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The parallel question to the third that jumps out in the mind of the ONE needing found is

What happens to Dudley DWHW?

Dudley DWHW is existing as the opposite of Perfect Peter. (Typed at 11:11am)

Perfect Peter is happy in his home. Perfect Peter is happy with his being. Perfect Peter is happy with his commitments. Perfect Peter is happy being Happy.

Which would mean the opposite is true for Dudley DWHW.

Dudley is unhappy being at home. Dudley is unhappy with his personhood. Dudley is unhappy with his responsibilities. Dudley is unhappy being Happy.

Because the TRUTH is that Dudley has been granted everything that Perfect Peter has found Happiness in.

Dudley has a comfortable home that he hand picked for its optimal details.
Dudley had the same soul‘s expansion opportunities afforded Perfect Peter.
Dudley has been gifted the same financial circumstances gracing Perfect Peter.
Dudley has the same details that create Perfect Peter‘s Happiness.

The Reality is Set that Dudley has been given all the pieces of the puzzle to be Happy.

But the difference between Dudley and Perfect Peter is the difference that keeps Dudley being Dudley and never becoming Someone Special (as he was always meant to be). Because Dudley is refusing to accept his Blessings and Giftings and chooses to complain about his optimal circumstances, The Universe is questioning whether Dudley deserves to keep such a blessing.

The Universe calls into attention, Perfect Peter‘s Wife. Perfect Peter‘s Wife was a womanly parallel of Dudley‘s character in Perfect Peter‘s life. Where Dudley sought to continue doing Wrong, Perfect Peter‘s Wife willingly submitted herself to learning Perfect Peter‘s Better Way. So Dudley represents the Wrong Way and Perfect Peter is the Right Way, leaving Beautiful Bettie to be the Change that Happened to make Perfection Possible.

For Beautiful Bettie is a reflection of those around her. When Beautiful Bettie is in proximity to Perfect Peter, she can see herself in a Perfect LIGHT. When Beautiful Bettie is around people like Dudley DWHW, her energy Darkens and she becomes an uglier reflection of herself.

Beautiful Bettie had been reflecting the Whims of the World for her entire life. The Universe stepped in and offered to cleanse Beautiful Bettie‘s aura and allow her a clearer vision of Existence. In cleansing Beautiful Bettie‘s aura, Dudley DWHW became a real being that was Darkening her ability to better herself as Perfect Peter needed.

And so Beautiful Bettie took on the duality of Existence and Eternity to piece together exactly what was going on with Dudley DWHW that was keeping him from changing. Beautiful Bettie opened herself up and submitted her Karmic Debt for Judging and her Soul for Completion and her Heart for Having.

With that the World was swept away from Beautiful Bettie and she lost Everything that had meaning and morphed into EVERYTHING that needed defined. Beautiful Bettie lost her mind and lost her ability to connect to Reality as Dominated by Others. On Beautiful Bettie‘s journey she experienced solitary confinement, extreme separation and disconnection from love and community, homelessness, poverty, starvation, infestations, toxic environments, poisonous living conditions, and a cold indifference from the World around her.

But in Beautiful Bettie‘s very real experiences of Hell on Earth, she transformed into a Living Vision that is Empathetically Accepting Reality’s TRUTH Honestly (EARTH).

When Beautiful Bettie submitted herself to the Will of I AM, she found her True Self.

The Universe is considering issuing a similar set of trails for Dudley to cleanse his self. Beautiful Bettie knows the lessons and wisdom that can come from enduring such harshness and difficulty of life. But Beautiful Bettie truly suffered and was left in the Wilderness with no defenses to protect the self. Beautiful Bettie would not wish what she went through on any, not even one as despicable as Dudley DWHW. Beautiful Bettie wishes there was a way to bring change without having to first create suffering. (666)

The Universe is trying to help make Beautiful Bettie‘s wish a Reality. The Universe is in flux for Beautiful Bettie and to balance out that fluctuation Dudley‘s life is paralleling her change.

Beautiful Bettie has experienced a loss in income that affects her ability to afford food. Dudley experienced a significant loss in income that affects the extra he‘s used to having.

Beautiful Bettie is experiencing change in ownership of her home upsetting her anxiety.
Dudley is doing questionable things at home upsetting the harmony in his relationship.

Beautiful Bettie experienced hardship because of her mental illness and was tested.
Dudley claimed to have healed his anger problems and yet finds himself in trouble.

Beautiful Bettie found trust and comfort in the mental health safety net she built.
Dudley relied on himself to heal his problems without letting Anyone know a thing.

Beautiful Bettie focused on creating a better version of herself.
Dudley continued making excuses for bad behavior while calling himself better.

The Universe sees the potential of Beautiful Bettie and that which she achieved.
The Universe hopes for the best of Dudley DWHW and what he can be.

Beautiful Bettie is committed to finding words to help Dudley be better without hurting. Beautiful Bettie loves Dudley and hopes he can be the man she needs him to be for her. (888)

Prophesy TIME: Beautiful Bettie has submitted herself to the Will of the Universe and was shown to be better for it. The Universe is going to take away Dudley‘s Freedom and force him to witness the chaos and calm the Universe always shares to those of its nature. Dudley will be blessed by The Universe in the Same Way that Beautiful Bettie has been. In those Blessings, the Hope Exists that Dudley will find the Best Version of his self.

That is where the story goes from here.

Beautiful Bettie will find words for why losing income isn’t the worst LIFE has to offer. She will also find words about Utopia. (999)

Beautiful Bettie will find words for why Harmony at Home is what creates peace in LIFE. She will also find words about LOVE. (1022)

Beautiful Bettie will find words for how she made sense of her insanity creating Balance. She will also find words about Control.

Beautiful Bettie will find words for how her Community saves her LIFE and creates Joy. She will also find words about TRUST.

Beautiful Bettie will find words for how she stopped finding words to make LIFE easier. She will also find words about TRUTH. (1088) [The ONE, The Void, Eternity, Immortality]

1111 Words.