hide what had happened to him and he didn’t make light of the consequences of those hard times. In all ways, Perfect Peter stayed true to himself trusting he would find the right person to put their faith in him.

Perfect Peter wasn’t picky. He didn’t care about things like fancy neighborhoods and privileged school systems. He cared about getting his family what they needed. And the first thing they needed was a place to call home. So Perfect Peter searched until finally he came across the Perfect Landlord.

The Perfect Landlord heard Perfect Peter’s story honestly. And then she looked into Perfect Peter’s background. As she saw the pattern his life had taken, she noticed that several of his previous landlords were known gang members or a part of the mafia. She had a history with several of the leeches looking to make a good guy look bad and she knew how they victimized good people in bad situations. The Perfect Landlord checked out Perfect Peter’s story and found he was truthful in all ways, he truly was a victim of the bad times.

The Perfect Landlord is the lover of the Perfect God and in all ways she saw it in the best interest of Perfect Peter and his Perfect family to come and live in the home she had to offer.  She was happy to welcome them into a spacious three bedroom home with an ample sized living room, a generous sized dining room, and a pleasantly quaint kitchen. Added bonus were the two clean and comfortable full baths in the upstairs and basement. Not to mention, there was ample space in the basement and a full attic to consider.  In all ways, the Perfect Landlord felt this home would be the Perfect Fit for the Perfect Family.  Sure, she knew there wasn’t a big yard and the school district was really poor, but she kept her house in great condition – even free of pesky bugs like carpenter ants and spiders. The Perfect Landlord didn’t mind working to keep her tenants happy. And she felt happy to offer these needy people a safe place to call home. In all ways, she desired to be The Perfect Landlord.

With trust and faith in Perfect Peter, the Perfect Landlord handed the Perfect Family the keys to their Perfect Home.  In all ways, the Perfect Family was blessed. They were given that which they so longed for, they were going to be together in peace and happiness. In all ways, life was good.

Dudley DWHW didn’t like how happy Perfect Peter seemed lately. Something was off. So Dudley DWHW did what he does best and went about the business of finding out exactly what was up. Dudley DWHW got wind that Perfect Peter had been granted the Perfect Pass to get away to a life of leisure and pleasure. Dudley DWHW did not like what he had found. Dudley DWHW felt Perfect Peter stole his Perfect Pass because he had worked not so hard but extra conniving-ly to make sure he always appeared better. Dudley DWHW felt Perfect Peter was a poor excuse for a man and a perfect example of a failure at life for Dudley DWHW felt Perfect Peter had nothing going for him.

And so Dudley DWHW decided to make it hard for Perfect Peter to springboard off into happy oblivion. He decidely put himself between Perfect Peter and the Perfect Pass God had so generously gifted to the Perfect Family. Dudley DWHW set himself against the Will of God. Dudley DWHW didn’t consider who he risked offending, he only cared for getting what he wanted. And right now he wanted Perfect Peter to pay.

Because Dudley DWHW was angry. Somehow Perfect Peter was slipping away from enslavement. Dudley DWHW was upset with all the money he was going to have to start spending.  Who was going to pay his water bill? Who was going to buy all that food? In all the time Dudley DWHW had been charging the Perfect Family expensive room and board for nearly no living space, he never cared to save a penny in the process. At all times, Dudley DWHW thought about how the extra money could make him feel better. He went out to eat. He bought treats. He took vacations. In all ways, Dudley DWHW was loose and fast with the extra he entitled himself to. Dudley DWHW never considered to help those he was taking advantage of.

And so now Pefect Peter was leaving to his own home. Dudley DWHW gave the Perfect Family one night in their new home before he changed the locks on them, keeping them from accessing their belongings tucked away for safekeeping in Dudley DWHW’s basement. Dudley DWHW didn’t care that he was making life harder for the Perfect Family, in fact he enjoyed the hoops he was making them jump through trying to get their things to their new home. He took pleasure in their effort to acquire the crap he deemed as garbage. He showed his disdain for the objects they adored and he offered no help to reconnect The Perfect Family with their precious belongings.

That was okay because Perfect Peter was used to going without things. For a long time his things lie locked away in a storage unit behind a lock that wouldn’t open until a past due balance was paid in full. It didn’t bother Perfect Peter that Dudley DWHW was keeping his things at his place, Perfect Peter knew they were safe and that was enough for him. Perfect Peter knew time would help the situation and when he was meant to have his things he would.

