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Pandemic to Paradise transcription:

Housing Types in Utopia

LoftsTiny Homes” 325 – 450 sq. ft. $275/mo $60k (Houses 1-2)
CompactsSmall Homes” 451 – 750 sq. ft. $400/mo $80k (Houses 2-4)
HousesMedium Homes” 751 – 1.8k sq. ft. $700/mo $120k (Houses 3-6)
MansionsLarge Homes” 1801 – 4.5k sq. ft. $1k/mo $150k (Houses 5-10)

The President of Utopia “AO” saw how the “Lords of Land” unfairly accepted amounts of money far and above the cost of maintaining and upkeeping the properties to which people housed themselves. And The President knew that Perfect Living meant all had access to equal and fair housing standards and practices, which meant the President needed to develop an idea for how Perfect Housing takes place in Utopia.

Knowing that the “Lords of Land” were likely to take advantage of every loophole in the system, President AO ruled that no suitable abode shall be smaller than 325 square feet and no bigger than 4500 square feet. Any abodes outside these parameters become too small to be reasonably comfortable and too large to be socially acceptable.

After making this ruling the President asked for the data on how many people were living without shelter or with poor/unsafe living standards.

0.2% of the Population was found to be considered Homeless – that amounted to 655,000 people. 35% of those people (230,000 persons) were living in unsheltered conditions, labelled as “Extreme Homelessness”. While the “Sheltered” Homeless were living in what was deemed unsafe living conditions for long term occupation, another 425,000 people that needed assistance with acquiring safe and reliable long-term housing. After Extreme Homelessness, President AO found that 13% of the population lived in housing conditions less than safe or hospitable, with 6.5 million of these people being in a family setting.

President AO began solving for how much it would cost to completely eradicate Extreme Homelessness.

230,000 Extreme Homeless People (52% in Families, 121,000 people)

Building a Loft for the Homeless = 109,000 (Singles Dwelling) + 41,000 (Family Dwelling) = 150,000 Homes

150,000 x 60,000 = 9 Billion Dollars cures Extreme Unsheltered Poverty

Building Full of Compacts Housing = 9 Floors (100 units per building) costs 10 million dollars

1,500 Units x 10,000,000 = 15 Billion Dollars cures Extreme Sheltered Poverty

9 Billion + 15 Billion = 24 Billion Dollars cures Utopia’s Homeless Problem

Upon realizing how very little it would cost to completely eradicate Extreme Poverty Living Conditions in the Perfect World, Utopian President AO asked for a Vote from the citizens. AO proposed setting and establishing a cost to solve the world’s problem, starting with Extreme Homelessness. President AO stated Utopia would take a loan against the Future’s Better Interest.