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I like to think of us all as actors. Some of hold the stage calm with our secure presence in the reality that better is coming. Some hold together the stage with their forceful presence to stand amidst the injustice. Some hold ground as the force many are fighting against.

Everyone is in a give and flow situation in which all of our essences are being channeled into higher vibrations to affect the collective that is Humanity.

I agree that Ohio is a powerful place to create a substantial indwelling of positivity and love and acceptance. The cornerstones of a peaceful re-love-ution.

I stand in Ohio with you holding the stage with calm acceptance that we are collectively working towards better.

In the dualities that are coming to light, we must all find a place within them or outside of them. If our place is within, then we are to feel the weight of the emotions that come with each aspect of the resistance we face.

Indeed, the people are beginning to realize their collective power against the injustice of what our government has become.

I think the first step is that we are coming together in a united “front” in many places at once. Creating a positive energy that sheds light on the duality that is plaguing existence.

I was typing the very same thing. Imagine the collective energy of 100 people doing what is right in the right moment.

The reverberations that would ripple through reality would be amazing!

Oh you are resonating – I can feel it and I’m in Northeast Ohio.

It gives me chills to speak of how the energy is changing around me. I can feel the awesome vibrations that ripple and flow and a powerful force is moving toward great things.

Yes that would be a great idea to show what’s really going on! Because that might paint a different narrative than the one we are conditioned to see – hate and separation.

Put out a positive network of reality as the people are living it, not as the media portrays it.

I think that’s all we have to do, be true to ourselves and keep to the light of positive energy. Keep channeling words and growth and experience into light based action and the whole team feels the support.

Hmmm, I agree – the strings of destiny are being pulled and woven into beautiful imagery and manifestation.

And even better as Destiny is being woven – Fate is stepping in to highlight all the wonderful choices people are making to better themselves for the better of others.

Like you making the choice to positively participate. Fate working to make the world better. This is so awesome. I’m so excited!!!

Oh the reality is they might try but the winds of favor are on our side and they may be finding themselves with their backs against the wall.

But for many when cornered this is when the scariest parts of the self come to light.

So be warned, even peaceful protesting can be met with forceful hatred.

Yes – you have the power of peace on your side and it sounds like you were deemed of the highest honor to be there to sway a crowd.

I love the glow of peace.

And what if you did [have help from something higher]? Wouldn’t that be the coolest?

Wow! That’s powerful. And something that more and more of us are awakening too.

Something else that is “there” that is beyond words to describe.

A presence, a strength, a courage that carries the moment.

A wind that blows in your direction and makes everything go just right.

I love that magical presence. I’m so excited to find another that has experienced it first hand.

So many doubt. So many see but refuse to accept.

Oooh you got it right on the head – Motivation, Trust, And Purity of Purpose – what can stand against you?

I’m used to being considered crazy because I am certifiably a loony tooney that has gone cluckin’ crazy.  But in my insanity I realized how much more sense everything made than what reality painted itself to be.

That’s what I’m beginning to wonder – what is crazy?

Because so much of what I believe is so truthful from my soul that I feel no matter if what I believe turns out to be disproven, I’ve still spent my life dedicated to a higher calling that seeks to help others better their situation.

But the coolest thing is that people aren’t calling my crazy so crazy anymore. They are finding their own parallel truths in the “crazy” that I spew.

Which helps me to think there is a collective truth we all accept and from there it breaks into individual spec of possibility. With each part of existence having their own view of reality.

I have chemical imbalances out the wahzoo. Bipolar Baby here.

But in the different way they look at me, I find I am the truest reflection of self I have ever been. And in that place, I find much comfort of being.

Peaceful place to gently nurture reality’s growth and awakening.

Nice – Same page is a great place to be

OMG that is awesome! I totally believe that stuff happens more than we realize. When Synchronicity and Serendipity align with your thoughts.

Magic in Motion

I feel you. I find myself feeling out of touch with the reality so often I question if I’m really tapped into the same one everyone else is vibrating on.

Everything works the way I hope it to because I don’t demand that things go my way.

I think the same, some just don’t realize how connected they are.

Don’t believe, don’t trust, don’t find faith in something more.

Struggle to see all that is there.

[We are all connected] In such a deeply humbling way.

Oh you had the conversation with God. That one where he makes you feel your worth and reach the point where you’ll never doubt yourself again!!!!

That’s the best conversation.

I like to have that one everyday. As I pour my praises to the one responsible for the Universe’s Creation, I feel the humble appreciation for the uniqueness my spirit embodies.

Hmmm, I love that. I love that so much. She is the trust in the Universe you most need to feel.

Luck is the essence of how good it feels to be in this state.  I use that word all the time.

Yes!!! You can’t help but grow from these experiences.

I wrap my mind around it as the best mental sickness to have, hands down. The one where you are so sick in the head you want to love the world into a better place.

No I think our science is beginning to understand the Creation process of being. But that was the beginning that everyone is focused on. I think our bodies and our existences have change over time and the original creator has opened the source code behind humans to other Creationists.

