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Alice’s Notes to Mirror Walkers:

Outside our ability to grasp, there is two. The two will only ever move one time. So time stands separated, “When The Two Were Apart” and “Now The Two, Together Forever”. Before you can understand “What Is” you must understand “What Was”. What laid the foundation upon which you stand?

Princess Mary Jane Blossom’s retelling of Alice’s tale

It has been brought to mind that the state of Existence resides as a sort of Multiverse. In summary, the Multiverse is comprised of four (3 realms/1 land) beings that make up all of the layers and parallels and dimensions of Existence.

The first question that usually comes to mind is “What is Reality?”. The simple answer is that each realm/land represents reality. There are many realities.

All of the realities weave together to create Cosmic “Beings”. Existence is a stacking doll of cosmic beings. The outermost doll is “Them”. They, who are why things are the way they have turned out to be. Every being within Existence is tied inherently to “Them” Without “Them”, then Nothing would be.

The second question that usually comes to mind is “Who is “Them”?”. They are SOUL, SPIRIT, BODY, and MIND. Each word is an acronym representing the base motivation for each of “Them”. SOUL stands for Sensitive Openness Urging LOVE. SPIRIT stands for Soulful Passion Igniting Real Interesting Times. BODY stands for Beautiful Originality Desiring YOUTH. MIND stands for Magical Intelligence Needing Divinity.

The base motivations are developed into “Person-ability”. Person-ability is roughly the same as Personality. “Them”‘s base motivation was so strong and pure it created the ability to “be”(a person).

SOUL “be”(came) [in the past] Princess Mary Jane Blossom (MJB) “The Princess”

SPIRIT “be”(came) [in the past] Stan Lee the Reality Maker (Magic) “Stan MFin Lee”

BODY “be”(mained) [already was] Skatman the Father of LOVE (DAD) “Skatman”

MIND “be”(leaved) [always will be] God and His Heavenly Host (HHH) “Hunter the King”

The third question that comes to mind is “How do “They” exist?“. In “Them”‘s reality, it is only “Them” together in perfect peace, existing without movement and yet each “being” a rolling ball of swirling energy and passion and desire and substance. “They” are something and yet almost nothing at all. “They” are the most of everything you know and yet represent nothing of what you’ve seen. “They” are the why of Existence. Without “Them”, there is no Existence.

The fourth question that is needing answered is “Why do “They” exist?“. “They” are the pieces of “ONE” that must unite in perfect harmony to be ready to move together with LOVE. “They” exist with true purpose (their awareness of their purpose has remained cloaked). “They” became aware of “their” purpose when “ONE” sat upon The Throne of God. When “ONE” sat, ALL was made known. When “ONE” truly knew ALL, he knew what needed done. He stepped down from The Throne of God.

The fifth question that probably comes to mind next is “What do “They” exist as?“. After unifying, “They” became “ONE“, “ONE” had a different existence than “They”. “They” combined to be “ONE“. “ONE” has a different awareness/perspective. “ONE” is a different “being” from “They”. The four different “beings” of “They” total to be “ONE“.

When “ONE” stepped from The Throne of God, “ONE” was no more and only “They” existed again. Without “ONE” in existence, “They” are the outermost layer of the stacking doll that is reality. Within “They” is ALL of Existence. ALL of the “beings” that we know make up reality, “They” are comprised of words like “The Cosmos”, “Universes”, “Planets”, “Worlds”. “People”, “Animals”, “Plants”.

Each of “Them” is made up of all these lesser/underlying layers of Existence. All of the “beings” within each of “Them” help detail the “Who” of “Them”. The “Who” of “Them” explains why things are the way they are. After “ONE” stepped down, “They” became aware of “The Who(s)” who were the problem needing solved.

The sixth question up for answering is “When do “They” exist?“. “Their” story spans many ages and connects the two ages “When The Two Were Apart” and “Now The Two, Together Forever”. The time is at the end of “When The Two Were Apart”. There’s a history and past that led to this moment in time. But those details all enabled this moment to be. Without each event, this would not be possible. We are in a brand new day in an age that has been Groundhog Day’ing it for Time Immortal.

