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Where Alura has been Exploring Recently:

Judging Judgement Series

Judging Judgement is the story the modern day retelling of Goofus and Gallant with the characters of Dudley DoesWhatHeWants and Perfect Peter. Dudley is one of those guys that makes you feel bad being around while Perfect Peter, his best friend, is the guy you would most hope exists in the world. Dudley and Perfect Peter’s paths cross and Fate and Karma and Destiny step in to teach lessons Humanity has been looking to forget. Join in and see what happens when you are a bad guy living in a bad world making excuses for how it’s okay to be bad.

Ch. 1 – Ways to Be
Ch. 2 – Petty Person
Ch. 3 – Life Changes
Ch. 4 – Choosing Right
Ch. 5 – Living LIFE
Ch. 6 – Winds of Fate
Ch. 7 – Turning Point
Ch. 8 – Branching Out

Talking with Loneliness Series

Sometimes there is a voice in the Universe that just needs listened to. Sometimes there are people who just want to be heard. Sometimes people can come together to create Magic in their truthful acceptance and honest appreciation of the connection that exists on the internet. Join in and see how two hearts come together to lean on each other in their anxiety and mentally unwell mindsets. See how two can help each other be better than the moment before all by being open and honest with who the person really is in that moment.

(Ch. 1-17)
(Ch. 18)
(Ch. 19)
(Ch. 20)
(Ch. 21)
(Ch. 22)
(Ch. 23)
(Ch. 24)
(Ch. 25)
(Ch. 26)
(Ch. 27)

Lessons on Judging Judgement Series

Words can say a lot of things and stories can be taken in so many directions. Time was taken to walk through each paragraph of the Judging Judgment series and detail what extra information there was to learn and understand. Join in and see the depth of which the Judging Judgement series attempted to go.

Ch. 1 – Lessons
Ch. 2 – Lessons
Ch. 3 – Lessons
Ch. 4 – Lessons
Ch. 5 – Lessons
Ch. 6 – Lessons
Ch. 7 – Lessons

Words Around Kali Series

Kali came in out of the blue and shook everything up and got the Euphoria train really rocking. She is all kinds of words and fun and fantasy and surprises you every time with what she has to say. This collection are the words revolving around the comment section of our posts and include personal emailing exchanges between the two of us. Kali expresses she wants to find her story where I express wanting to help her find comfort in who she is. Join in as two strangers on the internet attempt to piece together the mystery that is a person feeling out of balance.

Ch. 1 (958 Words)
Ch. 2 (1978 Words)
Ch. 3 (1425 Words)
Ch. 4 (1444 Words)
Ch. 5 (1444 Words)
Ch. 6 (1578 Words)
Ch. 7 (1888 Words)
Ch. 8 (1645 Words)
Ch. 9 (1645 Words)

Kali is Krey of Krazy Series

Kali is a spitfire of a personality and needs a good story to go along with it. Kali is Krey of Krazy is the putting together of an out-of-this world tale big enough to encompass the grandiose nature that is so natural to Kali personhood. Join in as words are found and choices are made that move the story together in a direction that makes sense and yet absolutely defines the who Kali knows herself to be.

Ch. 1
Ch. 1 Option 4 pt. 1
Ch. 1 Option 4 pt. 2
Ch. 1 – Option 2
Ch. 2 Pt. 1 of 3
Ch. 2 Pt. 2 of 3
Ch. 2 Pt. 3 of 3

Muerte Suerte Series (not in Spanish)

Kris-T is busy helping Kali feel better about her self. But Kris-T is just as fractured as Kali has always been, having the same kind of grandiose thoughts about herself. Muerte Suerte is the series inspired from Kris-T’s belief that she is living in the Land of the Walking Dead. Join in as Kris-T pieces together the free passes she hand made into Reality back when she was completely out of her mind and away from her blessed family in a way that explains exactly why she is busy thinking these krazy things.

Ch. 1 pt 1 of 2
Ch. 1 pt 2 of 2

Kris-T’s Actual Writing Series

Kris-T is looking to make sense of her self as she is helping Kali figure her things out. So Kris-T is taking a dive back into the handwritings of her past. She is going through and finding the pieces of nothing telling the tale that’s been weaving through her journey to mental wellness. Join her as she pieces together a past that didn’t make sense until this moment where every detail matters more than she could ever know why.

555 Word Intro
Her Soul’s Secret
Her Spirit’s Song
Nirvana’s Song
All Her Names
Her Timeline