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Heaven is amazingly shocking and uplifting when you allow yourself the freedom to see God everywhere you go.

I feel I am in constant connection with God through the every moment of thought. If my head is a thinking than I am talking to God.

Don’t you see, my dear friend, that by being aware of your flaws, you can find redemption for them in every single micro-moment that doesn’t involve you falling to that lesser behavior. And when you do fall, stand back up in the next moment to feel better about trying your hardest to be your best even when your best sometimes makes a mistake.

God loves you. Always has through every sin you’ve committed. However, it is you putting up walls that stop you from feeling the wonder of his love because you have judged yourself guilty and not worthy of his love until you “redeem yourself” in his eyes.

You are redeemed. You are saved. All you need to learn is how not to be the lesser self you habitually let yourself become.

Stand and make yourself a Modern Saint. The New Testament’s version of how Good Man can be in Modern Days.

What stops you from choosing Goodness over badness. What is making it difficult other than your belief that letting go of these things should be hard?

I like that, I feel that God’s Will is for all to reach a state of pure innocence upon which to begin their eternity.

I believe in this land without wars and where hate no longer has its place. I see it in my every moment.

I believe we are awakening to know the truth of Trinity in the Realm of Infinity, the Land of Infinite Happy Ever Afters.

I am feeling an abundance of positive energy and hoping to find someone to share it with.

Good is a wonderful baseline to feel! That’s the minimum I hope to feel in any given day. I don’t mind the lows that come nor the highs that peak, but running through the middle I hope for a calm, cool, collected baseline.

I’m so glad to share it with you. I hope to infect others with the overwhelming amount of good feels I get in any given day.

This I call the Colors of Creation. I feel like it is the positive energy of Light seen through the soul coming zapping reality with a fresh perspective.

It’s the breaking through of a brand new reality in time for the Eclipse of the Sun on the 21st.

Thought to share this as you stand your ground at work fighting between the world of black and white hatred and relaxing into the peace of accepting our different shades as they come.

I’m here to share with you if you need some positive vibes to get through the day.

Maybe your body is telling you that how you look matters less than how you can change the world with the acceptance of the most beautiful way to be, which is you in this moment.

I shared the Gaga video because in it, there are classes of color that come to the world. The Red and Blue seem to be at odds creating much conflict. The Pinks come to battle their violence with peaceful love while simultaneously uniting the other colors in the cause.

I remembered that when you shared. I like when people open up to me with their real self.

I like that you see yourself as pre-programmed. I think so many of us are. But the blessing is that we can step around the programming and become something to the bigger picture in that choice.

I’m weird. I have innate hope in the betterment of reality, so much so that I can’t not believe in the reality that everything is shifting and changing moment by moment towards a much brighter future.

Corona comes sweeping in to make everyone across the board feel bad about the state of the world.

To bring into reality the questioning of why for so long we have just accepted the status quo of hatred and separation. When the truth of our being is that we desire onemanship and intense connection.

It’s likely why you possess such a powerful presence in this moment we share. Because you were brought to stand as a Wayshow-er, that leads society to a brighter future than what they can currently dream.

Society can be looked at as a dark place. But it can also be seen as a redeeming quality for this society came to bring life to the person you know yourself as. As great and wonderful and worthy as you are, without the world as it is, would you have come to be?

We all have been given much reason to be cynical. There is a lot of dark things about the world. But in being able to see the dark, it gives you ample opportunity to turn towards the light.

Why does not knowing what to do make you feel like there’s an issue?

There should be nothing to worry about. Because your innate sense of not knowing what to do means you are free to act as you choose, not as others dictate.

You aren’t socially conditioned to accept things any certain way. You aren’t obligated to spend time shedding light on darkness.

You get the freedom to know that who you are is absolutely, hands down, light years ahead of the people around you.

In being so far ahead, you get to lead the way into the future rather than falling behind with the masses.

Children are attracted to light. Keep your shine on and soon they’ll soak up the nurturing light and grow into something more pleasant.

If I were in your place I would try channeling the thoughts of not liking society into productive thoughts about how realistically society could change and no longer offend you in its existence.

Be the change you wish to see in the world by being a creative minded individual that brings dreams of better to reality, rather than letting the self fall to the easily accessible negativity of the 3rd Dimension.

I’d like to discuss when you have time why you think you aren’t doing anything right? Because without even knowing the details I can most honestly say you likely are doing far better than you allow yourself to think.

My days are always harder when I’m running on low sleep.

I’m a stay at home mom that tries to come online to socialize and make connections my homelife doesn’t allow. I give myself completely to caring for my family and in doing so I opt out of a lot of real life activities. Discord helps fill that void.

Thankfully I’m not the rock in our family, that is my husband that stands strong through the passion of my bipolarity. I would say that our family is bound to sanity by my husband while I come in to coat reality with the warmth and light that makes moments feel good.

My innocence wasn’t protected either. It grew giving me a harsh reality of the world around me. But in the role of mother of the household, I can see how much protecting our children creates a better moment in the here and now.

Because in the moment the children are nurtured so later when they grow, they are comfortable nurturing others as they too felt in their youth.

But we live in a society that starts maturing children right out of the womb, pushing them for achievements and success before they even learn what it means to be.

And then expect to have children that know how to be a healthily functioning adult by age 18. It’s crazy to consider.

The hardest part of parenting and the epiphany I had about needing to better myself for the better of the next generation I am responsible for caring about. I couldn’t expect my children to be better if I didn’t first show them what needing to be better was about.

Through my time with my babies they have seen me fall apart into a mess of psychosis and bipolarity and from a safe distance watched me piece back together a sense of self that is strong enough to support the blossoming beings that are my babies.

My tale is the story of a middle class nobody that had everything she ever needed but the awareness of how good life could be in its simplicity. I had everything, lost all that had meaning to me, and then pieced together a semblance of a life that I can be proud to call my own.

All under the divine influence of Love in the Highest Form.

I think our life until the moment of our death is piecing together a life worth living. So you’ll never quite feel complete until the moment of departure. Because as you learn to see more of the big picture you realize its in the details that life really matters.

I am finding much excitement in the moments to enjoy. And it is all based on the awareness that collectively we have been too distracted to realize how much our bickering and hate ruin the vibration of a wonderful reality.