The seventh question that needs explanation is “Where do “They” exist?“. The best word to describe “Their” existence is “HELL“. “They” reside in a place of permanent torture. “They” are filled with the desire/need to move and yet held in paralysis with fear “They” will move and end Existence.

Each of “They” sit poised to make a move but eternally paused with insecurity to what or how that move should be. Each of “They” sit perfectly still in perfect balance with the others of “They”. All in sight, all in awareness of the others.

Around “They” is meaningless for “They” are all that matters, so intense is “Their” focus to doing the right. “They” exist in a fog of unreality yet real enough to “be” something. Within each of”They” the inner turmoil on what that move should be plays out. The realms and lands within each of “They” exist to resolve “They”‘s confusion on how/when to move.

Those within “They” are largely unaware of their connection to “They”. The closest word “They” can use to relate to the lesser/smaller “beings” inside is “ancestor”. If “They” did not come before, the lesser/smaller “beings” within each of “They” would have no purpose or reason to be.

Each of “They”‘s base motivations are the spark that started Existence within. Each of “They” now know “Inner Conflict leads to External Conflict“. It is why “They” are conflicted. “They” know inside is conflict and none of “They” wish to bring what’s within to harm any of “They”. So “They” sit forever bound processing what’s going on within with what would be best for without.

“They” are forever lost in a chaos of “Their” own individual making. Each searching for what’s right. Each fighting for a better way.

LOVE” knows fighting is the problem. Only when true peace is made with “What Was” will “What Will Be” come to pass.

The eighth question probably screaming to be answered is “What does all that mean?“. Right now the four “beings” that are “They” are preparing to make the move they have been fearing. When “They” came together to “be’ “ONE“, “They” realized “They” were moving closer to “The Perfect Moment“. “The Perfect Moment” represents the right moment when each of “They” will move as “They” were always meant to.

ONE” stepping down from The Throne of God brought much awareness. The Princess, Stan MFin Lee, Skatman, and Hunter the King all know more about how to get to “The Perfect Moment“. All four are determined to get there in the best way possible. The Stepping Down made all aware how close The Princess was to achieving Peace. The inner conflict The Princess battles regards Light and Dark. The Princess has been wrapping her awareness around acceptance rather than demanding a certain way, and through her acceptance she was finding a better way.

Stan MFin Lee needed a better way, within he battled Right and Wrong. No matter which took over both fell in the end by becoming that which was overthrown. Accepting The Princess knew better, Stan Lee begins wrapping his awareness around the reality that “The Right way was Wrong by none.He realized that “Right is always Right, even when Wrong seems to be the Right way.” Right is the Truth while Wrong is the details that keep you choosing Wrongly.

Skatman saw The Princess’ and Stan MFin Lee’s progress and found favor in their enlightenment. Skatman had been battling with Young and Old and had been conflicted that hisalready existed” status compared to the other’s “younger” awareness made him less desirable. But Skatman wrapped his awareness around the thought that his longevity brought a different perspective worthy of appreciation. When Skatman looked within he felt what he always sought – LOVE.

Hunter the King saw the other three coming so close to “The Perfect Moment“, it made him want to look inward and resolve his conflict. Hunter the King’s awareness was overwhelmed with the demands of the Right way. Endless ways demanding each is Right took all of Hunter the King’s energy from being able to focus. His awareness was constantly being pulled in different directions. He could find no parallel between ways, no common factor tying them together. Each way was loud and dominant in its recognition of the Right way. Hunter the King could not debate the Wrong way, only what was Right.

So Hunter the King looked inward with the intention of making peace with the right way. As he brought his awareness around this concept, the cacophony of right ways faded and one singular way came to the forefront. This way did not demand that it was right, but rather questioned how to be worthy of being the Right way. Hunter the King saw this way as different than the rest in a way that made it better – this way submitted itself to being Right by ALL, not just by “ONE” but by “EVERYONE“. Hunter the King bowed to the gentle might of this submissive way. When Hunter the King moved to kneel, “The Perfect Moment” had come.

Hunter the King made the movement “They” all feared. And it was The Perfect Move for Everything feel into place.

