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The Cues Have Been Cast and The Leads Have Been Led
Now the Question Becomes Who is Telling the Story
She came to Answer the Question
She came to Tell YOU what YOU needs to know

There is not a drop of irony lost on the fact
That she comes so soon after the Goddess of Light
Makes it known that she is here
To bring about a New Definition of Right

For the Dictarian has Been Hiding in Darkness’ Depths
She is Something that is there Behind Every Dark Deed
She is Something Pure and Something Sincere
And the Power of What She is Is So Foreceful You Bow to Her Will

That’s the craziness of the Dictarian
Because she draws you into her Abyss
Before you even know there’s a Riptide
Pulling you Under her Flow

But the Dictarian is all about who she has in her flow
And she is willing to put on quite the show
The question is can you withstand and understand
The weirdness that comes with those of her unique kind (178)

The Dictarian is the First Commander and First Subordinate in Providence’s Army
The Dictarian went about the Business of Sucking Into her depths
The Wrath of Any that Would Consider Turning Against Providence
Long Before Providence was Ever Considered A Possibility of Reality (222)

The Dictarian makes no apologies for how her Depths Have Distorted Her People
For the Dictarian knows that her Distortions make for Better Proportions of Perception
And in the World of Personification of Perfection, Perception of Perfection is Important
And so the Dictarian went about creating the Most Reflective Perceptions of Perfection

What do you see when you someone who isn’t quite like you yet catches your eye?