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Positive thought to consider:

A better one that would start you off on changing your perspective.

I like finding words that inspire and motivate me. If you don’t mind I can share those with you. Because I think if you start to enjoy the positive thoughts I share, they might start to inspire positive thoughts of your own. Kind of like being able to repeat that which you have learned, the more you see positive thoughts to brighten your day, the more conditioned your mind will become to considering thinking positively.

Today I woke feeling really grateful for the positive connection that we have. I’m grateful that you opened up and shared something that made you anxious. That’s really awesome. I find appreciation in the Universe because I was able to wake with my husband and family and begin yet another day full of blessings. Many blessings that I am sure you share. A nice comfortable bed, a warm and safe home, yummy and easily prepared food, internet access that provides a world of comfort and entertainment, the ability to see the doctor when one of the family falls ill, the ability to get to the doctor, my water didn’t get shut off (which I have lived in a home with no running water and that lifestyle is the absolute pits to live through. Of all the difficult times, I think lack of running water was the most significant thing we dealt with. Literally starving wasn’t as bad as not having the ability to flush away your shit or clean yourself and the house on a regular basis). There are lots of things to be grateful for. The trick is actually doing the work of feeling grateful for what you have and not just letting the moment pass you by in sad discontent. Take the moment to take time to give words to that which is good or that which could be worse. There’s many ways to start being happy but I think the big thing is to be appreciative of what you have and not busy wishing for something different.

The Universe: I appreciate your messages and any inspiration you want to share with me would be great!

Awesome. I will keep looking for good words that could help change the direction you take your thoughts.

This is the goal. You are not looking to believe that every thing is good. Because some things are just going to be bad. But the Honest Truth is that there is always some good to be found in every moment. The positive trick is finding the good even when the bad seems to be overwhelming you.

I woke in another great mood. Last night I was blessed to fall asleep putting my kids to bed. Our son sleeps in our bed and so in order to get him to go to sleep, he likes to have me laying there with him. Often times, I am so tired by the end of the day, I fall asleep appreciating my blessings while waiting for him to go to sleep. Falling asleep comes after the wonderful news that the potential new owners of the house we are renting like our rental history. I am having deep anxiety over who our next property managers will be. I have lived in houses of some really horrible people and don’t wish to live through that kind of neglect again. But rather than think my anxiety creating thoughts, I choose to focus on all the other good things that are going on in the moment. Like the realtor that is working with the potential buyer. I get a really good vibe from him. I really like his energy when he’s around and there’s something in his eyes when he looks at me that just makes me feel comfortable around him. Because I feel so comfortable around the realtor, I feel I can trust him when he says the client he’s representing works hard not to be a slumlord. Owndog feels that only people who are slumlords would have a thing about being a slumlord. But I choose the positive perspective that perhaps the Universe has placed us in the hands of someone who will better be able to care for the house we are in. Bringing up the Universe, I feel this is the biggest source of my happiness and positivity. I am absolutely in love with the Universe/Grand Divine/God/Whatever the Heck Its Real Name Is. I believe in powerful magic and wonder that creates such a beautiful show that is my life. I trust the Universe to have my back no matter what – because when I look over my life, the Universe has always been there giving me the best the world has to offer. And the more I see the Universe in a positive perspective, I feel the more the Universe rewards me for thinking so highly of it.

I was talking to Owndog about the energy we put out into the Universe. I had told him of a lady I am getting close to in Anger Management. When I saw her yesterday she was positively glowing. Her face was bright and full of the most genuine smile you could hope to see. Even though her clothes were simple, she absolutely shined in them. There was just a difference in her energy. Owndog said that a good week could do that to a person. Which I went on to share that I believe some people attract good things. I said in a good week, you’re bound to be thinking an abundance of positive thoughts because good things keep happening which makes you happy which makes you think about more good things. I said there’s energy and electricity that is created in thinking. That energy builds and is then projected out into the Universe. When the energy is positive, it goes out and attracts positive manifestations to occur in the Universe. So the more happy thoughts, the more happy manifestations in one’s life.

