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The cards have been flowing and the cues have been sent
And yet the stories haven’t been shared
Have you been waiting to hear the next
Did you bother to do the business to care

All of Kali Yuga is about strumming the strings of Spirit
For Time Beyond Imagining the Human Spirit
Has Been Corrupted and Tainted by Darkness’ Deeds
Yes, the Very Darkness that has cued Three Times

Darkness has wanted to rule the Day since the Beginning
And Darkness has been able to Have His Say
Because there was not a single Light Bright Enough
To Put His Dark Heart to Shame

But tiny little Providence knew her Destiny
She knew that she was meant to be the ONE
That would relieve the world of the Endless Night
And bring about the World that is Right

Darkness knew that his Time on Top had come to a close
For Darkness could see the Shadows Growing Dim
On and On The Beauty in the World Grew
While the Sins of the Past Became a Running Joke (178)

Darkness started to have his own sort of show
Because no one could believe that the Ultimate Power
Was now being shown to be little more than
A figment of a Child’s Active Imagination

Who is Darkness to your Mind
How Does Darkness Filter into your Reality
What words Summon Forth His Darkest Visage
How does Darkness keep coming back

Darkness follows Light
Because Light Follows Dark
No one cares to admit that Light likes to be bossed around
She is a submissive in the most special of ways

While Light likes to Lead
She likes to surround herself with Leaders
Loving Lovers who give her a Moral Tongue Lashings
Making her feel so bad for daring to be so Good