As a girl who went from having vanilla basic non active beliefs in God to flipping a switch, receiving a call to action and feeling the divine fiery drive of passion and mission, I have distanced myself from the Bible.

As a natural conveyor of God’s messages, I came to resent the book that was filled with so much good but was being used to cause so much separation under God. That book has been the cause of some serious atrocities against humanity! So I wanted nothing to do with it for the negative stigmata attached to it.

Your post has positively corrected my perception. It is not the Holy Book that told people to kill people, it was some misguided soul misinterpreting Holy scripture and then getting other misguided souls to follow suit. Why should I turn my nose at good divine knowledge because a bunch of people chose ignorance over wisdom, “in the name of God”, and nobody since then has has the force of spirit to stand up and say “NO! You’re misguided.”?

I shouldn’t and I won’t anymore thanks to this post. I should be using the Bible to guide my words and inspire my messages in positive and peaceful ways. Showing others how the message should have been taken with light and love rather than the black and red we currently read it with.

Thank you for this powerful message. You have a wonderful mind and a beautiful way with words.

john pavlovitz

The Bible says it, I believe it, and that settles it.

You’ve heard that phrase before.

You’ve read it on bumper stickers.

You may have even said it a time or two.

It’s an odd little religious mantra that perfectly captures the strange, often paradoxical relationship we modern Christians have with our mysterious ancient text:

Many of us have made The Bible the central pillar of our faith, while not really knowing what it actually says. (especially not the earlier, weirder stuff).

We’ll claim without question that it is filled with words “from the very mouth of God”, and yet we can’t really be bothered to crack it open all that often, (and then, definitely not the earlier, weirder stuff).

We want it to be the clear, consistent, unquestioned, unfiltered voice of Truth in all matters, but to do that, we often have to avoid, discard, or talk around a…

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