And so Perfect Peter went about the business of turning their new house into a home. Perfect Peter listened to God in all ways and only desired to take that which he needed to be happy and comfortable and not a drop more. Perfect Peter knew how little he needed and felt comfortable fulfilling God’s request. Perfect Peter took the time to make his home a more perfect place to live. In no time at all, Perfect Peter was living high on happiness and full up on love. Life was good and there was nothing to complain about.

Dudley DWHW wasn’t happy. He didn’t like how happy Perfect Peter was with nothing compared to the awesome amounts he had procured for his home. It didn’t feel right at home anymore. Something was off and Dudley DWHW was determined to fix it. As Dudley DWHW likes to do, Dudley DWHW got it in his head that Perfect Peter was the cause of his problems. Ever since Perfect Peter left his home everything was starting to unravel.  Perfect Peter’s belongings must be stinking up his residence and causing problems unceasingly.  So one night Dudley DWHW called Perfect Peter and told him, “We are going to be out of the house tomorrow. We will leave the basement door unlocked for you. You have from 11am until 3pm to gather your belongings and get everything out. If you are not able to get everything, everything left behind will be put out in that day’s garbage. We will be watching the alarm system to make sure you lock the door by 3pm. If you have not locked the door by that time, we will call the police on you for breaking and entering.”

Perfect Peter wasn’t happy about the circumstances but Perfect Peter always buckled down and did what he must. Perfect Peter packed up his Super Packer Wife, rented a Uhaul and got to work. God blessed Super Packer Wife with the ability to get things in order in a short amount of time leaving ample time to load all the boxes of their belongings onto the Uhaul. Working in unison, they made quick work of their now much more manageable load of belongings. Time had taken much from the Perfect Family, including many sentimental items. After all, in their years together they had moved ten times, five of which had come in the last six years. They got experience moving their stuff with no outside help, often having to leave valuable items behind. But Perfect Peter wasn’t complaining, he was just happy to have a home to store his stuff in.  It was a long time since Perfect Peter had such a pleasure. And Perfect Peter was Extremely Pleased with this blessing.

Dudley DWHW was not feeling pleased. He was not happy with what was happening. Ever since Perfect Peter left, things seemed to be spiraling downwards.  The home he used to be so proud of was starting to show some problems. No matter the amount of new appliances or fancy gadgets they spent money to fill the home with nothing could hide the state of disrepair the home was falling into. Insects were becoming a problem the landlord didn’t care to treat. Mice had made their cupboards home and left their little droppings all over as evidence. Another problem the landlord was unwilling to assist with. The bathrooms looked appalling. Despite saving tremendous amounts of money on water due to the well on the property, the well water left the bathtubs looking like filth. Dudley DWHW was starting to feel not so proud of the place he called home. He even thought he might feel bad to be home.

Over on Perfect Peter’s end, there was no bad feelings to be found. Perfect Peter found himself in the Perfect Time and Place. He was able to work for his family and be home enough to give them everything they need. Perfect Peter even cared enough to drive 2 hours a day to make sure his children didn’t have to leave the school they had become comfortable at. Perfect Peter didn’t mind the extra cost of gas, he only ever cared for the Perfect Family’s happiness.

God saw that Perfect Peter was ever willing to give all his time and energy to making his family feel better. God saw Perfect Peter’s efforts and wished to help him. As God has a way of doing, God impressed upon Perfect Peter the importance of working less and loving more.  God gently guided the hands of fate to leave Perfect Peter only needing to leave his home for four hours a week to service the community. Even more, God granted the opportunity for Karma to step in and give her opinion on the situation at hand.

But as God knows, Karma likes things to play themselves out naturally. She likes to let people make their beds to lie in. While God is busy setting the scene for the choices to be made, Karma is busy watching and waiting to see how she can reward or punish a person’s ability to be a decent human being. God and Karma go hand in hand in their desire to wipe out those who would take more from those blessed with the best life has to offer. While not always agreeing on their methods, God and Karma make sure humanity is at all times moving toward something better.

It was time for a test. A test of faith. A test of chance. A test of opportunity. A real chance to change things up and get the ball really rolling.

