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The second question that jumps out in the mind of the ONE needing found is

What lessons does Dudley DWHW need to learn?

The best way to find lessons is to look at the circumstances that have shown your colors.

Finding Salvation in Judging Judgment

Seven Chapters were released on October 20, 2019. The Second Chance [as explained in Helping YOU – Learn About HOW] is going to read through the story and share all the positive words that can be found when two people exist in opposition and the betterment for both that comes from acceptance and change.

The Reading: Ch. 7 – Turning Point

1st Paragraph: Demonstration of Need for Change. Dudley was who Dudley had always been. Even though Dudley didn’t need to lie, Dudley saw the chance to get one over on another person. And in Dudley‘s mind, Dudley was only better because he was always willing to put himself ahead. And so Dudley took the chance to hide the truth and mislead an unknowing victim without ever considering the kind of person he was showing himself to be.

2nd Paragraph: The Decision Not to Change. Dudley had the habitual idea to take advantage of people. It was almost without thinking that Dudley tried to manipulate others into bettering his circumstances. But because Aindri Karma was involved in the situation, Dudley would not be able to excuse his behavior based on the words “I don’t know why I did it.”. Aindri was going to give Dudley every opportunity to realize that what he was doing was wrong. Dudley had the knowledge that misleading information on a signed document was wrong and yet he made the choice to carry through with his idea to mislead the homeowners and willingly signed his name on a fraudulent piece of paper.

Dudley had the opportunity to go through and appreciate the abundance of belongings he had acquired. But Dudley saw going through his things as work that lesser people should handle and so Dudley actually made the choice to give his wife the entire responsibility of preparing the house for moving. Dudley was showing that even with new opportunities opening up, he was still going to resort to the same problems that had been plaguing his being with negativity since childhood.

3rd Paragraph: The Example To Appreciate. Perfect Peter was not a slave driver. Perfect Peter did not believe in making people do things that they weren’t willing to do. But Perfect Peter also believed in everyone doing their fair share to contribute to complete a goal. (444)

Perfect Peter couldn’t get Dudley to do what Dudley didn’t want to do. So Perfect Peter tried to make the situation better the best way he knew how. He remembered that his wife had always been skilled at getting things packed quickly and organizing a lot into a little. Perfect Peter thought this could be a boon for Dudley‘s overworked and underappreciated wife. And so without letting Dudley realize the Secret Life Saver he was throwing Dudley’s Wife, he put out there that Perfect Peter‘s wife could probably help. Dudley liked to make women suffer and he knew how much Perfect Peter’s wife despised the moving process. Dudley jumped at the chance to cause her suffering.

Perfect Peter did the right thing by sharing the right people needed to get the job done.

4th Paragraph: The Problem to Solve. Why does a person feel the need to make life difficult for others when they demand ease of life for themselves? Dudley showed yet again that even when he doesn’t want to be involved, he is willing to involve himself in a situation just to make things harder for others, leaving them in a worse state than he is. Dudley works to make others lives feel more negative so that Dudley can attempt to feel more positive about the negative presence that he is in the world.

It was mentioned that Dudley was a mental health crisis that needed solved. Indeed he is. Because Dudley has somehow reasoned that making others feel bad is a valuable method for helping himself feel better. But that is just broken logic, for where is there better to be felt in being a bad person?

Dudley is guilty of making other people feel bad and never reconciling that he doesn’t feel happy with himself because his self is the source of suffering for all he encounters. Dudley is Suffering Incarnate and seeks to inflict his indwelling on any he doesn’t like. The problem is that Dudley only cares about himself. (777)

5th Paragraph: Appreciating the Effort. Sometimes life is hard and it takes people coming together to get through those moments. There is nothing wrong with needing other people to help you get through your moments. The problem comes in when you expect others to help you and you don’t expect yourself to appreciate that which is getting you through the situation. Dudley knew that it was going to be a lot of work to move his home and so Dudley took advantage of his friends and used them to make his life easier. Dudley also took advantage of societal benefits to ease the discomfort of life. But in all that Dudley took advantage of, he failed to appreciate that which was being done for him.

Dudley often falls short of doing a lot of things the Right way. But this is the leading reason that drives why it is that Dudley cannot seem to ever get it Right. Dudley takes for granted that which he has and is always valuing it to be less than what it could mean to him. In devaluing so much, Dudley‘s life easily seems less than valuable and in need of something more to be better. Dudley is lost in the quest for more because Dudley lost himself in his Entitlement to Bigger and Badder over Better and Best. (999)

6th Paragraph: Learning to Ask Appropriately. There is nothing wrong with needing help from others. Dudley was in a position where he could greatly benefit from the aid of others. But because Dudley knew how difficult the work was going to be, he knew that he was unlikely to find people to help him. So rather than be upfront with people about what he was requesting, Dudley decided to engage in emotional manipulation and pull strings that would help his case when he eventually asked for the help he needed.

