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The second question that jumps out in the mind of the ONE needing found is

What lessons does Dudley DWHW need to learn?

The best way to find lessons is to look at the circumstances that have shown your colors.

Finding Salvation in Judging Judgment

Seven Chapters were released on October 20, 2019. The Second Chance [as explained in Helping YOU – Learn About HOW] is going to read through the story and share all the positive words that can be found when two people exist in opposition and the betterment for both that comes from acceptance and change.

The Reading: Ch. 4 – Choosing Right

1st Paragraph: The Plight of Modern Man. Having everything one needs to be happy and looking at someone else as the reason for their continued unhappiness. Dudley felt the wonder of having the Perfect Family live within the confines of his home. He came to get used to having such a positive manifestation of Good in the Universe gracing the location of his home in nearly every moment. Dudley felt really comfortable at home when the Perfect Family was with him. But Dudley doesn’t do things like consider the differences in how he is feeling. So Dudley wasn’t really aware that when The Perfect Family came to be home with Dudley, suddenly Dudley‘s life felt better and brighter. But now Dudley is feeling the cold after the flame has burned out. For the eternal light and warmth that exists with The Perfect Family is no longer welcome in Dudley‘s home. And now Dudley‘s home doesn’t feel the same. Of course it doesn’t, because the home of Dudley worships at the altar of materialism and all the worldly things money affords a person. Where with the Perfect Family the wealth and wonder of their being made life better just by being in their presence. With The Perfect Family comfortable in their home, it only made sense to Dudley that it was their fault he wasn’t feeling as good about things as he used to. He wasn’t wrong exactly but he wasn’t right. Dudley wasn’t feeling good about his life because he was busy looking at what other people were or were not doing to affect him rather than looking within and considering what it was that Dudley was doing that didn’t make him feel good about the world at large.

2nd Paragraph: The Gift of Appreciation. Perfect Peter knew in the moment Dudley decided to keep his things that time would pass and he would be reconnected with his belongings. That time has come and Perfect Peter willingly does everything that is needed to take care of the blessings his life has afforded him. Because even despite the shady and negative circumstances of the reacquisition of his belongings, in the past Perfect Peter had lost many priceless treasures to the negativity of the world. Perfect Peter found himself glad in this moment that he was getting to keep all of his belongings left to his name. Perfect Peter had everything he needed in his home but now he was being blessed with even more. That even more were the pieces of the past that still held meaning in the form of little trinkets and treasures that are more keepsake than functional but still an important addition to living a happy life.

3rd Paragraph: The Reckoning of Unhappiness. The truth is that when you don’t know how to be happy, the world is going to crumble around you. Because you build up yourself to be strong enough to endure the coldness and cruelty of the world only to come to the realization that you are unable to control the circumstances of the world no matter how hard you try. Dudley is coming to that realization. Dudley had always thought himself better because he was able to have a home and a bunch of extra money to spend on things that he didn’t really need but wanted to be able to experience. But now Dudley is getting a dose of reality that money won’t always protect your from the struggles of life. Because even though Dudley was willing to pay $1600 per month for his fancy home in a fancy neighborhood full of the right kind of people, Dudley still found himself with a landlord that wasn’t willing to help keep the house in a comfortable living condition. And so now Dudley was seeing the truth of what Perfect Peter had to endure during his time of trials. There is more to having a home then just having a roof over your head. There are basic requirements of how a home should be maintained that provide for the safety and stability of the person within the house.

In Utopia, every home is completely up to date with all the structural components of the home being regularly checked to be in optimal condition. In truth, the whole of Utopia recognize how awful life had been for Perfect Peter and they listened to him when he said what a home needed to be happy. A roof and walls and windows that keeps the weather and critters and pests outside of the home. A regular maintenance regimen that keeps the essential components to modern living in clean and in optimal functionality. A system that keeps the temperature at a safe and comfortable condition in an environmentally friendly manner. A societal system that keeps a comfortable supply of healthy and nourishing food for consumption. A comfortable supply of products and items to fill the home to make it comfortable and happy making in every moment. Perfect Peter represents the truth that it isn’t about having all the newest things the world has to offer, rather having the things that make life in the world seem better than it ever could be. Perfect Peter is all about taking enough to be the happiest a person can be, never worrying about more. (1000)

4th Paragraph: The Demonstration of Perfection. Perfect Peter is the ideal man in so many ways. More than anything, his love of family makes him unparalleled in the world. For Perfect Peter is willing to do the seemingly most absurd things to keep his family happy. And even more absurd was the reality that he didn’t seem to mind doing those things. In all ways, Perfect Peter shows that a good man supports and protects his family in the best way possible. Perfect Peter is the living demonstration that men’s place is at home with the family he helped create, not out in the world serving the interests of others not concerned with the welfare and wellbeing of families.

