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Life wasn’t made easy for Perfect Peter to get back on track. Despite having the money to get into the house, Perfect Peter found himself unable to find someone willing to rent to him. Sadly, crooks and criminals had run Perfect Peter’s rental history through the ringer leaving him looking a poor choice for a tenant. Despite having money, people just weren’t willing to trust Perfect Peter.

But Perfect Peter kept trying. He was open and honest about what he had been through. He didn’t hide what happened to him and he didn’t make light of the consequences of those hard times. In all ways, Perfect Peter stayed true to himself trusting he would find the right person to put their faith in him.

Perfect Peter wasn’t picky. He didn’t care about things like fancy neighborhoods and privileged school systems. He cared about getting his family what they needed. And the first thing they needed was a place to call home. So Perfect Peter searched until finally he came across the Perfect Landlord.

The Perfect Landlord heard Perfect Peter’s story honestly. And then she looked into Perfect Peter’s background. As she saw the pattern his life had taken, she noticed that several of his previous landlords were known gang members or a part of the mafia. She had a history with several of the leeches looking to make a good guy look bad and she knew how they victimized good people in bad situations. The Perfect Landlord checked out Perfect Peter’s story and found he was truthful in all ways, he truly was a victim of the bad times.

The Perfect Landlord is a lover of the Perfect God and in all ways she saw it in the best interest of Perfect Peter and his Perfect family to come and live in the home she had to offer.  She was happy to welcome them into a spacious three bedroom home with an ample sized living room, a generous sized dining room, and a pleasantly quaint kitchen. Added bonus were the two clean and comfortable full baths in the upstairs and basement. Not to mention, there was ample space in the basement and a full attic to consider.  In all ways, the Perfect Landlord felt this home would be the Perfect Fit for the Perfect Family.  Sure, she knew there wasn’t a big yard and the school district was really poor, but she kept her house in great condition – even free of pesky bugs like carpenter ants and spiders. The Perfect Landlord didn’t mind working to keep her tenants happy. And she felt happy to offer these needy people a safe place to call home. In all ways, she desired to be The Perfect Landlord.

With trust and faith in Perfect Peter, the Perfect Landlord handed the Perfect Family the keys to their Perfect Home.  In all ways, the Perfect Family was blessed. They were given that which they so longed for, they were going to be together in peace and happiness. In all ways, life was good.

Dudley DWHW didn’t like how happy Perfect Peter seemed lately. Something was off. So Dudley DWHW did what he does best and went about the business of finding out exactly what was up. Dudley got wind that Perfect Peter had been granted the Perfect Pass to get away to a life of leisure and pleasure. Dudley DWHW did not like what he had found. Dudley felt Perfect Peter stole his Perfect Pass because he had worked not so hard but extra conniving-ly to make sure he always appeared better. Dudley DWHW felt Perfect Peter was a poor excuse for a man and a perfect example of a failure at life for Dudley felt Perfect Peter had nothing going for him.

So Dudley DWHW decided to make it hard for Perfect Peter to springboard off into happy oblivion. He decidedly put himself between Perfect Peter and the Perfect Pass God had generously gifted to the Perfect Family. Dudley set himself against the Will of God. Dudley DWHW didn’t consider who he risked offending, he only cared for getting what he wanted. And right now he wanted Perfect Peter to pay.

Because Dudley was angry. Somehow Perfect Peter was slipping away from enslavement. Dudley was upset with all the money he was going to have to start spending.  Who was going to pay his water bill? Who was going to buy all that food? In all the time Dudley DWHW was charging the Perfect Family expensive room and board for nearly no living space, he never cared to save a penny in the process. At all times, Dudley thought about how the extra money could make him feel better. He went out to eat. He bought treats. He took vacations. In all ways, Dudley DWHW was loose and fast with the extra he entitled himself to. Dudley never considered to help those he was taking advantage of.

Now Pefect Peter was leaving to his own home. Dudley gave the Perfect Family one night in their new home before he changed the locks on them, keeping them from accessing their belongings tucked away for safekeeping in Dudley’s basement. Dudley DWHW didn’t care that he was making life harder for the Perfect Family, he enjoyed the hoops he was making them jump through trying to get their things to their new home. He took pleasure in their effort to acquire the crap he deemed as garbage. He showed his disdain for the objects they adored and offered no help to reconnect The Perfect Family with their precious belongings.

That was okay because Perfect Peter was used to going without things. For a long time his things lie locked away in a storage unit behind a lock that wouldn’t open until a past due balance was paid in full. It didn’t bother Perfect Peter that Dudley was keeping his things at his place, he knew they were safe and that was enough for him. Perfect Peter knew time would help the situation and when he was meant to have his things he would.

And so Perfect Peter went about the business of turning their house into a home. Perfect Peter listened to God in all ways and only desired to take what he needed to be happy and comfortable and not a drop more. Perfect Peter knew how little he needed and felt comfortable fulfilling God’s request. Perfect Peter took the time to make his home a more perfect place to live. In no time at all, Perfect Peter was living high on happiness and full up on love. Life was good and there was nothing to complain about.


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