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Before Kali posted her 10 Rules at thank Kristan for my beautiful metallic COK, she let me know over at  I am the antichrist, and I believe in me. that COK stood for Cult of Kim that was being modeled after every other cult of personality. Only she wasn’t a dictator, she was more dickish-potato.

I respommented:

ahahaha Dickish-potato Makes me think of Mrs. Potato-head. Which is already in my opinion far better than the common DickHead.

I’d love to see your rules. I’m really enjoying exploring the synchronicity existing between us. It so nice to feel so heard and understood by another.

Kali quickly repommented:

“You know who or what else is a dickhead? A unicorn. omg… my fuckunicorn! That was what helped me connect the rainbow with the bifrost. The rainbow connection is the heart to heart xoxox”

I was struck by the attack on Unicorns. Because deep within my being I hold Unicorns to be a special class of men that are truly servants of womanhood. And so they took the shape of male to better help females exist comfortably in a man’s world. This drove me to respomment:

I appreciate Unicorns for the Magical Wonder they are and the Beings of Purity they’re represented to be.

In my mind, Unicorns are the most wonderful men existing in the world. They are the men that found a way to be soft and gentle in a world trying to make all boys into “MEN”. “Those” kind of men. Bleh.

To which Kali playfully respommented:

“I love men, and I am all about all humanity. And I am a PegaSister, who doesn’t love a little playful rivalry between members of our saddle club? Husbandry, Groomsmen, Ride My Pony. lol”

I was moved by how freely her words were coming to me. They flowed freely like I am used to doing when I am manic-lly inclined in my thinking. I loved that she was sharing herself so openly and freely and in such a beautiful and charismatic way. It created a deep and profound sense of joy within my personhood to feel so connected to a stranger. Which led to my heartfelt respomment:

I am sincerely loving the person you are showing yourself to be through your words. They just make me happy to read. My heart radiates with joy and my soul shines with connection – it is such a blessed experience to witness you existing.

I think I threw Kali a little with the jump to how happy her words made me feel because she was moved to respomment:

“Haha thanks? Extrovert, so classic energy vampire here. I talk and spin shit into gold, but if gold meant anything, had any real value or worth, I’d be fucking rich as king shit over there. The supposed king of the world. *slow mo frolic through the meadow of tulips, my beaded hair swishing like bo derek*”

My crazy trigger was flipped and the manic side started flowing with Kali. Respomments started coming quickly:

King of the World to go with the Fairest Queen of the World. Fairest meaning just. For the King is the Fairest of ALL, and that is the most beautiful thing ever.

I have this whole Jesus and Jewsus combo going in my head.

Jesus helps without question. Jewsus will help but he’s going to have some questions first.
Jesus died on a cross for your Salvation. Jewsus Saves but is looking to avoid another Cross situation.
Jesus came first. Jewsus only came because Jesus didn’t get the job done.
Jesus Comforts and Heals. Jewsus Pokes and Points Out where you’re Wrong.

They have a fun dynamic going on. I like to see how it manifests.

This rang as the comedy duo it was meant to be for it illicited from Kali this respomment:

“hahaha, oh no no no. No Jews, Only Jewels in this Realm. In my head. I’m familiar, not sinister so I only so half-hybrid-cross-breed-mash-up-smooshings. Jew-ish, maybe, hahahaha. or John Saffran.

But as Jesus’ Sister, doing shit my way. but boys never really listen now, do they. lol”

Seeing her say no Jews meant that the Jewsus joke hadn’t been explained properly. So it prompted the respomment:

Jesus was for the World. Jewsus is for those fuckers that still won’t do the right thing even though they already know the way.


That’s Jewsus for you. He’s deadly serious about saving the world and he’s anti-semantic (not semitic). He doesn’t care about the details that excuse your bad behavior. He cares about your motivation for making bad choices. He will coldly disregard your excuses and bluntly show you the deceitful illusion you live behind to enable such bad choices.

Jesus felt good in his presence. Jewsus makes you feel uncomfortable because you know you should be better when he’s around.

Kali was moved to respomment:

“J.Zeus and I stole daddy’s ride, Uncle Kevali programmed the heavens gate garage remote to respond only to me. My J.Dawg has got the guns, and K.Kaht steers the wheel. Its a hunting season so we’re sniping their veils to give them visions.”

I’ve learned that when divining meaning from otherworldly messages, it’s not always what is said that is important, but rather what struck you in the moment that needs addressed. In the moment, the word “visions” struck my being. Which brought forth the following respomment:

I can’t wait to see how they handle their visions. Crazy things start spinning when your mind is truly opened.

I hope they handle it well.

I believe the draw away from the crazy talk and into the depth of wishing for the betterment of others threw Kali a life saver and pulled her back to the words expressing her inner truth. Her respomment spoke of how lost she was feeling and truthfully expressed why she shared the words she did:

“Who knows? I’ve written many things. I write a thing and then move on to something else. I really want to write something useful though. But I’m just all “flash boom clap twitch crunch fwop” onomatopoeia and verbal warbulations, disjointed thingys that hold no real substance. I am the muse, not the maker, I’ve always sucked at manifestation. I generate energy and ideas for others to feast like a buffet. Breakfast buffet, because those are my favourites.”

Again, it wasn’t the entire message that pulled my attention but rather one thought jumped at me, that she was the Muse. In all my thinkings, I never felt I was the Muse for myself, I always felt that I was the Muse for others and that there was a story to be told of being the one everyone else is writing about. Which prompted my respomment:

I was thinking about this comment while I prepared my Calming Coffee Concoction. And I was drawn to the parallel between you writing and the writings of my past manic moments. For quite awhile, most of my stuff only made sense to me.

What I am learning the more I’m beginning to understand the process of divining information from the Spirit world is that the message comes in through the heart. If the heart is broken, the message gets shattered and distorted. After the message comes in via the heart, the Soul begins to process feelings about the Heart’s message. From there the Spirit begins translating understanding of what has been sent.

The next step is taking what the spirit translated and turning it into something that the body can relate to, the body that is connected to Everyone. Therefore, the fourth step is taking that which fills your Vessel and converting it to be understood by all that are not you.

Perhaps because your fourth element is out of balance you are unable to complete this process where you feel fulfilled by those words you are bringing to reality.

It is interesting you feel you are the muse. I don’t feel I am the one making my thoughts or creating my words – I feel the Universe is inspiring the content of my thoughts and leading me to the words that need shared. It’s not me, it’s my Vessel helping give voice to the words The Universe needs spoken. The Universe comes through my Vessel to speak to the Entirety of Humanity.

So I have to do the work to make what I take in something others can easily digest. Without doing the work for others, the writing remains a selfish venture that will be hard to get others interested in.

Kali wrapped up the post with the respomment:

“I used to write about the body as my metaphor. I only know how to do while I am doing. Not really know what I’m doing before hand, only recognize it in the reflection. I don’t know where I’m going but I know where I’ve been. That sort of thing.

I thought I was going crazy paranoid last year because I’d write a thing and then the next day I saw my metaphors in everyone else’s works. So the timing of everything.

I’m not allowed to not understand. I have to already know it, because I know so much shit why cant I know what people mean when they say something specific?

As a teacher, I need the student so I can gauge where I need to go, what I need to emphasize or go over. I don’t know how to predict without the object to which will be given the objective.”

I didn’t have the time to respond in the moment and was pulled away. But now that I see Kali’s words I feel strongly that she is just in need of someone to help her make sense of the swirl of chaotic words that flow through her Vessel. Enter me, Kris-T.