As Perfect Peter was driving his children home from school one day, a car shockingly turned in front of Perfect Peter’s van causing a front end collision that resulted in absolutely totaling Perfect Peter’s vehicle. Perfect Peter found himself in a difficult situation. He no longer had any way to get his children to school nor any way to get to the places he needed to go. Things may have seemed scary but Perfect Peter had faith that everything would work out and so Perfect Peter went about reaching out to friends and family in his time of need.  Perfect Peter found himself with rides to get groceries and a way to do the work he needed to do. The only problem Perfect Peter still faced was how to get the children to school. They couldn’t miss any more days.

One day after the accident, one of Perfect Peter’s children complained to a school nurse about her head hurting from the car accident. Through the innocence of children and the pressured provocation of always prying for personal information school officials, it was found out that the Perfect Family might not be living in the school district to which the children were attending. This was a problem because though they were a Public School, free for the general population in theory, this school was for the ritzy – they picked and chose who was allowed to get their superior education. The only reason the Perfect Family was able to get their children in was because they were homeless at the time living with Dudley DWHW in the district. The school district was forced to let what they deemed as trash into the school. When Perfect Peter moved away he never wasted his time informing the school of his change of address because he felt it shouldn’t matter where a person lived, what was important was giving the children the best possible education to equip them with the skills needed to succeed at life.

The school district didn’t feel the same as Perfect Peter. They felt that higher education was only entitled to the higher quality people and therefore low end people needed to keep their distance. The school district had caught wind that Perfect Peter might not be as high quality as they deemed acceptable and so he was going to have to prove that he still lived in the district.

Perfect Peter wasn’t going to lie. He was happy where he was at and he was comfortable with being honest about it.  Dudley DWHW saw a chance to game the system, something he loves to do. Any chance Dudley DWHW can get to take something someone doesn’t want to give is a chance for fun in Dudley DWHW’s book.  And so Dudley DWHW stepped his greasy opinion into the matter and started spinning tales and weaving fantasy, saying the right words that got the school district to allow the Perfect Family’s children to continue attending.  The only thing the school demanded was for Perfect Peter to sign a legal document stating the validity of Dudley DWHW’s statements.

Perfect Peter was not a liar. He knew Dudley DWHW had been absolutely dishonest with the School District. He did not feel comfortable supporting that lie. Perfect Peter knew his honesty might cost him his children’s education but he knew life was about more than what books a person is taught to read and that life was really about the color of person you choose to be. Without confirming or denying the truth of Dudley DWHW’s statements, Perfect Peter withdrew his children from school to begin the path of home schooling. For Perfect Peter felt if the community wouldn’t provide the education the children deserved, he would give his time to making sure his children knew what they needed to grow happy and healthy in mind and body. God saw Perfect Peter’s choices and he was happy. Karma watched merrily, waving her mystical might to grant the Perfect Family a wonderful vehicle to get where they needed to go.

While Perfect Peter was busy working on perfect hearts and minds, Dudley DWHW was busy bailing water. It turns out the business he swindled himself into running was failing to be as easy as Dudley DWHW expected it to be. Dudley DWHW found himself with more work to do than he had workers to do it. Dudley DWHW was constantly struggling to find quality workers to do the job right. He just couldn’t find anyone to pin under his thumb as he had with Perfect Peter. And everything had been coming apart since Perfect Peter cut his hours down to four a week. In an attempt to keep making the money he felt he rightly deserved, he sold his wife into the slavery of working the business. He gave her away to endless hours of slaving away at the business while he sat at home playing video games. Dudley DWHW let her do the work while he took all the reward.

Because while his wife was busy working, Dudley DWHW was coming out ahead. He didn’t have to pay his wife like he paid everyone else. He could expect way more of her and just guilt trip her with wifely responsibility rather than fork over actual money for her time and energy.  So now Dudley DWHW found himself making just as much money, more even if he counted the added stipend he allowed his wife to take from the business.

While Dudley DWHW was busy working his wife to the bone, Perfect Peter was busy making sure his family worked together to be happy. Perfect Peter had found the Perfect Opportunity for his children’s education. After nearly a full year of home-schooling, Perfect Peter found local schools that were willing to accept his children that focused on nurturing their natural individual talents.  Perfect Peter was happy because his children were happy to be going back to school. In all ways, life was good. Perfect Peter continued to have all that he needed and he didn’t care to ask for anything more.

