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The second question that jumps out in the mind of the ONE needing found is

What lessons does Dudley DWHW need to learn?

The best way to find lessons is to look at the circumstances that have shown your colors.

Finding Salvation in Judging Judgment

Seven Chapters were released on October 20, 2019. The Second Chance [as explained in Helping YOU – Learn About HOW] is going to read through the story and share all the positive words that can be found when two people exist in opposition and the betterment for both that comes from acceptance and change.

The Reading: Ch. 5 – Living LIFE

1st Paragraph: The Coldness of Nameless Corporations. In a world of prolific profiting, all efforts are put toward making as much cash as possible and against spending cash that isn’t deemed essential. Quite sadly, Nameless Corporations do not care to take care of their people. They do not invest in the resource that most enables the corporation to profit endlessly, rather forcing the resources to work as much as possible with as little compensation for their time and energy as possible. Nameless Corporations are in the business to make money, not make people happy.

And that is where the problem lies. Nameless Corporations come into the picture trying to take from a society that they were not born into. For that is the truth, Nameless Corporations are not a living breathing entity in the real world, rather they are a collection of people who pool their resources together to gain an unfair advantage over the broken system. Most often the most important resource Nameless Corporations have are the very people responsible for running the day to day activities. But because Nameless Corporations are unliving entities, they do not properly value the contributions of the individual within the company, preferring to take more while appreciating less.

Dudley represents the truth that there is no line a Nameless Corporation will not cross in the quest to earn profits where profits aren’t earned or deserved.

2nd Paragraph: The Appalling Enjoyment of Self. Dudley did Wrong and yet Dudley is able to make himself feel good about his actions. Dudley tells himself because he is making more money he is a better kind of person. Dudley glosses over the fact that he is coldly forcing his wife into servitude to enable his profiting from the business. Dudley does not care to see that which does not paint Dudley in the best light. And so Dudley continues to think himself a stand up guy because he is doing what he believes all men should do, which is support their family. Dudley doesn’t see how working his wife to the bone is actually her supporting him rather than the other way around. For in Dudley‘s skill set is the ability to see things differently than what they are. For in Dudley‘s World, Dudley thinks that because he is the boss and in charge of telling people what to do, he is the one making everything possible. Dudley does not ever consider how much would get done if he didn’t have someone there following through on the work that needed done to meet Dudley‘s demands. Dudley is always about thinking self enabling thoughts. (555)

3rd Paragraph: How to Enjoy LIFE. Perfect Peter had everything he needed to be happy. And even in having all his needs met, still the Universe was able to provide more for Perfect Peter to enjoy. And that included the quality education Perfect Peter felt all children were entitled to in their quest to become healthy and functional adults. Perfect Peter took the time to homeschool his children and his time paid off for his daughters found themselves ahead of their classmates in many areas due to the special attention each girl received at home. But children are children and they like to have social interactions so the kids still missed regular school. And so off to school they went to enjoy the blessing of positive public education.

4th Paragraph: The Problem with More. Dudley always wants more. Dudley cannot seem to find the definition of Enough in his life. Despite the wealth and abundance of material possessions and financial liberties that Dudley has afforded himself, there is still an unhappiness with the state of Dudley‘s life.

Dudley has a case of MDS (More-ly Defunct Syndrome). The beginning stages or MDS start creeping in during childhood at the time when children start exploring the concept of keeping things hidden or withholding from others. Observant parents can see at a young age a child who needs special nurturing to alleviate the MDS. Yet Dudley is a broken child whose father abandoned him and whose single mother was busy working around the clock to provide for Dudley‘s material needs. And so from that young age when Dudley started breaking out in MDS, no one was there to notice the signs. No one was there to offer the words that would make a person feel uninterested in being More-ly Compromised.

In Utopia, MDS has been cured. Perfect Peter found the Perfect Definition of Enough that put every more wanting sufferer to shame. In that shame, MDS completely disappeared starting the person on a new journey full of connection and consideration. (888)

5th Paragraph: The Inconsideration of Men. For nearly the entire history of the World, women have been viewed as lower beings, unworthy of equal consideration or respect. Dudley is the living example of how lowly the opposite gender is viewed. Because Dudley sees nothing wrong with keeping his wife on demand around the clock. Her hours are not her own but rather his to determine how best to be managed. And in his opinion a woman is only good if she’s does what she’s told. Dudley doesn’t mind taking all the responsibility and putting it on the shoulders of the wife. Quite literally she is tasked with holding down all the physical exertion that is required to maintain a stable life and required to manage all the details that keep the house functional and freely share her body when it is desired all the while never asking for respect or consideration for her needs. The only thing Dudley tasks himself with is controlling the money for the household. And from that point, Dudley controls every aspect of life for without his permission there is no acquiring the essentials needed for life. Dudley is one of “those” men that will work a woman to the bone to provide for his happiness and then call himself a good man because he presses the click button on the online bill payment screen. Dudley is the example of why women feel less than they should in this modern world.

