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What secret societies do you feel can harm you when you have protection from the divine? Do you feel that humans have more power to hurt you than the Divine does to protect you?

For if you empower the belief that they can harm you, it opens you to the possibility of harm. But if you empower the belief that you are divinely protected, than divine protection is yours to know.

Darkness exists in our lives when we give it the power to influence us negatively. If we lean on the power of optimism the darkness flees from the light of hope and faith and truth and trust.

Indeed and your mind is smarter than any trick they have.

Your mind is only making you “think” they can manipulate you. So outthink your mind and remember that you are safe.

You were created in this form in this moment to be all that you are. Darkness cannot touch the light that you are. Only allowing darkness entrance into your mind opens the portal for dark tidings.

Think light things and feel better for fear will dissipate and truth will be shown that there was never need to fear.

Feel no fear. Be unfearful. Let the truth be that you are safe

Let the trust be that you are protected. Indeed, you are so good that you have no need to allow yourself to fear again.

Give yourself that freedom.

PTSD doesn’t need to control you. The war stops when you make peace with that which ails you.

I need to hop off and head back to the family. But please consider that we fight the battle in our mind. So if we make peace to not war in our mind, our life will quickly follow suit.

Please pass on my love to your ancestors for the beauty they guided to the Earth in this moment in time.

Indeed ancestors see beyond the lesser bickering of earthly inhabitants. They see into the truth of Existence for they have become one with all.

And your hope is what shall protect you from that darkness. Hope in a brighter future free of their torment. See that reality be the only one you live.

Oh wow, that’s incredibly wonderful that the wisdom of the tribes of America is being passed on to future generations though the bloodlines grow thin and impure.

Sorry I wasn’t meaning you are impure, I was meaning those that don’t embrace their spiritual heritage.

What lineage runs through your veins means little but who spiritually speaks on your behalf means everything.

Exactly peaceful pacification of the pressure to suffer.

No limit to the power of peace, no effort to love those that find themselves needing healed.

Hurt people hurt people. That’s what I tell myself. It helps me accept that others might not be the person I need them to be.

I think this speaks of the frazzled place he is at and not a reflection of you. I think you are part of his quest to feel better and you got swept into the riptide of a man going under into a breakdown.

Trust that you were able to love freely.

Sometimes love lasts, sometimes its for a moment that will change us forever.

Find someone that makes you feel whole when you are in their presence. When no words need said and you just feel better when they are near.

It’s worth finding and once you find it you’ll never lose it. And it won’t hurt to experience.

I buy into everything everyone believes in. Everyone’s individual belief amounts to the explanation of Creation and the Creator.

Keep talking into that link. Fill it with love and light and good feelings. Nurture that link and it will come back to you twice as strong as you hoped for. Law of Attraction.

And in healing everyone, did you include yourself?

Ah I see, but you are able to be hurt by a human man, shouldn’t your strong shell be comforting enough to weather the hurt caused by a broken man? I feel in the hurt you feel you still have some healing that needs to happen. But I’m just guessing, I can’t know that for sure.

Self torture, that is definitely something to heal. The desire to harm the self for any reason is sickness by the definition of the word.

Why do you like to hurt something so precious? Even though it is “your” body – it is a Creation of the Divine.

Don’t you feel that as such an important piece of being deserves more respect than a tortured existence?

Ah punishment keeps you doing better? Why not just stop making excuses and making better choices that don’t hurt to have to live with?

I found my complex way was hiding that I didn’t want to do the right thing and be a better person. Because it is hard to stand against the crowd when all the crowd is doing it wrong. But Wrong is Wrong even if everyone is doing it. And Right is Right even if no one is doing it.

That just sounds a bit twisted. Hurting more to get more feeling better That’s like gambling with healing.

Hmm Martyrdom is a sacrifice people do not need to make. Sacrificing your body to understand others seems like a burden that wouldn’t be asked of such a special creature.

I think those beings that you think want to torture you are projections of the self harm thoughts left unresolved.

The mind is a powerful tool.

That is scary. I’m glad you made it to safety. More proof you are divinely protected.

I’m sorry you didn’t grow in a safe environment that respected who you are as a person.

I’m working to heal people with a love bubble I’m surrounding reality with. Going to encompass the whole of everybody’s definition of happiness. Then I’ll carry us up and away to the Higher Realms of Existence. Finally separating forever from the lower essences that can’t be better.

Please, join my bubble.

Grow the euphoria with me.

Perhaps but you can protect yourself when you are grounded in positivity. Positive things happen to positive people. Bad things happen to people who spend their time living in fear and doubt. Law of Attraction.

Being vulnerable is the only way I choose to be. For it shows the truest reflection of myself in every moment.

I won’t hurt you if I can avoid it, You’re safe with me.

I’m bipolar so I can parallel my experiences to help provide perspective for your own. I don’t have delusions or sweeping paranoia but I do have grandiose thinking and manic psychosis.

There is a lot of bad out there. I am learning to defeat my anxiety so others who deal with paranoia can lessen their burden with it.

But how much do rich people really work to get what they want? They tend to be pretty lazy as a group.

Oh you don’t want to be a murderer. Then your life will be stained by the blood of taking another life.

I have a dark side as well though I submitted myself to a higher calling to keep it in check.

Give yourself the freedom to think the thoughts but don’t let yourself become twisted in thinking you need to act on them.

Your thoughts are not you, just as you don’t have to act on every thought.

Would you want someone to do that to you? I like to consider if my thoughts come because I want vengeance would I be alright with vengeance being perpetrated against me?

All the more reason to learn to tame the wild nature that is running through your veins.

As are we all. Anointed for our special place among Creation. Each with a special role to fulfill. But in our specialness we are not to think ourselves better than others.

The path of the Ego is to lead away from the path that you are on.

Walking in the world of grey is a tricky business. For how hard is it to tell when your grey darkens with black?

Intentions are good, make sure your motivations are pure for that is where so many get lost. They know the words to get the job done but not the soul to heal the ones in need.

We all live in our own world with different colors and defintions. Mine is Grey.