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That’s what Chaos is in my mind. The deeper connected you are to spirituality, the less chaotic things seem.

And instead they begin to make sense.

I don’t mind finding different revelations again especially when it connects me to a moment another is having. Even if I’ve thought there before. I agree about we are traumatized as children. We are living in a broken system that breaks people in order to profit off their unwellness.

Pulling parents out of the home to be raised by a corrupt system.

Therapy and pharmaceuticals to paint the illusion of wellness.

Money and Materialism to paint the illusion of happiness.

I’ve yet to find a limit to my brain, only a limit to the openness I let myself feel when taking in the wonder of the Universe.

They keep traumatizing because there’s money to be made in having broken people.

When you allow yourself to separate from their lie mongering to perpetuate the broken system you step back from their control over your mind.

Numb is what enables them to be able to control you. Because it distances you from the truth of what you feel.

Not you, but masses of people are.

That’s interesting, in my vision of how things work it is the very thing that heals me in every moment.

Perspective is what coats perception. And perception is what leads to a better vision of reality. The more open and accepting your perspective is, the more wholesome your perception will become.

They are intricately tied together, so closely it is hard to tell the difference. Subtle, if you will.

Perspective is the inhaling of the world. While Perception is the exhaling of understanding what you’ve taken in.

That’s okay, the more in tune with the self you become, the more the words will flow to express yourself.

Right now you are learning to be open to things. Which sets you in the path of learning your spiritual vocabulary. That will properly articulate where your inner awareness is at.

hahaha I did go crazy because I was alone in my figuring things out. Apart from what my husband wanted to believe and reality told me was real.

I dived headfirst and the first time I came up for air the world defined me as crazy. hehehe

But since I found stability and structure with the help of a caring support system, the crazy has become something people like to hear.

Addiction is hard to overcome for I believe it is in our nature to be deeply passionate about things. So I gave my addictive nature over to spirituality and let that obsession consume me.

So much so that everything I was drawn to before has little influence over my mind.

One or two people that understand go a long way towards making it easier to deal with those that don’t.

When our pride is injured, hurt people tend to lash out at the one that offended them. Healing people feel the pain of the words but bite their tongue in honor of choosing to not hurt another. I think healed people would attempt to bring about a better resolution than just calling names and leaving silence to be the answer. Though sometimes I think silence is a better answer because what’s to be said when someone doesn’t care to hear another’s side?

That’s what I came up with the other day about broken people. When I was attacked online for having a differing opinion.

I didn’t get riled up but rather felt that it was a broken, poorly articulated response that reeked of a wounded ego.

And I could attack back but then that would make me a predator upon the weak minded.

So many listen but don’t hear and speak without really talking.

I only use Discord. I don’t have any other social media other than a dated Facebook I only have active because it has a shit ton of history I haven’t transferred onto documents to preserve.

I like when people do that [think aloud]. It’s free flow of the mind. Beautiful to witness.

Ego is the hardest thing to get around. It keeps saying, “pay attention to me” and “give me props” when in spirituality the self recognizes how minuscule the vessel is in comparison to the grandness of nature as a whole. Inner nature is but a tiny piece of the Grand Scheme of Nature that is Existing.

Sometimes people aren’t equipped to handle other people’s beefs. And so they de-escalate the situation by removing themselves from the presence of the perceived problem.

I hope you can find the magic in your moment, for my life is completely mundane and yet mysteriously magical at the same moment.

Yay! I love resonance!!

I’m sorry you’re feeling lost in the moment, I remember having those long periods of feeling like no one could see me properly.

But I found that when I felt like things didn’t make sense that I found a better place to come to after the awareness was found.

The direction I was to head opened up as I open myself up to realize there is more than just me experiencing what I am.

I found connection in others walking the same path at different times than I was.

So while I felt completely isolated it was only my perspective that I was alone that was creating the reality full of loneliness for me to perceive.

When I changed my perspective that I wasn’t alone, suddenly I became of aware how absolutely surrounded I was by same people.

My perspective altered my perception.

Right now you think you are alone so you see the world and you are alone. If you could change the quality of thought to feel connected to others Then your world would shift instantly and you’ll see how very connected you are.

One follows the other.

Inhale connection and comradery.

Exhale love and acceptance.

lol No worries. She’s probably crazy herself. We tend to see in others that which we most fear about ourselves.

I tell my children all the time when you point the finger at another you have three pointing back at you.

It could be said that not seeing the world for what it is happens to be crazy.

hehehe I am [crazy]. Had many trips to the loony bin.

One time I clucked at officers that were called because I was wandering around half naked and yelling at people.

I am truly insane in my worst moments.

And I loved my time at the psych ward.

For some it was traumatizing, for me it was uplifting. Because while separated from the ones I loved most, I found other people truly lost in their moment. And many opened up and connected with me in beautiful ways.

That inspired me to want to get well so I could come back and help them find their wellness.

The psych ward is a place that is scary to consider. But where I was at was already scary, so I didn’t mind being placed somewhere that made me safe to be around again.

Many in the psych ward were violent and aggressive but most of them calmed themselves to be around me. It was touching and rewarding that even in my broken state I could find love and acceptance among strangers going through the same things as I was.