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Web of LoveThe pain of losing someone is such a unique feeling. Life immediately feels emptier, no matter whether it had been one hour, one year, or one decade since we last spoke. Every conversation is immediately ten times more important because now there is a limit to those moments. Death changes everything, so quickly and with such finality. It’s scary. It brings a lot of questions that I’m not ready to answer. But watching and seeing the effect death can have is moving.

So many people are affected by the passing of one life. In such a big world, big universe, that one person can affect so many is amazing. Even more than that, seeing everyone affected come together to support each other is what gives me hope. I see the loss and hurt being expressed and I can empathize as so, so many are able to. But from that pain, there is breathtaking beauty. I see everyone reaching out to each other. Sharing their pain and comforting with their words, new and old friends alike. I feel a sense of peace when I see this. It’s amazing. And touches my soul.

Death is the end of something, to be certain. But I believe at every ending is a new beginning. So take this moment as a chance to start fresh, as an unexpected opportunity to start something over. Reach out to an old friend, take a coworker out to lunch, talk to a stranger at the store. It’s the chance to start anew, each conversation is the opportunity to affect another’s life. Another opportunity to add to the web of people sharing and comforting.  What kind of web do you want to weave?