Dudley DWHW was always asking for more. Despite having a home full of fancy things, the ability to buy things whenever he wanted, the opportunity and chance to travel frequently, and the leisure to enjoy free time as he wished, Dudley DWHW was not happy. He needed more. Dudley DWHW had caught wind that Perfect Peter got to spend all his time at home and while Dudley DWHW didn’t really like his home or want to be there all the time, he didn’t think it fair that he was chained to a desk while Perfect Peter had freedom to do whatever he wanted with his days. And so, Dudley DWHW start pulling strings to put him in a better position than he was before. He started spinning words and bending truths to paint the illusion that he would work better from home and get more done while covering the fact he only needed four hours to get the job done.

In order to make this float, Dudley DWHW felt comfortable enslaving his wife to work at the desk in the office all day to do the things he would no longer be around to do. Dudley DWHW did not care he was forcing his wife to work all day, come home and make his dinner, and then head off to work his business all evening. Dudley DWHW did not care that he was not affording his wife any time for herself or any opportunity to rest and relax. Dudley DWHW only cared that his wife make his life easier and that she shut her mouth in the process. He wanted a clean home and a full bank account. Dudley DWHW doesn’t value the contribution of women, he sees them as lesser people, enablers of his life of luxury.

See Dudley DWHW is kind of a douche. Dudley DWHW doesn’t care about the happiness of others. Dudley DWHW is only focused on doing what he wants. Despite having a family to care for, Dudley DWHW is always taking trips by himself or affording himself luxuries he doesn’t feel he should share with his family. Even from his family, Dudley DWHW only takes for himself. Dudley DWHW’s children were beaten into submission from a young age. If they stepped out of line, they were faced with a heavy hand and a broken heart. Their early childhood was full of fear which blossomed them into submissive and quiet adults who lie, cheat, and steal to get what they need to keep themselves from provoking the wrath of their father. Dudley DWHW never spent time teaching his children how to interact with people respectfully rather outwardly showing them how to dominate and manipulate through purposeful positioning and cruel and cutting words. Dudley DWHW sat back as his children morphed into pint-size predators.

Perfect Peter is aware of the predatory nature of Dudley DWHW’s children. Perfect Peter has seen how Dudley DWHW’s children treat his own family and how little the children at school accept Dudley DWHW’s children. Perfect Peter does not want that for his children. Perfect Peter wishes to raise kind, respectful, and considerate children. In all ways, Perfect Peter hopes his children grow to be a better reflection of the person Perfect Peter always hoped he could be. Perfect Peter’s goal was to make his children the best they could be with never letting them settle than less than their best.  At all times, Perfect Peter was watching to help guide his children. He was ever looking for an opportunity to catch and correct their behavior in a kind and gentle way. Perfect Peter was comfortable being the authoritative presence the children needed in their life but embraced being the gentlest soul he could in how he loved them. In all ways, Perfect Peter was good to his children.

Dudley DWHW didn’t feel Perfect Peter was taking very good care of his family. Perfect Peter worked so little that he was unable to afford to take his family out to eat, he was unable to buy new things, he wasn’t even able to afford simple things like cable tv or a cell phone. Dudley DWHW felt Perfect Peter was falling short on his obligation to his family. Dudley DWHW liked to make Perfect Peter feel bad about how little he got to do with his poor life and so often offered to take Perfect Peter’s children with him on their frequent excursions always commenting how Dudley DWHW could afford the extra expense that Perfect Peter was clearly too poor to pay for. Dudley DWHW wasn’t just happy with his affluence, he liked to make others feel worse about how well off he was. At all times, Dudley DWHW took the time to share words that would make others feel worse about themselves. Dudley DWHW doesn’t care to be nice.

Perfect Peter is all about niceness. His whole life revolves around treating people the way he wants to be treated. And Perfect Peter wants to be kindly considered and gently helped so Perfect Peter goes about the business of giving the same to others hoping to get similar in return. Perfect Peter gives that which he hopes to receive, always. Perfect Peter has a lot to say but Perfect Peter won’t say anything if he feels it will hurt someone’s feelings. Perfect Peter cares more about people’s happiness than he cares about speaking his mind.

