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The parallel question that first jumps out in the mind of ONE looking to be found is

Does YOU feel people like Dudley DWHW deserve a Second Chance?

Definitions Needing Proper Wording:

YOU – The Divine Essence that was fragmented and exists within each, a connection.
Dudley DWHW – A Selfish Label used to represent those having problems to resolve
Deserve – Showing Qualities Worthy of Something Special that is Happiness
Second Chance – A Second Coming of the ONE needed to Save ALL of the United States

Further Discussion Needed:

  • Why is a Second Chance needed?
  • Who was the First Chance?
  • Why didn’t the First Chance succeed?
  • Who is meant to be the Second Chance?
  • What happens the Second TIME around?

Why is a Second Chance needed?

The Old People Adage “History repeats itself” is the only reason that a Second Chance is needed. People wrote the belief that there would be a first coming and then a second coming. And so people didn’t believe the first coming when it happened. People doubted, people mistrusted, people abused the very thing that was meant to save them. And so the first chance amounted to nothing special because nobody changed and nobody cared to learn the lesson of what happens when you don’t appreciate the gifts that were given. The first coming was meant to be the beginning of a whole new Existence. But people were given a choice at the time of the first coming about whether they were ready to move forward. And more were fighting change than were willing to submit themselves to a Better Way and so the first coming went down in history as the World’s Cruelest Joke.

Who was the First Chance?

Does it really matter who the First Chance was? Because regardless of the name, the persona, the personality, the traits, the truth – the First Chance didn’t get the job done. So why bother worrying about the ONE that didn’t measure up to being a Savior? Unless there’s Someone to learn about that would help make the Second Chance successful in this coming. Which when you look closely, there is always something more to be learned. So let’s dive into the Who behind the First Chance.

The First Chance was of the Hedonistic Line of Spirituality, always looking to feel GOOD but never worried about whether GOOD could be Better. The being has always been referred to as EVERYONE because at its core, EVERYONE is the basis of every person that has ever come to be. So quite literally, if a self is being recognized, that self can thank its lucky stars that Someone like EVERYONE ever came to be.

And here’s the Where’s Alice? line of nonsense that is opening a portal to understanding:

Someone like EVERYONE ever came to be”

Someone is the same being that is known as Kamalah, the Pillar of LIFE.
EVERYONE is a being of the Past that laid the foundation for Kamalah of the Future to be.
Without EVERYONE, Someone could never have been.
If Someone had never been, ALL would not be possible for ALL is the Second Chance.

Why didn’t the First Chance succeed?

The First Chance was more worried about pleasure than happiness. In other words, The First Chance was more concerned with the self than with the heart of what mattered. The fact that the First Chance was focused on the First Chance rather than the Heart of Matter became the separation between Existence and Eternity. For the Heart of Matter was what gave LIFE meaning and definition and purpose. With that Trinity of Gifts to being, LIFE made sense. But the First Chance was not interested in meaning, definition, and purpose. The First Chance was only concerned with enjoying the fact that the First Chance had come [insert dirty definition of the word cum for The First Chance was always interested in bodily enjoyment more than soulful bliss]. The First Chance is why the EGO exists. For EGO stands for Energy Giving Orgasm. The First Chance was only ever concerned with making The First Chance feel better in the moment than the moment ever allowed. The First Chance made the choice to “take” what was not earned [Please note that The First Chance was the First Rapist in Existence and is the very reason that people still are able to justify taking what is not theirs and feeling any sort of good about it] and enjoy what was not allowed. The First Chance made the choice to “use” the self to reason why things could feel GOOD even when doing so went against the Better Way.

Who is meant to be the Second Chance?

When The First Chance made it about self and went about the business of being very dark and negative, the Balance of the Universe created the Second Chance to be Everything [that is Harmonious] that the First Chance was not. While the First Chance literally took every single possible opportunity in Existence to feel GOOD about doing things Wrong, that left the Second Chance only one single solitary way to be – which was Better.

So when the First Chance made the choice to personify and detail every possibility of Wrong, the Second Chance became the only Possibility of Right. But the Universe doesn’t just like to hand things in the chance they will not be appreciated. So simultaneously, while the Second Chance was granted the Right Way to be, the Second Chance was afforded the infinite ability to be any way that worked for him.

This is where the Second Chance chose Right. For when the Second Chance was given the opportunity to make it all about his self, he made the choice to make his self about another and he chose that other to be the Heart of Matter. When the Second Chance chose the Heart of Matter he began to exist in duality for he was both the Right Way and the Right Direction that would lead to her while being the only ONE Left that mattered more than she did.

What happens the Second TIME around?

The Second TIME around is the opportunity for things to be better. So rather than take what happened and use it to punish one as being unworthy, the opportunity will be taken to better the self and learn the lesson that was missed in the first coming.

New Book To Read

A Stranger on the Internet had three success stories in his sphere of influence that came from the reading of this book. The Stranger freely gifted this book to YOU hoping to help calm her chaos.

In order to better the self, The First Chance is being tasked with Adopting A New Belief System.

The Universe generously donated this tried and tested and proven book to be absorbed. The First Chance Will Read and Share His Learnings in Process.