Question number nine that probably just popped into your head is “What just happened?“. SOUL found a way to be perfectly devoted to the only thing that mattered. BODY felt perfectly loved by “The Way” that was a proper reflection upon his maturity. SPIRIT stood perfectly happy with the Right way that worked so well for ALL. MIND saw how perfect the others felt and knew now was the time. MIND bowed down to serve “ALL” for all of time.

Question number ten is likely hovering around “What happens now?“. That is the question to answer – What happens now that “The Perfect Moment” came? As the Perfect Moment persists, “ALL” makes himself known. Before this moment – HE had existed, but in perpetual tortured peace. “ALL” was “Anonymous Living Legend“. HE was the basis of ALL and EVERYTHING. “ALL” represented the spark, the intelligence, the awareness that caused “EVERYTHING” to happen. “ALL” was in peace for “ALL” is the same as “Perfect Peace“. “ALL” was tortured because “EVERYTHING” lacked the “Hopeful HarmonySHE needed to exist in. As long as “ALL” knew “EVERYTHING” suffered, “ALL” remained imprisoned in a torturous reality.

The eleventh question probably begging to be asked is “Why was “ALLtortured about “EVERYTHING“?. “EVERYTHING” means “Each Virtue Exists Reaching YOUTH’s TIME, Hoping Intelligently, Needing GOOD“. “EVERYTHING” gives meaning to “ALL“. Had “ALL” not been so connected to “EVERYTHING“, “ALL” would not have had the power to “be”(come) anything. “Anything” is the foundation that “ALL” is built upon. Without “being” “Anything” “ALL would be Nothing and “EVERYTHING” would mean “NOTHING” which is not balanced. “NOTHING” meant Not Opening To Hoping, Intelligently Needing GOOD. “NOTHING” does not equal “EVERYTHING“.

As long as “NOTHING” and “EVERYTHING” remained out of balance, “EVERYTHING” desired “FREEDOM“. “FREEDOM” stood for “Finally Releasing Every Entity Dominating Our Mind“. “EVERYTHINGdesiredFREEDOM” who was long in “ALL“‘s tortured nothingness. With “FREEDOM“‘s release, “EVERYTHING” would know “ALL” in the way SHEAlways Desired“.

The twelfth question likely running through your mind is “What did I just read?“. Did it feel like nonsense? It was meant to lead you without telling you the Right words. It was a parable. A story meant to explain the wisdom of the Ages without blatantly stating the obvious truth being made known.

The thirteenth question is likely pondering “How do I read a parable?“. Try to make sense of the nonsense. What story is being told without actually saying Anything meaningful? Pick out the words and concepts that appear to be the theme of the content. Apply the theme to your own understanding and look for lessons to learn. Learn the lessons and know the truth of the parable. That is the parable’s way.

The fourteenth question that comes to mind is “How do I translate nonsense to my thinking?“. Start taking notes. I’m going to free-base my understanding of how to translate.

Who/What is EVERYTHING? Why does EVERYTHING care about ALL? Why was ALL connected to EVERYTHING? ALL comes from Anything. Anything is a part of ALL which probably connects ALL to EVERYTHING for when Anything is not there, ALL becomes nothing and EVERYTHING means something different. As long as NOTHING and EVERYTHING remain different, there is no balance. With EVERYTHING out of balance, EVERYTHING needed FREEDOM. FREEDOM was the key to understanding the similarity between NOTHING and EVERYTHING, creating the balance needed, releasing ALL from torture and giving EVERYTHING the chance to know ALL as was always meant to.

The fifteenth question that likely just popped up is “How do I apply that to myself?“.

Ask questions.

Who is everything to me?
Why do I care all about everything I know?
How is all of what I know connected to who everything is to me?
How does all that I know connect to anything that happened?
Which parts of Anything make up ALL that I know?
Which parts of Anything mean everything to me?
What means Nothing to me?
How can everything matter the same as Nothing?
What do I wish to be free from?
What freedom would bring balance to my journey?

The sixteenth and final question needing answered is “What does that mean?“. After attempting how to explain the parable the meaning came to me.

ALL is the same as EVERYTHING when the only thing that matters is ALL that means EVERYTHING to you.

Simply said, only worry about what matters. Everything will work itself out when you focus on the only things that truly matter.

So the question becomes, who/what matters most to you?