That is absolutely a gift!

I think “being” exists in five parts – BODY, SPIRIT, SOUL, HEART, and the connecting piece – MIND

All five essences are constantly trying to alert you to the information needed to process the moment. The Mind is the Single Voice of Being that puts all the others into place.

Our Science currently very realistically portrays the BODY in its finest qualities. But I believe in a metaphysical body that is outside of science’s confines.

I made these when I was batshit crazy and speaking out of this world things, so forgive the nature of the scribbles. But this is what I feel our metaphysical forms would take shape as.

Doing really well, feelings waves of positive energy through the day. Keeps me soaring in happy thoughts that keep the anxiety at bay.

How are you doing?

Thanks, I’m glad for your wellness. Days go much better when your mind isn’t working against you.

Mmm, I totally agree. So many seek freedom within the confines of reality. When Truthful Liberty can be found my letting go of reality’s definition and exploring the awareness that comes in its place.

Yes! And listen to the melody of the differences between awareness. Noticing the subtle changes but never reacting to the difference. Completely cool and calm and collected in the moment.

I find that the present moment is such a Gift to treasure. Incorporating all the goodness of the past and all the hope of the what the future holds.

Bundling the now in goodness and happiness and lots of good feelings. But so many stand weighed down by a past that is connected to pain and suffering that cannot be denied.

To deny the pain is to pretend it didn’t happen but to accept the past is to make the pain real. Interesting paradox…

Interesting that so many know about the now and yet somehow fail to connect to its splendor.

It’s easy to do because the future can weight the self with anxiety and the past can consume the self with despair.

But bringing the self back to center is little more than releasing the awareness of what the problem is and correcting the focus to something a little more pleasant to consider.

I do too. I mean, how do you not? It’s every moment that it would take to distance yourself from the details that make up your life. And how many are ready to around the clock be aware of not falling into the details of life?

That sounds crazy just typing it out…

I think the same thing. Quarantine stops humans from doing and teaches them more about being.

We are conditioned to think we must be doing something to find happiness.

But the reality is that we ARE being everything we are meant to. In this moment. Doing something changes that state and morphs you into a different moment so quick you barely have time to process its passing. It’s a fix to the passage of time.

But being is making the self comfortable with the passage of time no matter the pace it comes at.

Distancing ourselves from the natural cycle of life to think ourselves so superior in all we know. Yet for all the knowledge we possess, how many words can many produce about “why” they do the things they do?

I have been exploring the thought train that we do in fact know why we do things.

We just don’t like the real reason behind most answers.

I think we are destined to do things because we are a society that needs to provide for its people. So on some very real level we are motivated to do more than just be.

But how we have converted “being” there for people into “doing” things for money is perverted.

I totally like that thought! Making what you have fit into your definition of happiness. I’m working on creating a world that exists as it is that perfectly fits my definition of happiness.

Because deep down I feel that by being happy, all deserve an equal measure of joy and happiness.

On a selfish level, my happiness is limited by the struggles others face.

It’s a glass ceiling on how happy I can be. Because how can I enjoy my life when I know others are in fear of their own?

That’s what I think I’ve tapped into – true happiness. Because regardless of the details of my life, my joy at existing persists. I live below poverty level and yet feel blessed in all that I possess. I am surrounded by loving presences that bring joy to my every moment and support me through my lows. I was birthed into a world of abundance and affluence that many pray to be possible. I don’t know what more a person could ask for in life…

There is always something positive to be found in the moment. The trick is that too often people are lost in a myriad of negative thoughts that distract them from the presence of good feelings to feel.

That’s the beauty of happiness – there’s an abundance to share and resonate with others. I find that when I tap into my happiness, others are there in the same moment able to feel the same way.

The same thing.

I agree – everywhere I go I see a positive change in the interactions between people. People talking to others from behind masks. People smiling as they pass one another.

Calmer, more accepting responses to the random people that are crossing our paths.

I think it’s the distancing. I think of each of us have a energy field that was constantly being disturbed by the closeness of strangers, creating disharmonious energies to combat in an already frazzled mind.

With distance comes the ability to sort external energy out in a calm place. At least that’s my thinking on it.

Allowing acceptance and peace to be the response in most instances.

I agree – we are advancing spiritually and metaphysically in ways never considered before.

It all comes in response to a global pandemic that induced fear and worry in the same moment, bringing us together to create a rebounding aura of positivity to carry our reality away into a higher vibration.

Our collective response to helping others as we help ourselves is the most mature thing Humanity has ever decided to do.

I’m a dreamer so I always hope for others to follow their dreams to a better time and place.

I think dreams are the best part of Humanity and the reason why we are all so amazing. The liberty to literally imagine anything into reality and the possibility that it comes to manifestation is beyond magical.

Keeps me wanting to dream more and more realistic ideas of reality.

Like creating Utopia on Earth – Euphoria filled Reality where Everyone stands United in Thought and Action.