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Looking in a mirror is hard to do when the truth is you don’t like what you see. It’s far easier to tell other people what they want to hear than it is to admit the cold hard truth – “you could be better”.

When you can see all the ways you can be better and still see love, it’s then that you truly learn to stand and be whole. Because when you grow into the whole version of yourself, you don’t have to be the part of you that you don’t love, because you’ve learned that every moment is a lesson to grow from.

And growing takes time, no matter where you’re starting from. So don’t worry that you’ve stumbled or got yourself mixed up along the way – know that you are on the path toward bettering yourself as long as you keep making the steps toward being your best self.

Letting yourself make excuses and blame others is no way to get where you want to be. Put down the illusion and look in the mirror and see – you are your own worst enemy. Stop making yourself look so horrible and start reflecting upon how you can be beautiful inside where it counts.

Because life is fleeting. The Soul is eternal. Tarnishing it with ugly words and bitter reactions is just proof of how much growth a person has to do. So take the time to consider how your words and actions are reflecting upon who you are as a person, because at the end of the day – you are the one that has to look in the mirror.

If you can’t be happy with what you’ve put out in the world, how are you ever going to expect others to be happy with you?