Dudley DWHW always cares to speak his mind. Dudley DWHW has a strongly negative opinion of everything and always seeks to spread his negativity through hate and judgement and condemnation. Dudley DWHW rejects the social tools of kindness, consideration, and acceptance – he feels those are for weaker people. Dudley DWHW believes really successful people throw goodness out the window in light of doing everything they need to get what they want. Dudley DWHW has no morals and didn’t used to care how he looked.

But Dudley DWHW was starting to care about how things looked because things weren’t looking so good for Dudley DWHW. The business that Dudley DWHW managed to procure was falling apart at the seams. His clients were unhappy and he couldn’t keep staff apart from his wife and one slave. It wasn’t enough. And so Dudley DWHW went about the business of cooking the books to make the potential profit of the business appear more than it was while painting the illusion of success and stability. Dudley DWHW got a sucker to bite off buying the business for a significant sum of money. Rather than pay off the outstanding bills Dudley DWHW had let pile up, Dudley DWHW took that money to take himself on a solo month long vacation to get to know himself better.

While on vacation, Dudley DWHW got wind of a growing industry – mental health. He took time to learn that there were people who were investing in taking people out of depression and giving them the ability to lead a happy life. Dudley DWHW got excited. He saw great potential for profit. Mentally unwell people were always feeling bad and therefore would always need to pay to feel better. If Dudley DWHW could weasel himself into the unwell loop, he could profit endlessly. Dudley DWHW felt nothing wrong with making people feel bad and then charging them money to make them feel better. Dudley DWHW only saw his ability to put himself in a better position off the backs of needy people. So Dudley DWHW came back from his solo vacation with the idea to start building his own mental wellness network.

Perfect Peter was focused on mental wellness as well. See, Perfect Peter’s wife had a psychotic breakdown and completely lost touch with reality. Perfect Peter’s Perfect Wife became the worst version of herself. Perfect Peter knew his wife was unwell and in her sickness he fought to stand beside her and get her to better days.  Perfect Peter knew she just needed time and understanding and in ample amounts Perfect Peter gave her just what she needed.

Perfect Peter gave her the space to put her mind back together when she became too violent to be around the family. Perfect Peter would dutifully remove his family from her unsafe presence until she calmed down and could be with The Family again. When she would lose control again, again he would leave. Perfect Peter was constantly coming and going according to her cyclical moods but he was ever willing to work to keep his family as close as possible.

When Perfect Peter noticed his wife was starting to feel better, he slowly started sharing the responsibilities of the family she desired to maintain. He slowly let her build her trust in her ability to function as an adult again. He was always there to support and nurture her when she felt she was failing. In all ways, Perfect Peter was good to his wife.

Perfect Peter made sure to keep his wife taking care of herself because in her illness she could easily slip into not taking the medicine she was prescribed, eating the food her body needs, or getting the sleep her body requires to rest and refresh. Perfect Peter was aware his wife’s illness limited her ability to care for herself and he was willing to step up and make sure she didn’t forget to do the necessary things to keep her well. In all ways, Perfect Peter provided for her wellness and wellbeing.

In so many ways, Perfect Peter was being blessed by his attention to her details. Perfect Peter’s Perfect Wife had returned, perhaps better than she had ever been. She was happier, she was awake and alert, she was helping, and more than anything SHE WAS THERE. All the time. Which made Perfect Peter perfectly happy. Perfect Peter was finding himself perfectly content nearly all the time. In all ways, life was good.

Dudley DWHW did not think life was good. He was spending all his time at his house, alone with nothing worthwhile to do. Dudley DWHW didn’t care to fix the problems in the house, those were for someone else to handle. Dudley DWHW didn’t care to clean the mess that was upsetting him, that was woman’s work. In no way did Dudley DWHW feel it his responsibility to manage the house he was now always available to be in.

But the state of the house was weighing on Dudley DWHW’s mind. Dudley DWHW felt he deserved better. No one deserves to live in a house with pests. No one deserves to live in a house with critters. No one deserves to live in a house in a state of disrepair. At least those are the things that Dudley DWHW remembered Perfect Peter saying when he was really struggling. Dudley DWHW didn’t necessarily agree, some people deserve to live like trash but Dudley DWHW was not one of those people and therefore deserved better accommodations. Dudley DWHW began searching for a new place to live, someplace worthy of a person like Dudley DWHW.

