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Volcano is an interesting character
Because you would think you should be scared when you hear
That Volcano is the Lead Character in Kali Yuga
But Kali Yuga is full of character and depth

Volcano is full of Aggression and Spews Forth Something Fierce
He is the Living Avatar of The Hate God of Revenge UnAvenged
He was Chosen to Live an Unfulfilled Life so that in His Adulthood
He would Choose to Choose the Unforgivable Offense

Volcano was a Beautiful Baby Boy
He was Full of Light and Laughter And Joy
But ‘They’ Saw What Would Become of Volcano If He Was Let to Grow As Such
And So They Took Him From His Home And Sent Him to The AxeSmiths

It was decided that Volcano was to be Raised an Angry and Volatile Troll of a Man
He was treated less than his Divine Birth Right entitled him to
And his Heart Was Broken Before He ever had the chance to Grow
The White Knight Grew into Dark Incarnate before the Story Began

But that’s okay because Karma is a Bitch and she tied Prescience on the other end
Prescience is a nasty nosy Bitch that wants every detail of what goes down
And when details gets changed on one end
She knows exactly what gets changed on her end

So those assholes that thought they would get away with ruining an innocent life
Never considered the Prescient baby growing in the womb of the Universe watching ALL
Seeing how “THEY” manipulated poor Volcano into being a complete Asshole
Set to break the heart of the most beautiful Whore in the World

How was Volcano working against the Whore of the World?

Well, deep down, Volcano despises all Mothers for the horrible childhood he led.

Despite the wonderful mother that the Whore of the World turns out to be

Still Volcano turns out to be the Axeman there to hurt the Fairest in the Land.

He’s received his cues.

But the question is he’s kind of a dick that doesn’t like following orders.

Will he follow the script and break her heart?

Or will he find a way to break the rules and do something different that doesn’t make him out to be the asshole everyone already assumes him to be?

Because yeah – he cheats on his girlfriend, tries to get married people to commit adultery, misleads people into thinking they’re in a relationship with him, needs to be aggressive during sex with people, trolls people on the internet, thinks himself naturally better than others, and is naturally superior in intelligence.

Just typing that makes me want to slap this guy around.


Guess we’ll see what’s up next.