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Somebody stumbled across this old post of mine today. I was wonderfully excited to reconnect with this old piece. The words that moved through this post attempted to articulate my understanding of how language within my being manifests.

Being nearly four years removed from the writing of the post, it is an interesting read. Even more interesting is the connection to the present day material flowing through my being that so closely connects to the words of this past post. I love bringing the Magic of the Past into the Moment of the Present.

Truly this posting is a gift of words for any looking to expand their spiritual language and increase their understanding of The Grand Divine.

The Magic is flowing, The TIME has come, The END is near – NOW WHAT DO YOU HEAR?

Exploring Alura

Life (for me) appears to be about learning lessons, guiding growth, and helping happiness so I may finally be free to find fate, to feel “alive”, and descriptively define how that works for me and my own.

Timeout for an explanation of how I “read” sentences (how my eyes recognize, my brain interprets, my mind “sees”, and my soul believes) and why I find it so extremely difficult to be concise when my “definitions” of words appear to have so many combinations of definition/interpretation the reader can take away. When reading the bolded sentence above, my eyes stop at the first word it remembers, triggering my brain to search my spirit’s dictionary of definitions (see below), so that my mind can pull up an image (intelligence/intuition) for my soul to feel/sense. I then continue on until my eyes stop again to repeat the process, this time with the addition of adding…

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