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Meet TruBlu and Vanilla Nut-all SheSeams (Vanilla Seems to “blend” in), the principal players in a love story so epic the bounds of reality blur and burst with flames so colorful planets ignite and realign themselves, stars pass and fade away into fiction, words buckle under the weight of their new definition and depth, worlds collapse and communities combine under the wealth of wisdom that is wildly abundant while willfully free of worry.

All come to know the truest definition of profit when a prophet takes her God’s word to the bank and allows her account to accrue until she has bought enough time and spent enough energy to develop a tiny little space enough to house his tremendous heart yet romantically roomy enough to call home yet worthy of his truly trusting heart, abundant in labels yet devoid of any “true” life, and in a time and place where “they” would come to love “them” as one of their “own-kind” no bones about it, no wars or bloodshed in the process. Nothing but peace, love, and happiness ever after. For one, for all, for all time (whatever that means).  TruBlu has been around since before the beginning of time with his devilishly smooth silver tongue and wickedly bright golden smile and shape that has no form. Vanilla has seen every thing ever thought existed with her stardust speckled and beguiling bespectacled eyes as well as through her ever changing fluidity of nature. Which or who came first? Silly question and a hard ship to sail since which way the wind blows is all a matter of where you are standing in the weight of the coming storm.

The “perfectstorm” or Storm of Perfection is on its way and TruBlu is blue in the face trying to breathe life into the “living but dead in their living” while Vanilla Seems is dreaming and weaving ways to save all alike, no matter the cost with no life lost, changing reality for an ever changing definition of what it takes to be happy without love being the cost of doing business or life being sacrificed to make ends meet.

Together the bestfriend duo combine their loving might and wickedly wily wit to out smart the dimmest bulb, outlast the darkest shadow, and give one and all the outcome you couldn’t see coming unless you rewrote the story yourself. Even then…only a possibility you’ll catch a drift and see the big picture. You might get lucky if you know who your best friend really is.

TruBlu certainly does because he is the sumtotal of any and all of the definitions of perfection raised to time immortal and cubed by depths unknowably unlimited. And he is out to prove that bestfriend is the best damn label out there and how love truly is the most powerful word of all.

His heart beats so hard for others it turns his blue blood to blood red and ruby red at the same time. His honesty he wears so innocently his skin turns the palest shade of blue, so pale you can see right through him. To combat his substantial insubstantiality and virtual intangibility, he cloaks himself in the finest robes made custom by Vanilla Seems. Robes woven to define and detail in black and white all that it means to be Him so that the unknowing and unaware might see the unforeseeable, hear his hypnotic heartbeat, taste the rainbow, smell the flavors of air and feel the textures of color. Simply: believe the unbelievable.

But people don’t think in black and white and so his pristine robes became stained with the ruby red blood of the innocent lives lost to a lost or hopeless cause and the scarlet letters used to rewrite another’s destiny to serve one’s own selfish desires. With the wily wit of a wicked writer fueling his flame, Vanilla and TruBlu hatched a plan to promote perfectly peaceful connection between connected communities of peace producing people so he could finally have a body and she could find somebody to love.

Hoping to take the the universe by storm. More to come as I explore more of the allure of the mysteries of ages.