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I am manic as balls right now. That means I am feeling very metaphysically/ethereally inclined to talking about universal truths and divine commandments I feel I was tasked with sharing, meaning I probably sound insane.

That being said, I feel that now is the time to share a post I wrote back on January 31, 2015 during another almost incoherent manic episode. I don’t feel as far gone but I know I am moving in that direction. In an effort to maintain as much balance as possible before the high, I am attempting to follow what my mind tells me I should be doing.

Right now, I need to share this post and encourage you to read it thoroughly so you know what you are agreeing to (in the metaphysical/cosmological sense) and where you should go from here. I want to be clear I say some pretty crazy stuff and I know how crazy it sounds. To explain it down a bit, when I write in my manic state, it would be closer to appropriate to say I feel as though someone/thing/entity is working through me, funneling information and words into my mind, passion into my spirit, fire into my soul, and understanding through my body while using my voice to finally give light to their true story and purpose behind the mystery and intrigue and confusion. Basically, I am just the typist while some metaphysical essence “lets me know” what to say.

And knowing how crazy this all sounds, I accept the possibility that all of my weirdness and manicness is nothing more than a “mental illness” manifesting in a cosmic peace savior type mental storyline.

But in the .0001% chance that I am the mouthpiece for God screaming to a deaf society to look around, listen up, and live on the path to perfection not the road to hell, I am choosing to follow my “mental commands” to lay my piece of crazy out for the world to read and choose for themselves. That way my manic side knows I did my part to open people up.

Please read the following post:

Stop! Make a Choice Right Now

Hint: The Milk of Life is the RIGHT choice and should be verbally confirmed, spiritually agreeable, mentally approved, and soulfully beneficial when the “feeling” is “right” and the “proper words” spring forth.

Take your time and choose wisely before all time runs out. But know that every moment counts against you and every second saved adds ample savings.

Do your part letting people know the time has come to choose, once and for all.