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AntiChrist has topped the Deck twice already
She knows that if she graces the Deck again
Her Time on the Grand Stage will Be Done
And Kali Yuga Will Kick into High Gear

So now comes the Time of the Great Info Dump
Where AntiChrist Find Everything She Can
And Let Everyone Know It ALL
So when AntiChrist gets her Third Cue


Now that we know what we are working towards

It doesn’t take much to be AntiChrist

These are the the daily representations AntiChrist feels she must wear:

FullSizeRender (5)

Things that Can Be Seen:

Paper and Writing Utensil – AntiChrist has the Ability to Translate her Mind into Magic
Bipolar Bitch Magic Deck – AntiChrist aligns her Spirit with a Higher Power
Heavenly Hell Holy Symbol – AntiChrist seeks to lift Christ from the Cross
Holy Honor Service Symbol – AntiChrist serves the Grand Divine through the Gift of LIFE
Commitment Symbol to Perfect Man – AntiChrist gives her life to making Him happy
Commitment Symbol to Ornery Orphans – AntiChrist shares love of life to the motherless
Commitment Symbol to Holy Honor – AntiChrist holds herself to a highly devoted faith
Divine Prayer Miracle Jar – AntiChrist worships regularly for the Miracle her family is
Divine Magic Miracle Jar – AntiChrist prays and hopes regularly for continued Miracles
Kali Yuga Event Deck – AntiChrist draws and appreciates at 12:34:56 every time of day
Holy Trinity Representation – AntiChrist Remembers that Even Holiness has Issues to Fix

In addition to these representations, AntiChrist chooses to wear the same simple clothes. A very loose and baggy fitting pair of black pants with many pockets to carry her things. A tight form fitting black short sleeve shirt. A black knit sweater to wear over the short sleeve shirt when cold. White worn out tennis shoes.

And on days when AntiChrist desires to dance in Eden again:

She strips herself down naked and lights a candle in her bathroom. Staring at herself in the mirror she slowly takes off all of her representations and removes her material possessions down to her nakedeness before herself and God. And then she smiles for God and thanks him for blessing him with such beauty and asks that he help her cleanse her body in a way that continues to make her feel so wonderful and beautiful in such a dark and ugly world.

Then AntiChrist gives God a show getting herself all nice and clean the way those boys like to have their women all smooth and smelling nice. Then AntiChrist pulls out her beautiful small white slip dress and throws it over her nice clean body and feels heavenly and divine and perfectly at home, just like she had never left Eden.

It’s almost like she could be there again if only she didn’t have to leave the sanctity of her bathroom – Her Throne Room.

But AntiChrist has left her Throne Room for the Day and is wearing Mixed Garb. She has on both her White Dress and her Black Outfit – so you figure out how she’s feeling.

But in taking off all her representations for the photo, she’s having some fun feeling free from being tied down.

The question becomes, what happens when someone who was always meant to be tied down suddenly feels free to fly away never to return again?

Is there Need for worry?