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The second question that jumps out in the mind of the ONE needing found is

What lessons does Dudley DWHW need to learn?

The best way to find lessons is to look at the circumstances that have shown your colors.

Finding Salvation in Judging Judgment

Seven Chapters were released on October 20, 2019. The Second Chance [as explained in Helping YOU – Learn About HOW] is going to read through the story and share all the positive words that can be found when two people exist in opposition and the betterment for both that comes from acceptance and change.

The Reading: Ch. 6 – Winds of Fate

1st Paragraph: The Trip Dudley Experienced. Dudley had money and money can buy you different opportunities than the “common man” is allowed to experience. Take for instance the Psychedelic Vacation in the Islands of the Caribbean. Psychedelics are still illegal in the United States, so if you want to safely consume them you need to leave the country and find another country that is safe and not quite so restrictive. That was easy for Dudley. He didn’t mind breaking the law and so was extremely knowledgeable about rule-breaking countries and which ones could benefit him the most. So Dudley was able to find a group of people who took mentally unwell people to a resort and walked them through a multiple of psychedelic experiences meant to alleviate the suffering person of their unwellness.

Dudley wasn’t interested in getting well. Dudley was just there to see what others were up to in the money making world with the intent to capitalize off other people’s ideas. This business really interested Dudley. Because Dudley knew that in American access to psychedelics was extremely hard to come by. If Dudley could learn to produce his own, then he would be able to start an underground network of people “alleviating” people’s unwellness. Dudley did not believe in the reality of the psychedelics working but rather saw them as another trick to get people to part with their precious money.

So Dudley starting manipulating the group leaders and positioning himself as a potential leader among them. Dudley made himself seem like someone who was deeply interested in healing people and giving them a new chance at life. Dudley left out the part where he planned on only healing people enough to get them to come back for future “healings“. Dudley is the worst of the worst because while healing is possible, he is only interested in profiting.

And so Dudley came back from his trip with the intention of using psychedelics to trick people into giving him more money than he already had.

2nd Paragraph: Healing the Unwellness with Love. Perfect Peter also found himself swimming around in the waters of Mental Health for Perfect Peter‘s wife experienced a full blown psychotic break from reality and has been years in the process of recovering. Through the ups and downs, Perfect Peter was there to keep providing the things that his wife needed to refind her sanity. Perfect Peter gave her space when the stress of responsibility was too much to handle. Perfect Peter gave her alone time when she became unsafe to be around. Perfect Peter gave her stability and structure when she was lost in the throes of chaotic bipolarity. Perfect Peter gave his wife the time and resources she needed to find mental wellness. In all ways, Perfect Peter was the Perfect Mental Health advocate for he knew that true healing was possible and that LOVE was at the basis of what it took to be better.

3rd Paragraph: How Healing Happens. Time is essential in the healing process of a broken mind. But within that span of time, there are other essentials that are needed to make the repairs necessary to meaningfully piece back together the puzzle of the mind that fell apart. Perfect Peter demonstrated that more than anything a person needs kindness and consideration to get them on the path to wellness. For in the unwellness there is often attempts to attack or undermine the betterment of others for very selfish reasons. The demonstration of kindness and consideration to an unwell mind sets the living example of that which the mind should be working towards. When less than kind and considerate behavior occurs, the mind begins trying to process why in the world it would not incorporate those behaviors to help protect the self in the coldness of the world.

The Coldness of the World is another thing from which a broken mind needs protection. And Protection comes in many forms – a loving hand to hold as you find your way back to standing, a comfortable home to fall back to when the outside world gets to be too much, a sufficient supply of nutritious and filling foods that nourish the body trying to survive, a connected community that is supportive and nurturing of the person needing healing.

Perfect Peter couldn’t change the cold state of the World but he could be the change he wished to see in the world. And so Perfect Peter went about the business of being the very best person to have around when life gets hard and you lose yourself completely in the process. (888)

4th Paragraph: Everything in Moderation. Perfect Peter realized that the key to getting better was having the time to do so. And while Perfect Peter was struggling to hold the pieces of life together on his own, he was willing to allow his wife the chance to carry her share of life‘s responsibilities when she felt she could handle it. Perfect Peter knew that his wife fell victim to anxiety when burdened with responsibilities so much that it left her crippled to accomplish anything. And so Perfect Peter gave his wife the time to learn that which she was trying to learn, the ability to function within the confines of the life she wished to lead. And so as his wife found her wellness, Perfect Peter found himself with an equal partner in the quest for succeeding at life.