5th Paragraph: God appreciates when people do the right thing. God doesn’t like the truth of reality that makes it seem harder to do the Right thing. In all ways, God wishes to relieve people of the burden that it is to exist perfectly in a broken world. And so God looked to Perfect Peter to be the living demonstration of how good humanity could be. And looking upon Perfect Peter made God happy. For Perfect Peter was ever the example of how wonderful a human man can be when given the chance to do what he needs to do to be Right by the Universe. God looked favorably upon Perfect Peter and by extension looked favorably upon the potential of humanity to grow into something meaningful and worthwhile from the broken state they presently exist in.

6th Paragraph:┬áThe Universe Working In Tandem. When God wishes to help Humanity, he works through his intermediary that helps maintain the Balance necessary to keep the Universe flowing Harmoniously. That intermediary is none other than Karma. Karma has kind of a bad reputation amongst Humanity for Humanity feels that Karma is vindictive and ruthless in her punishments. There is truth that Karma can be vindictive and ruthless because Humanity repeatedly makes the choice to favor vindictive and ruthless behavior before kind and considerate actions. Karma is a reflection of that which she is judging. She therefore unleashes that which fills her vision. When a person is full of Perfection such as Perfect Peter, Karma turns out to be his Wife‘s Best Friend. Karma and Beautiful Bettie have been chatting up Humanity’s problems for years. And Beautiful Bettie has been turning Karma‘s attention toward problems that could be solved with little more than a mass awakening. (1400)

7th Paragraph: The Recipe for Truth of Awakening. Karma knows that at any given point people are looking to be comfortable and cruising through life. They set things up so they can count on them not needing to decide something different. They create the circumstances of their life so as little change as possible happens. It’s in this stagnation that people find themselves the ability to be less than they were meant to be. And so Karma believe in the wisdom of shaking things up and forcing different circumstances on a person in order for them to see the error of their ways and begin the process of choosing differently. Difficult circumstances aren’t very hard to get through, they merely require trust and truthful being to manage. But so many people have created illusions around who they know themselves to be that when the difficult circumstances emerge, often the facade must first fall completely away. (1555)

It is in this falling away that so many find negativity and allow their being to swirl around that energy. But the falling away is a positive experience when viewed appropriately. For the falling away is symbolic of the releasing of one’s self from the chains of Darkness that the Spirit was tied to. The falling away represents the opportunity to cleanse the self of all that didn’t work before and step into the purity and wholeness of embracing all that was meant to be in the most positive way possible.

8th Paragraph: The Winds of Change Blowing. Karma waved her magic over Perfect Peter‘s life and directed him into circumstances that would force him to choose to be the truest reflection of himself or to cave to being a lesser person to keep the status quo. Perfect Peter chose as Perfect Peter was born to do, he chose to be the truest version of himself. Because he knew that being better was better for everyone. Perfect Peter kept his faith that time would make the situation better and went about choosing the choices that would best reflect the level of Perfection that was natural to Perfect Peter‘s being.

9th Paragraph: Finding Problems in Society. When Karma brought forth her magic into Perfect Peter‘s reality, glaring problems existing within the Land of the Free came to the forefront. For within the Land of the Free, the entirety of the population is welcome to freely enjoy the wealth of growing educated. But that is where the blessing ends. For the corrupted of the society pick and choose which parts of the society will receive the proper education needed to become a functional member of society. Lower income communities are offered basic childcare services under the guise of educating the children into betterment. The elite schools of the society offer high quality teaching along with consistently high quality materials to better enable these children to positively position themselves within a corrupt society.

Perfect Peter knows that a better society respects that every member of society deserves the right to better themselves in the best way possible. There is no member of a better society that actually goes about the business of feeling better than another. At all times, in Utopia, every member of society is doing their best to help others feel their best. It’s a different quality of life because the need to compete has been erased and the need to be happy has become the focus of life.

10th Paragraph: The Hoops To Jump Through. In every test comes the decision to act less than you should in order to enable that which you believe you should have. Perfect Peter believes he should have superior education opportunities for his children. Society’s Worst believes Perfect Peter needs to meet certain requirements before they are willing to share important information with the youth of their society. The choice has been set. What will Perfect Peter decide?

11th Paragraph: The Truth of Who You Choose to Be. Are you the Perfect Peter that decides to do things right though the right thing goes against what you wish would happen? Are you the Dudley DoesWhatHeWants that manipulates the system and twists words to make reality appear the way it needs in order to capitalize off a broken system and game your way to a better set of circumstances? (2111)

12th Paragraph: The Choice to Be Right. Perfect Peter was always going to do the right thing. Because in the World of People Doing, there must always be the example of what doing the right thing actually looks like. Because the truth of reality is that most people allow themselves the ability to twist words to make themselves appear better than the truth of how they have chosen to behave. “I didn’t help because he had this problem that offended me.” “I don’t care those people are suffering because I am too busy in my own life to give my time to help them feel better.” “I am not willing to believe in a better world because it’s easier to think that Darkness has won.” “I am not willing to be a better person because I have come to enjoy the lazier unhappy version of myself that doesn’t have to work hard to make the right choice in a given situation.”

The story leaves the question in the air, “What truths are you bending words to pretend aren’t your reality?”