God saw Dudley DWHW looking to get a new start. God thought perhaps Karma would like to help teach Dudley DWHW a lesson. Karma knew Dudley DWHW personally and relished the idea of putting people like him in their place. So God and Karma started weaving the strings of fate to set up Dudley DWHW to be the best possible version of himself while allowing ample opportunity to demonstrate what a douche Dudley DWHW had turned out to be.

In short time, God made known to Dudley DWHW a wonderful ranch home set on a beautiful secluded property that had ample space to start a small farm. God knew of Dudley DWHW’s love of animals and sought to provide and nurture that innocence. Dudley DWHW was excited at the chance to have his own chickens to save on the cost of eggs and make money selling overly priced organic eggs to health nuts. True to his nature, Dudley DWHW saw the ability to profit off the backs of others. Even poor defenseless animals and health minded people looking to fill their bellies with happy and wholesome food. It mattered not where the money came from or how he got it, Dudley DWHW was always willing to make himself better off at the expense of others.

Dudley DWHW was happy to learn that while the house was bigger and more spacious than his previous residence due to its remote location in a tiny town, he would be saving a whopping $300 a month on rent. Dudley DWHW was also taking the opportunity to move his sick mother in with him and charge her $300 in rent. This new home was already starting Dudley DWHW $600 ahead a month. Dudley DWHW felt good about himself and his find. He always got what he deserved, what he wanted.

Well in attempting to get into the new house, Dudley DWHW found out that his new landlord wouldn’t allow animals without a $25 pet deposit each month added on to the cost of rent. Dudley DWHW did not like the idea of paying for the right to have his animal in his own home so Dudley DWHW found a legal loophole to get him out of needing to disclose the presence of a 100+ pound dog in the home. Dudley DWHW hid the truth and didn’t think twice about doing it, it was just Dudley DWHW doing what he naturally thinks it okay to do – lie and cheat and game the system to get what you want without ever considering the cost of being so shady and deceitful.

So Dudley DWHW signed the lease, purposefully deciding to mislead his new landlord on the presence of numerous animals that will be maintained on the property.  Dudley DWHW gave the landlord the check for the deposit and first month’s rent and went about the business of loading up his wife with the responsibility of getting the house ready to move. See Dudley DWHW didn’t feel like going through his stuff, he didn’t feel like spending time putting all his things together and readying them for the new house. Dudley DWHW felt like doing what he wanted to do and right now that would be tasking his wife to handle the responsibility of packing their overly crammed house of things up and getting it ready to move all by herself.

Perfect Peter knew that Dudley DWHW was looking to move and that he was leaving his wife to handle everything by herself. Perfect Peter knew the weight of moving a house by himself and felt no one deserved to handle such pressure alone. Perfect Peter also saw how overworked and burdened by time Dudley DWHW’s wife was and so Perfect Peter lent his Super Packer wife to help as Dudley DWHW would allow.

Dudley DWHW didn’t care about how the packing got done, so long as he wasn’t the one that had to do it. So Super Packer Wife and Dudley DWHW’s wife start working together to tackle the house.  Things were going well. Stuff was getting done. Dudley DWHW felt like he needed to stir up trouble, things were going too easily. So Dudley DWHW started overlooking the work process of the two women, he started questioning every choice they made and started fights about the trash that was disposed of, second guessing everything, causing more distraction than help, creating more mess than calm. Dudley DWHW was working to make it harder for the women. Why? Because Dudley DWHW could and he was just a jerk like that. Despite Dudley DWHW’s best efforts, the women were able to get the job done as they needed.

It came time to move. Dudley DWHW didn’t want to do the work, he never does. Dudley DWHW always finds a reason to make life easier for himself while forcing someone else to do the work he’s unwilling to do. Seeing the overwhelming amount of big furniture that needed moved, Dudley DWHW was unwilling to lend his energy moving his own stuff to his new home. That was menial labor and there were people that could be paid to do it. So Dudley DWHW started looking into hiring professional movers. Despite being unwilling to do the work himself, Dudley DWHW was unwilling to value the movers time properly and complained how expensive it was to move his things. Through constant complaining and combing for greedy opportunities, Dudley DWHW found a business that rented movers for $200 for 3 hours.  While 3 hours wasn’t much time, it still saved Dudley DWHW from having to move his heavy things himself, something he was okay with.

