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“At some point you have to realize that some people can stay in your heart but not in your life.”

This was a big milestone on my path to happiness. Finding the acceptance that there would be those who could feel bad in my life but still there is love in my heart for them, those that hurt me more than they help me. I found I could still love them and hold them dear to my heart but I could release myself from the stress of making time for them in a life they didn’t want to comfortably fit in.

Because to me, life is about being comfortable. If you’re not comfortable in your surroundings, with the people around you, I would first ask you to consider whether you are comfortable in your own body. Because before you can find comfort in what is around you, you have to be able to know what comfort means and nothing is more defining than self experience.

If you find you are comfortable in your own skin and yet there are those in your life who take that comfort from you, I ask you to consider why you give them this power over your life? Why is it that you allow a person to make you feel less than whole? Why do they deserve the right to steal what is clearly entitled to you?

Your sense of being, your sense of feeling good is all that you have in this world. Everything else is an extra that can be taken at any moment and thus goes its ability to provide happiness with it. Take back your life from those who would not cherish their time with you. Take back your time spent on all those worthless endeavors that never produce happiness or enjoyment.

Choose to be happy in this moment and every moment after. Make the choice to include those happy making people in your life. Clear time on your schedule by postponing your commitments to those people who don’t support and uplift you.

But at the same moment I recommend you let go of those negative people in your life, I ask you to consider exactly who it is you are letting go. Why aren’t they a positive in your life? Is there no good that comes from your interactions together? What is that person going through that all they can bring to your life is negativity? Does this person need help? Do you make this person’s life better by being in it? Are you cutting off a person from the only source of good in their life?

Letting go of someone is hard and it has to be for all the right reasons. Just cutting ties with someone doesn’t break the emotional hold they have over your heart. You’ll still think about them, consider how they are and yet you won’t know because they won’t be a part of your life.

If you truly are in a better place without them in your life, find peace in that and wish them well in their journey. Think of the good times you shared, all the ways you enriched each other’s time, all the happy moments that existed once upon a time – treasure those because those things will be all that you have of that person going forward. You are making the choice to release negativity in your life, make sure to include releasing your habit of thinking bad things about that person. It is a subtle often overlooked habit that allows for a person’s negativity to continue on in a life that they aren’t even a part of.

Remember to take the time to enjoy the moment you’re in, cherishing it for everything it is giving you. Much love on your journey!


Written on 10/18/2018 by Beautiful Bettie