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The Universe: I wish there was a way to train your body to never be tired regardless of what’s consumed and only get tired if you’re active. It sounds like the only way that is possible is to take a crap ton of energy stuff and give yourself a heart attack in the process. I noticed if I do one energy drink a day, I never get tired regardless of what I am eating but I recognize the danger is there in those drinks. Please forgive my rudeness for forgetting to say hello to Owndog’s Better Half. lol

Having endless energy isn’t as tits as it would seem. With the bipolar I go through hypomanic and manic states where energy fuels my body to not need sleep for long periods of time. I go so long without sleep that I actually lose my mind. Endless energy can be a bad thing when not properly managed. There is a wonderful balance between having the energy to get through the day and needing to crawl into bed to rest for real. I don’t like those energy drinks. They can kill you if you drink too many. I’m not interested in things with deadly side effects. You weren’t rude at all. Just busy in chat. I don’t mind. I’m busy getting the kids ready. I know how busy a person can be.

Or you were joking and I missed that….

The Universe: I was being serious, you’d know if I were being sarcastic or joking. I’ve toyed around with one energy drink a day but I’m not wanting to set the record to be the World’s Youngest Pacemaker. I believe a female set that at age 34? I saw it not too long ago.

Yikes, that would be crazy to have your heart need assistance so young. But spiritually, I think we all need a pacemaker. A lot of broken hearts existing in the world right now. If only we had the magic cure for that.

As I say magic cure, I’m immediately like WE DO!!!! It’s called Healthy LOVE!

The Universe: I have a deadly serious question. I’m not going to sugar coat anything about this and I am hoping for your most bluntest answer you’ve possibly ever given.

Sure, shoot I have to run my daughter to school but I’ll be back to answer once you get it up there.

The Universe: I realize you said to dwell on your blessings and not the negatives but I have to ask honestly, out of the whole world’s population, why should I keep living if I’m just another “number” so to speak? All my friends are so busy with their lives and everything that I literally feel like if I passed away, they’d forget me over time. That’s actually my biggest fear, being forgotten. I mean, you can tell me the usual that if you kill yourself how much grief would be caused for others, especially on family. But I’m asking in the most sincerest way possible. Why should I keep living when everyone is just “expendable”? I mean as time goes on, even I have to admit I sometimes forget who has passed. It’s inevitable and eventually when a person passes, they’re forgotten. It’s just the cycle of human nature, so why keep living if eventually you’re going to be forgotten? Perhaps I add too much emphasis on wanting to be remembered but you get the idea. Be safe until you return.

Because you aren’t just a number. You are you. And who you are is singularly unique in this wondrous world of endless possibilities. Beyond all the possibilities that could have been, you were the only one that came as you. There is no one that has your perspective, that has your outlook, that has lived your life. No matter how many billions of people there may be, not a single one of them is like you. And while others may be living their lives, they each have their own journey. Journeys aren’t about doing something that is worthy of remembering, the journey is about defining what it is to be you. To live in each moment, take it in for all its worth and then appreciate what it is that makes this moment special to you. Your life is about imprinting your existence upon the Universe for you are a special fragment of the Universe’s United Wholeness. So much of this society conditions us to think that we are alike and in that sameness so many get lost thinking themselves just another number. But you aren’t a number, you are ONE. The ONLY ONE that will ever know what it is to be you. And if you are busy thinking yourself no one special, how is it you’re ever going to know how wonderful your life could be? In the history of humanity, only certain names get remembered and based on the stories we are choosing to remember, if you make the hands of time to have your name remembered, you are likely a big douche bag that used unfair advantages to manipulate the world around you. The nice guys, the gentle men, the nurturers, the caretakers, the ones that are actually making a difference in people’s lives aren’t out there chasing fame and a forever legend, they are out the being a living legend making real differences in real people’s lives knowing that every heart they touch is one more heart that will never forget they came, no matter the passage of time.

The Universe: I don’t know why but that answer made me incredibly light-hearted and even got me teary eyed… So strange.

Oh that’s awesome. :slight_smile:

The Universe: I had a feeling your answer was going to affect me somehow but I was curious and asked anyways.

How did you like the effect? Would you classify it as positive?

The Universe: Not sure about whether it is a positive but I was thinking you definitely struck something. That’s the odd thing about me, sometimes I can’t classify a feeling as positive or negative, I just get “struck” so to speak.

That’s okay, I think I understand. I think of myself related to being an empath and often times I get feelings that are foreign to my own. And it is in those moments, I take in what it is that I am feeling and define how that feelings makes me feel, giving living definition to the positive or negative perspective. I live to be “struck” And I thoroughly enjoy the thought of “helping others to be struck”. Makes me giddy and euphoric to consider.

The Universe: I dislike how I become so talkative in Owndog’s chat sometimes. I think I become annoying.

No, don’t feel like that. It’s nice to have chat be interactive. That’s what he’s hoping for. Getting people to come and hang and be with him. Part of being with him is talking to him. We hope for more chat interaction.

The Universe: I never bring up anything of interest. It’s like Witcher has been my biggest thing lately and it’s all I can think of or talk about.

Then by all means talk about it. People are there to hang together. Part of hanging is talking about things that are interesting to you. People enjoy the gentlemen you show yourself to be. I don’t think anyone is minding you talking about the thing on your mind.

What makes you think about Witcher so much? What’s drawing it to your mind?

The Universe: I talked to Owndog about this and I told him I was fearing being annoying or that people were disliking me because of how often I spoke. He tried to reassure me of the fact that I’m a “fan favorite” and he’s not using the term loosely. In regards to why I think about Witcher is that I don’t believe in reincarnation but I feel my soul has aspects of being older than my age. Geralt’s character greatly appeals and I feel he’s a good rolemodel. He’s a badass, saves people, seems wise. I feel the Witcher is a perfect character. The words “The Witcher” just never seems to never get old for me to hear. Being an expert swordsman with a little magic involved, it just seems like your perfect character to do anything.

I like this thought. It brings me much peace. I believe it centers me perfectly between everything that made brought me to this moment and everything that this moment could possibly be. There is comfort and pleasure to be found in this moment. So much so I seek to make this moment last as long as it can.

If Owndog says you don’t have anything to worry about, you can trust what he says. He is a straight shooter. If you have or are a problem, he’s going to deal with that. If you are one of the people making others happy, he’s going to let you know your fan favorite status. Owndog is pretty awesome like that. I believe some crazy things. Namely that we are living in Hell that is in the midst of a takeover or changing of guard with Heaven. So Utopia is coming from Hell’s Existence. In order to make this transition easier, the Grand Divine planned to have older and wiser souls come to inhabit the planet. Souls that knew of Humanity’s problems but were able to make better decisions that led to a better personhood. The Grand Divine sent leaders to be among the men, setting the example for others to follow from behind the mask of anonymity. That way no one person could be pointed to as the leader of the cultural revolution that will be gripping the planet. So go with the idea that you are an older soul.

What makes your soul different than what you feel the majority of those around you are?

I’m curious because I believe what you feel is the truth of who you are. Fictional characters can help you better define metaphysical concepts that haven’t been real before this moment in time. My soul believes me to be the Chosen One Meant to Usher in World Peace. So I absolutely understand the Reality of your soul crying for definition the Material World can’t explain.