5th Paragraph: Keeping Up With Needs. Perfect Peter did the Right thing when he gave his wife the time she needed to figure out how to put her mind back together in a healthy way. And once Perfect Peter saw that his wife was well he went about finding the things she needed to stay well. Because though her mind was back, the truth remained that his wife just wasn’t capable of the same things as she used to be. Perfect Peter didn’t hold that against his wife, he was more than willing to support her in the extra ways she needed to keep her helping with things that he needed to be comfortable and happy in life. Perfect Peter realized that by supporting each other’s true needs he would be helping prevent any breakdowns in the future. Every moment that Perfect Peter dedicated to making the moment easier to handle making less chance for his wife to lose control. Perfect Peter was all about protecting his loved ones, even if it was protecting them from themselves. (1200)

6th Paragraph: The Results of Working Together. Perfect Peter couldn’t put his wife‘s mind back together for her. Nor could he force her to get well in any sort of timeframe. But what Perfect Peter could do was be there for her as she needed as often as she needed while she was getting better. And that is what Perfect Peter did. He made himself completely available to his other half and is now experiencing the wonder and bliss that comes from doing the Right thing the Right way even when it was Difficult and would be easier to quit. Perfect Peter was getting to experience the rush and bliss of having your dreams come true in the realest way possible. Perfect Peter went through tragedy and trials to come out to a happier ending. (1333)

7th Paragraph: The Essence of Why Unhappiness Exists. Dudley was unhappy. Dudley knew why he was unhappy. Dudley was unwilling to do any of the things that would have fixed the unhappiness for his self. Instead Dudley blamed other people as the source of his problems and continued on being content in his unhappiness for it was excused by apportioning blame to other parties. Dudley knew he was unhappy and made the active choice to expect other people to fix his unhappiness before he took responsibility for creating the happiness himself. Even with happiness, Dudley expected others to give him what he wanted, even though he wasn’t willing to give others the same. (1444)

8th Paragraph: Why Problems Never Go Away. Dudley has problems at his home. Dudley had the money to correct the problems at home. Dudley chose not to use his extra money to resolve the situations at home because Dudley put the financial responsibility of home maintenance on the property owner of his residence. Dudley chose to play victim and claim divine right to have better accommodations due to the neglect that was creating disruption at home. Dudley did not choose to recognize that he was neglecting the maintenance of a home he could afford to keep up.

But this is representative of a problem that will later come to bite Dudley in the behind. Dudley cares about the Material Things in Life but doesn’t care to spend time, energy, or money on keeping those Materialistic Things in proper condition. Dudley is one of “those” people that will use, abuse, and dispose, only to replace with a newer model.

Dudley has never learned to take care of his things. And in not knowing how to take care of his things, it is found the real reason that Dudley is unhappy. Ultimately, though Dudley values all the material things he owns before the people he loves, he actually sees the entirety of his collection as disposable and easily replaceable, with little thought or positive feeling attached. (1666)

Dudley can’t find happiness in his materialistic life because he fails to find meaning and fulfillment in the materials he worships having the ability to own. Dudley counts his things and compares his tally to other people’s to measure up whether he has what it takes to be happy. Always there is someone with whom you can’t measure up to.

Which brings about the divine wisdom that is “The best way to destroy something special is to compare it to something else.Dudley has all the things he needs to make himself happy but Dudley is to busy comparing himself to others to take the time to appreciate his bountiful blessings. (1777)

9th Paragraph: God stepping in to change things. Dudley had shown that he was always going to be the person he was. Dudley didn’t care to be different because he clearly already felt he was the best kind of person. God knew that before any real change could happen, something would need to happen to shake the foundations of what Dudley knew himself to be. God knew he needed to call the “Shit Shaker“, the only one capable of messing with the details of a person’s life in a way that brought about a better version than the person going into the chaos. The “Shit Shaker” was also referred to as Aindri Karma. (1888)

Aindri Karma was God‘s Most Devoted Servant. Aindri in a past incarnation of herself was a truly horrible being that had long rejected the wonder of God‘s Perfection. Aindri found herself in some truly terrifying situations and it was when she opened herself up to the love of God that she was forever changed into the Living Embodiment of Justice. Justice comes in many forms and takes much to understand. (1958)

Aindri was working to deliver a just serving of Karmic Justice to Dudley. Perfect Peter had lived through the trials of his Karmic Reckoning and had come out even better than the man he was when the trials began. Truly much growth and potential could be found when Aindri enacted a Karmic Reckoning. (2011)

10th Paragraph: Nurturing Nature Not Niceties. Dudley was granted a beautiful home that perfectly fit his likes and needs. Dudley was able to find a place that fit within his budget and was free of people he could easily look down upon. Dudley had all the space he needed and all the labels that made everything acceptable by society’s standards. Dudley was set up to have everything he needed better than he had ever needed it before. Now the only thing that was needed was Dudley to be better than he was. (2100)

11th Paragraph: Appreciating Your Blessings. The only good that Dudley could find about his house to truly appreciate were the financial savings he was getting. The extra cash in his pocket. Dudley didn’t consider things like proximity to friends or nearness of places of convenience. Always Dudley was worried about money and what he could do with that money. Dudley was about to get a dose of what happens when you care more about money then you do about the people in your life.

Because God knows that the best blessing bestowed upon Humanity is the Gift of Faithful Fellowship among Family.