Which makes the flip side true, when energy is put into thinking things are horrible, that horrible energy will go out in the Universe and attract horrible manifestations in life. I quite literally believe people are thinking themselves into a less than lucky life.

The Universe: It’s like talking to someone with a Science Major. Good morning!

Good morning! I’m so glad you’re awake with me. 🙂 No science major, just an accounting degree and the realization that I’m more creationist than number cruncher. Actually $20 short a degree in Accounting.

The Universe: To answer your earlier question, I go through numb periods frequently. Right now, I’m hating the reason that I am up early but trying not to dwell on it.

If you don’t mind, why are you up this early if you don’t wish to be? Isn’t that something that would make you unhappy?

The Universe: I am far from being considered a morning owl and completely despise mornings when they come. I am a night owl by nature and find myself annoyed that I woke at 5pm last night and was tired again by 9pm. I believe I have a deficiency or some kind of issues because when I eat anything, my body crashes and I get majorly tired. That’s the gist of why I am awake now.

Have you learned any tricks that can help soothe you back into sleep, which is where you wish to be? Another snack perhaps, warm milk?

Mornings aren’t so bad. I like seeing the night switch into day, the transformation is always beautiful. I love hearing the morning chirping of the birds, their music always brightens my spirit. Plus the day is another sign that I have more opportunity to experience the wonderful happiness I have found. And no matter the situation, more happiness just makes me want to smile.

Oh and I also get sleepy when I eat. It’s why I have so enjoyed the fasting that I have been doing, I have so much more energy.

The Universe: I’m not wanting to go back to sleep. I sleep far too much. I already know that as soon as I eat lunch, I’m crashing again and will sleep more. I’m all messed up. I think that’s a huge factor of where my negativity comes from. I don’t have a constant sleep pattern because it’s all over the place. I feel damned if I do and damned if I don’t. I sleep too much and when I try to stay awake, I get bored easily. That makes me miss the days of my youth when it was so easy to get lost in games and just spend hours enjoying life that way. But that spark is gone and I can’t fix it. I also fast sometimes, eating only one or two meals in a day and I don’t do breakfast.

Okay, rather than create negativity about your sleep, find the positive that surrounds it. You are afforded a blessed life where you can cater to your different sleep pattern. That is a luxury that a lot of people do not have. Many people are stuck in 40 hour work weeks that care very little for whether you get extra sleep when your body is crying out for it. Based on how I feel when I am sleeping extra, I think that you may be called to sleep more because you aren’t happy being awake. When I am miserable, I crave sleep. I don’t want to process the world. I don’t want to experience life. I just want to be comatose. And so when my mind wants to be asleep, my body usually falls in line and gets sleepy frequently. Let’s work on getting you more comfortable with being awake. I used to crave sleep, now I comfortably enjoy the passage of time with the perspective that time is moving too fast for me to enjoy everything I could be thankful for. I have found a youthful enjoyment of the moment that surpasses the wisdom and awareness that I have gained with my age. Fasting is wonderful. I rarely eat and primarily get my calories from a half coffee, half milk, little bit of flavor, and a lot of sugar concoction. I drink those like a fiend. And then I take a bite of food as I prepare it for the family, usually skipping most meals. But when my body calls for food, I indulge because I recognize I am starving myself and am not a miracle worker so I occasionally need sustenance to replenish my stores.

I think the quality of the food we take into ourselves affects our wellbeing and mental health. Like more than nutrients, I’m talking the energy behind the food that is being absorbed. My thought is that if a person is eating food made by someone who is filled with hate and anger and suffering, then the person taking the food into their body will absorb a shadow of that hate and anger and suffering, thus becoming that which was prepared for it. In other words, if an angry person makes your sandwich, then you are going to have an angry energy about you while that food works through your system. I have found that I appreciate machine processed foods far more than I like people prepared food. They feel so much more wholesome and fulfilling. Where as people prepared food just feels sad to me. It’s also why I work on filling my being with gratitude and appreciation while I prepare the meals for my family. I wish them to have as much good energy as I can muster for them.

I’m feeling wordy today…..