As moving day approached Dudley DWHW started to dread how many boxes there were to carry. He didn’t like that he had so much stuff to move and felt that he shouldn’t have to move things by himself. So Dudley DWHW started whining and complaining to his friends how stressful moving was and how hard it was going to be for him to move everything with his weak ankle and sore back. Dudley DWHW really started pulling the guilt strings to get the people who loved him to work for him, to take advantage of their natural love for him. Dudley DWHW didn’t care that he never spent time helping his friends when it was their turn to move, he only cared about getting what he wanted. Dudley DWHW didn’t care about taking advantage of people’s emotions and using them against them, not even his friends and family. So Dudley DWHW found himself with a handfull of people willing to make his life easier moving into a new house.

And so the move came. The movers loaded up the furniture but it took the whole three hours to get everything loaded onto the truck, leaving no time to unload at the new place. Not wanting to do the work himself, Dudley DWHW was forced to pay another $250 for an extra three hours to get the job done.  Dudley DWHW wasn’t happy to pay extra money, he felt swindled in the process but he was glad he didn’t have to do the work of carrying all that heavy crap.

In the course of the move, Dudley DWHW’s overly expensive fancy stove was broken. While movers insurance covered the damaged, Dudley DWHW was still going to be without a stove for a little while. Dudley DWHW planned to navigate this hurdle by eating out until it was fixed. Money was going to be tight after having to pay for rent at two places, hire movers, and now eat out all the time. But Dudley DWHW wasn’t scared, he prepared for times like this, that was what savings was for.

Also, while moving in Dudley DWHW realized there were some problems with the house that the landlord would need to fix.  Dudley DWHW notified the landlord of the problems and set up a time for them to come make the repairs. The landlord came while the Dudley DWHW family was not home. While approaching the house, the landlord was startled by the sound of a large dog for Dudley DWHW had left his dog free to roam the new home, not penning it up to hide its presence on the property.

The new landlord was not happy. They were not made aware that there would be large animals within the home. They were very open with the requirement of a pet deposit for animals. At no time did Dudley DWHW make any mention that there would be animals within the residence. The new landlord did not think highly of Dudley DWHW anymore. Because after attempting to cash the deposit and first month rent’s check, he was surprised to have the check bounce.  Dudley DWHW had explained that he forgot to take the money out of his pocket and deposit it into his bank account. The landlord had written this mistake off as plausible because moving was stressful and he got the money right away anyways. But now, the landlord was not so sure about Dudley DWHW.

Now the landlord was aware that Dudley DWHW was not completely honest. Dudley DWHW was misleading in his nature and words. Now the landlord didn’t feel comfortable renting his house to the Dudley DWHW family, he wasn’t sure what he could expect from them but he knew enough to know he couldn’t trust them for anything. And so the new landlord started working to find a way out of the lease he had just signed with Dudley DWHW. The new landlord didn’t care to keep his promises to someone who didn’t care enough to be honest.

Dudley DWHW is finding himself to be quite nervous for he is in a difficult position. The old home he vacated already had a lease signed for a new tenant. There is no going back. But going forward was going to be rocky. All Dudley DWHW’s money was tied up in the two monthly rents and the added expense of food. He had completely depleted his savings to make this move and was going to be living on bare bones until he could build up a buffer again. Dudley DWHW did not have the money to afford another deposit and first month’s rent if he were to lose the home they just moved into.

Dudley DWHW is in quite the pickle. God has laid out the cards. Karma is ready to pounce. All the pieces have been set.

Where does the story go from here?

What happens to Dudley DWHW?

What does Dudley DWHW deserve to have happen to him?

What does God feel Dudley DWHW needs to happen?

What does Karma feel Dudley DWHW should have happen?

What lessons does Dudley DWHW need to learn?

How should Dudley DWHW be taught his lessons?

Do you think Dudley DWHW is worthy of redemption?

Do you feel people like Dudley DWHW deserves a second chance?

Stay tuned for the next installment where Dudley DWHW matches wits with Destiny and learns everything he never thought to take time to know.


Written Post4:20am on 3/15/19 by Beautiful Bettie

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