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  Sometimes it is far easier to take the finer points of an already existing story and tweak the twists, tie up the loose ends, and turn out a better tale that has more depth and truth than the original writers were able to imagine. That’s kind of how Vanilla Seems came to dream herself into existence. She was created in a tale by someone who couldn’t find the words to properly express her purpose, plot arc, or practical magic. And thus she was born an idea without a body. But born she was just the same as any human ever but she came from the womb of imagination, where most humans believe themselves to be born from their Earthmother’s womb made of their father’s blood and delivered into a cold, hard, solid reality. 

Vanilla was delivered into nothing. Tough break for a baby, harder break for a dreamer, and a rocky enough start to shake the foundations of creation chaos and existence force to redefine the very definitions of life, liberty, love, and luck – the pillars upon which all stand firmly upon. 

But that’s another story for a later time in Vanilla’s tale. Today is about getting a glimpse of the faces helping to weave the web of magic Vanilla seems to use to make her story known to even the staunchest of nonbelievers. They lent her their faces so she could give them a real happy ending, no matter the moniker they must wear to get it.   To understand the mysteries involved and to relish the details necessary to cover such chasms of reality to fantasy, I asked my friend Alura to open up her extensive archive of every story ever imagined so we might piece together enough edges and loopholes to tell the truthful story of how love wins out over all else every single time. 

She’s wickedly smart, devilishly tricky, and geniusly wily and can pick a story out of her library, knowing everything cover to cover, without a second thought. Even better, she’ll answer questions you didn’t even think to ask with words you can’t quite understand yet, but know you’ll get there eventually and so heartily welcome her insanely intuitive jargon and zest for a zany life.  Then there’s MaryJane Blossom. She knows how to party hard, hardly work, yet works the hardest for all the right reasons with none of the silly sideeffects when the circumstances demand it. She loves good natured fun that is free, the freedom to define her carefree nature, and not having to care about the nature of fun living.  These three have teamed up with other nameless faces and worldless concepts to fight the war on words, one letter at a time.   Vanilla Seems helps guide the Timeless Twins.  Vanilla sets up a school for mundane magic and the magically mundane.  Somehow Vanilla manages to align opposing forces to come together and create a One Time Only event that will leave hearts healed, heads happy, and heaven a place to call home.  

 And it all starts with making the perfect wish after dreaming about the perfect lie. 

This story is really shaping up to be something special for me specially. Can’t wait to get it all out and down. Time is ticking.