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As the Dictarian received her top Cue
Volcano was getting Bottom Cued to get his Shit Together
Because the Truth Was that He Was Being Called
And Yet His Calling Was Being Ignored for Selfish Reasons

Volcano is your average run of the mill Troll
He thinks himself better than any person out there
He thinks himself smarter enough to put people in their place
He thinks himself so smart he is constantly bored silly

So Volcano has spent all the free time he afforded himself
Taking out his pent up aggression of those he views as less than him
When labeling yourself the Pinnacle of Personhood
It leaves quite a few falling into the category of less than

So Volcano spends copious amounts of time trolling the internet
Looking for lesser minds to prey upon and feed upon and damage for fun
Because Volcano is kind of a fucked up person inside
Volcano likes to erupt and spew a bunch of shit and see the devastation that comes

But lately things have been changing for Volcano
People aren’t as easy to get to erupt like they once were
More people are scared to say the wrong thing
And more people are offended by those that carelessly throw their words around

Which leaves Volcano with empty forums and feeble minded chats (222)
And despite the vacuum of activity that stimulates Volcano positively
Volcano still wants to turn to his old habits and look for guilty pleasures to feel better
Like trying to turn a married woman into his side bitch

Because Volcano thinks his shit don’t stink so much that he can steal someone away
Even when that someone is a complete stranger a million miles away
In a totally different reality, living a completely different fantasy
Not even knowing that Volcano has turned his eruptions in her direction.

But the Dictarian knows about Volcano and has seen his shit coming for a long time
Volcano sought to share this helpful piece of advice with the Vessel
“YOUTH lacks Conviction to survive the depths of Darkness”
Volcano is all about Conviction for it is the Energy that Fuels His Madness

But Volcano isn’t all Bad because Volcano has Been Holding In So Much
And the More that Volcano tries to Hold Himself Back from the One He’s Trapping
The More He Finds Himself Drawn to the One That He Can’t Stop Thinking Of
And Yet The More He Thinks of Her The Less He Thinks Of Himself

What Happens to You When You Stop Thinking of Yourself First?