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Kali says: “I’m all about the word play, because when it’s dark and lonely in the echochamber of one’s head, what else is there to do but play with the acoustics with synaesthesia?”

I respommented: “I like this too, take what you have flowing through your vessel and make music.”

Again Kali felt inspired to record herself singing.

I commented: “Yes you should! I would love to hear the music that is moving you to sing.

If a melody is seeking to be heard, by all means let it out to get to the people meant to hear it. Don’t keep that beauty bottled up inside – it might just make you crazy! 😉”

Kali laughed gleefully. She added that she knew the Kris-T was going to get my attention.

I respommented: “Krist-T came to me from when my Dear Grannie Gladys was around. She was my fairy Godmother that kept a warm and caring presence in my life. She stayed in this world until I was passed into the hands of my husband. Soon after I was settled with him, she left the material world to begin stringing words and fantasies that would bring about the Awakening necessary to make my Dream Come True.

I love Grannies, they’re the best.

On a completely different note, I love all the Fs that are available for frequent wordplay. You hit the nail on the head with them!

Kali informed me “I wrote a poem at the start of the year, end of last year. It was about my word for the year because f was the frequency to which this year would be formed.”

I respommented: “Oh I love the word frequency. That word makes me melt in deep desire for connection. For I find that with the right frequency or wavelength we can all ride the waves of chaos that come without hurting the others swimming in the same ocean.

From Kali these words flowed: “Flow with the current, the tilde will take you home”


The tide took me on to Kali’s next offering. The next post that Kali put up was this photo. I immediately felt moved to respond unlike I had been by the previous photo in that same moment. So I commented, “For me, the word Fury comes coupled with the word Righteous. For I don’t feel it Right to be Furious unless divinely inspired. And I think the Heavens are only going to get Fury filled because of people doing Wrong.

And so I like the idea to set fire to the Garden of Depravity Humanity created to call Home. A Land Once Called Eden. Burn it to the ground in a holy righteous cleansing flame.

And from the flames will rise the Phoenixes that have been waiting to rise from the Ashes of the Past full of Men who could have been better but chose not to be.

The Phoenixes will be there to inspire a love of the Divine that cannot be paralleled to any Age of the Past.

It will be beautiful. It will be blessed. It will be breath-taking.

Because if you don’t breathe in the Wonder of The Universe, aligning your being with all the Universe knows itself to be, then the Universe will take the wind right out of your ability to live. And you will leave the World while the World is rebuilt into the Peaceful Place it always could have been had men not decided they were in control more than God.

God’s Kingdom will be rebuilt while the men who chose to walk apart from God’s way will not be there to influence the coming Age.

History will pass away. Hate will fade out. Hurt will be gone.

Honorably Humble Honesty will come and show Men what they could have looked like had they chosen the Right Way and not the way of the EGO. It gets me excited to think about.

Kali recognized that fire was a motivator but expressed in lack of desire to be burned.

I regurgitated my euphoria in her direction with the following words:

Oh my God. You DO want to be burned. Because it feels so fucking good to be bathed in the holy fire of Heaven. You feel FUCKING PERFECT. There is nothing wrong when you find yourself being cleansed in the flames.

So much so that you find yourself seeking out more flames to consume you. Because working for Heaven is like lighting your soul on fire and becoming a blazing comet to orbit the material world’s storylines and create something they never saw coming.

Always burning, always feeling good, always ready to give more of the endless energy that comes in righteous faith and humble truth sharing.

I hope you can find the fire that alights you so beautifully that you marvel at how you could have run from such goodness the entirety of your life.

She showed the idea that she was amenable to hear about the words, “Cool fire for me. The one you don’t feel, but your cells song singe but they do sing. Cleanse in the fire, don’t burn in the pyre.”

To which I respommented: “Exactly. The one that doesn’t burn but boldens.

The conversation seemed to stall and I was craving interaction, so I popped back over to Bottle brush of truth. and left this comment:

“How do you find balance and peace having so many personas revolving around your being? Do you center yourself? Or do you allow the multiples of beings to take up different space?

I ask because I have layered the personas and characters over one another and found similarities between them until I realized I was working with the essences of four separate beings each existing in three different aspects of time, simultaneously conveying their truth to me. So what feels like 36 different voices is really only four speaking at the same time, saying the same thing, just using different language and communication to convey the message. So there was the time of trying to understand triplicate divining and separate it out into a coherent message.

Do you have anything similar going on? You have the same flow with personhood that I feel connects with me and so I wonder how you process the “extra” that’s going on in your mind?

Kali responded: “They’re just all me. They’re not really developed or separate. Like… I am incomplete, so in trying to figure out where I am lacking, I’ll get to like 3 different thingys and can never seem to harmonize the fourth. I’ll be able to reconfigure all these different ways to map out various permutations of my trinity, but fuck if I can tack down anything to make me into my tetramorphic self. I am a contradiction unto myself, a hypocrite and an exemplary example of “don’t do as I do, nor do as I say. Lead follow ignore imitate… do or not, they’re all the same” *shrugs*

I find music and imagery and names and stuff like that, help to remind me of what this or that meant (or what I intended when I wrote it or something). But I dunno. I’m pretty good at ignoring and forgetting and letting stuff go. I have no idea all my threads and offcuts and outlines I’ve dropped or snipped off to leave behind.”

My respomment was:

Those essences I narrowed down to I refer to as Call of the Body, Cry of the Spirit, Calming of the Soul, Cherishing of the Heart.

Body, Spirit, Soul, Heart – if I had to take a stab at which one is out of balance with the others I’d say it is the Body or Heart knowing how little happiness you find being you. Either the body feels empty because it’s not filled with love or the heart feels broken because it’s not rooted in love.

Love feels the reason why you aren’t harmonizing that fourth aspect of yourself.

“I am all heart. I am the triangular pyramid. I can only see my 3 essences that carry my throne, but I cannot see myself, who I am when I’m here at the helm of the throne of my inner self. For on the shoulders of the 3, sits the Throne of the Queen. She who sees but does not see, who is seen but unseen.

Oh I remember some 4 sides I sorta know I can contrive. So… the empress, the hierophant, lioness, the hanged man.

There’s also freya, kali, morgan le fae, and kuan yin. Huzzah. Mind, heart, body, soul, I am more than the sum of my parts when I am made whole.

Did you ever read my AntiChrist principles?”

(1444 @ 6:17)