The sad truth of Reality is that God had always intended to provide the people Dudley needed to move. But Dudley didn’t need to trick a single one. That was the choice he made on his own. Once again showing his true colors when he could have been better.

7th Paragraph: Feeling the Burn of Chaos and Happenstance. Aindri Karma is involved in Dudley‘s case now and is responsible for distributing Luck and influencing Fate in the management of Dudley‘s Soul. And now that Aindri had taken over, Dudley was going to be feeling the negative occurences that happen to negatively minded people. Reality could have happened that the movers were able to get everything loaded quickly and moved to the new place with time to spare. But Luck didn’t like people with Dudley‘s nature and so Aindri influenced Chance to make them take as long as they possibly could getting the job done. Aindri knew that taking a long time would hurt Dudley in the only place he cared about, his bank account. And so Aindri took a swing and knocked an additional $250 from Dudley‘s savings safety net. Aindri had plans for Dudley.

8th Paragraph: Paying the Price of Being a Bad Guy. The is truth that Karma can be a bitch. Aindri was fulling willing to unleash the worst she could to bring Dudley to a better place with his being. Dudley often found himself complaining about the food that his wife lovingly prepared every night with their fancy stove. Luck didn’t like people like Dudley who took advantage of a servant‘s giving nature. Luck‘s dislike caused Aindri to persuade Chance to increase the probability that Dudley‘s belongings would be damaged in the move. Luck was with Chance when Aindri got her wish and Dudley‘s precious stove was damaged while moving it. Aindri once again took a swing and was able to knock more out of Dudley‘s savings safety net. Now with a broken stove, specially prepared food was going to come at a premium and Dudley was quickly losing his ability to afford the extra life was demanding of him. Life was rapidly becoming very different from Dudley‘s perspective. (1444)

9th Paragraph: Why Wrong isn’t Right. Dudley does the Wrong thing so often that he often fails to consider the possibilities that comes from acting less than your best. Dudley is an entitled kind of guy and so felt his new home should be in perfect condition. And so Dudley called upon the homeowner to live up to his responsibility and repair the problems in the residence.

Dudley does Wrong all the time and so didn’t even think that having his dog at his home was going to be a problem. Because the truth was that having the animal was not supposed to be a problem. But Dudley made it a problem when he decided to purposefully mislead the homeowner.

Luck doesn’t like the lying nature within Dudley and so Aindri was able to convince Chance to open up the possibility that Dudley was going to pay a price for his blatant dishonesty and disrespect of another being. (1600)

10th Paragraph: The Cost of Losing Trust. Dudley valued saving $25 a month over being an honorable man worthy of trust. Dudley thought more of what he could do with $25 extra a month than how much he cared whether someone discovered his dishonesty. When Chance opened up the door to new possibilities, the only one that was going to find Dudley was the one where the homeowners became fully aware of how negative the person was they were renting to happened to be. And so the homeowners found the animals and now had the proof they needed that Dudley had willingly signed a fraudulent legal document. (1700)

11th Paragraph: The Harshness of when LIFE turns against YOU. Aindri Karma, Luck, and Chance were all working in Harmony to bring about True Change in Dudley. The Three were willing to bring about any detail that would lead to Dudley‘s Awakening to the Corruption he allows about his being. One of the most important things in life is the ability to shelter one‘s self from the Chaos of LIFE. Aindri Karma had pulled strings to make Dudley appear to be on a downslide into the pits of living. Chance portaled Reality to the one where the homeowners were willing to plot and strategize to cleanse their house of dark and devious people. (111)

12th Paragraph: When Good Becomes Bad. Everything was supposed to be Good when Dudley left behind his old home. Dudley had been completely comfortable giving up a sizable chunk of his savings safety net to get out of the bad situation and put him in a better one. But now things weren’t looking as good as they once had. Even though Dudley was going to be saving money on the rent, he was going to be spending more money on gas because he had moved so far away from where his life was situated. The move didn’t go well and that was an extra expense that wasn’t counted upon. The savings safety net Dudley used to keep himself comfortable was gone and things were still going wrong. What was Dudley to do with himself when the only thing that gave him control over life was gone?

13th Paragraph: The Time Has Come. Everyone has played their part. Everything has been explained. ALL has come to be all that she needed to find Happiness. Freedom was found in her ability to be Perfectly Happy. (1990)

14th Paragraph: The Question Left to Answer. Who is Everyone to Everything?