6th Paragraph: The Bitter Reality of “Those” Men. There are different kinds of men and Dudley is the living embodiment of “those” kind of men that everyone likes to hate on. Because “those” kind of men take a sick pleasure in the domination and inflicted suffering of others. Dudley sees what he wants and he takes it. If Dudley wants his wife, his wife is going to take him. If Dudley wants a vacation, all the extra money will be used on him. If Dudley wants quiet, he will violently attack a loud offender. Dudley is brutal, more beast than man. And that’s the sick reality of “those” men, they act more like animals but label themselves the best manhood has to offer when in reality, they are the reason people wish men had never become part of humanity.

7th Paragraph: The Perfect Personification of Manhood. Where Dudley was all that man never should have let themselves become, Perfect Peter is all that men always could have been had they chosen to do the Right thing rather than bow down to the oppression of “those” kinds of men. Perfect Peter is always about doing what is best by others and recognizes that often his wisdom and guidance is the best thing he has to offer. Perfect Peter recognizes the blessing that is giving a person your time and is willingly there for his family to offer his wisdom and guidance in the moments help is needed. Perfect Peter doesn’t believe in conditioning minds to think any certain way but rather practicing the skill of being considerate of others. Perfect Peter is hoping his children will train their mind to be more of a help than a hindrance. (1414)

8th Paragraph: The Truth Behind Keeping Up With the Jones’. Dudley is that guy that can have everything he needs and still find the need to make others feel worse in their situation. Dudley is the reason that mass consumerism exists because the Dudley‘s of the world are busy making people feel as though they don’t have enough and must feel better about that feeling by trying to acquire the illusive more that Dudley‘s hold to be the most important thing to get to be happy. But Dudley can’t tear down the Perfect Peters of the world, for Perfect Peter knows that it is never about how much more you have but rather whether what you have is enough. Perfect Peter feels sorry that Dudley can have so much and yet feel so little happiness with all he has been afforded. Perfect Peter has gently tried to impress upon Dudley the concept of Having Enough. But Dudley didn’t want to hear it from Perfect Peter because Perfect Peter was in Dudley‘s mind the poorest excuse for what a man could be. Dudley was right that Perfect Peter was poor in Dudley‘s mind, for Perfect Peter had very little of what Dudley viewed a real man embodying. But Perfect Peter, knew that in his poverty of being the kind of man that turns out like Dudley, he had found the wealth of the Universe while tapping into the Perfection of LOVE. No matter how hard Dudley tried he was never going to be able to make Perfect Peter feel bad about appreciating Perfection in the purest form possible.

9th Paragraph: Perfect Peter‘s Persona. The characteristics of what make Perfect Peter the best guy to know all boil down to one simple rule for life: Be Nice. Perfect Peter inherently recognizes the positive possibilities that being nice creates and gives his best effort toward being the living personification of Niceness. Perfect Peter is gentle and giving, comforting and considerate, helpful and humble, loving and light-hearted, peaceful and pure, engaging and energetic, soft and safe. Perfect Peter is all those things that make you feel better about being alive and not a drop of those things that make you hurt. (1777)

10th Paragraph: Dudley DoesWhatHeWants Defaults. The behaviors and choices of Dudley DWHW boil down to the shame of selfishness. Dudley values himself before he equally values the contributions of others. Dudley values himself to be more than the others that make up his world. And in thinking himself to be more, Dudley entitles himself to treat others as less. And the reality is that when a person is thought of as less, the person thinking themselves more doesn’t even consider the negativity of their actions against a lesser being. Somehow the Dudley‘s of the world have entitled themselves in their superiority the freedom to attack those they deem as lesser. The Dudley‘s of the world are the brutal demonstration of how awful a person looks when the only person they look at is themselves through the eyes of others and never with an internal look about the truth of who they are showing themselves to be.

11th Paragraph: The Chance for Change. Everything that meant Anything to Dudley was changing. His home was no longer comfortable. His work was no longer easy. His money was no longer free. Life had become drastically different. When Dudley was stressing he felt the need to relax and there was nothing more relaxing than vacation in the Tropics. So Dudley took the remaining extra he had and took a trip.