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Well good for that. But honestly I don’t know how I feel about a religion that tortures people and makes them virtual slaves to men and then tells them its a sin to try to escape the torture….

I despise religion in all forms and the rules and regulations it places on everyday life. But I am DEEPLY spiritual and in love with the Highest Power that is the Creator.

Yes, I do truly feel the presence of the Creator. I have many stories that I can tell about how the Creator is working in my life.

Many supernatural gifted stories that defy reasoning and logic. And all amount to my belief that there is something grander than I and more perfect than I hoped to believe in.

Sure any of them you’d like to hear, I’d love to share.
+Walk of Faith
+Losing my Reality
+Selling my Soul
+Finding Redemption
+Magic Changing Life
+Mind over Matter

hahaha For sure you can choose them all as we have time to get to them.

My Walk of Faith was a journey through which I was on the brink of total psychosis. I walked away from my family believing that I was Chosen to Lead the World to Peaceful Prosperity. And so I started walking and allowed the winds of favor to guide my path, not knowing where I would end up but rather get to where I needed to be.

That journey took me many places and gave me the chance to meet many people. All who witnessed my crazy but didn’t do anything other than pass me along to the next point in my journey.

In the journey I came to walk through Seven Houses of God. Each house stood there as a representation of a different aspect of man’s view on God.

The different aspects that they were are lost on me, but what I recall about the time is that each house rejected my overwhelming belief in the Great Design entirely. Not even welcoming me to converse on a topic we all held to be of the utmost importance.

Except for one believer, who didn’t put out of the realm of possibility, the reality that I could be Humanity’s Savior. It was his faith alone, that I feel saved all of Humanity.

But that’s the crazy grandiose speaking that comes to my mind when I branch out into these topics.

I was consumed by the thought that I was Christ Reborn. It wasn’t “getting a feeling of believing” it was feeling attached to people’s beliefs systems in a way they couldn’t understand. And knowing that their wavelength registered disharmonious to my own beliefs in the power of God and Love.

Except for the one believer who was open to the possibility that the Savior could be a woman.

Well after the Seven Houses of God, I continued on my walk but it was starting to get dark and I had no place to stay. So I figured I would stay in a public park that my father was named after. But somehow Destiny stepped in and guided me to a hospital where I would meet a mystical magical woman that would see my soul and tell me my fortune before sending me back home. Mercy Hospital to be specific.

I meant by destiny that I had it in my mind to go elsewhere and everything in between stopped me from doing what I planned. I was in the car, hitchhiking my ride to the place I sought. Police officers pulled over the woman that had picked me up. Three patrol cars came to try to get me out of that car.

Six police officers were there trying to coax me away from the stranger I found myself with. Yet I wouldn’t listen and willingly drove away with her. Yet moments after I left the safety of the police presence my stomach started crushing me with cramps and pain. So much so I asked to be taken to the hospital

She took me to the hospital and once I left her presence I immediately felt better inside the hospital without even being seen.

Immediately after walking in the hospital the first person I made eye contact with was the angel of a woman that would get me back to where I was meant to be. I didn’t talk to her right away but hours later we found ourselves alone together.

The women didn’t take me anywhere. She said lots of things about the life I was leading and the future that was in store for me if I didn’t get home. She gave me a cell phone to call home in the middle of the night. Which my husband happened to be up waiting around the clock for me to call.

To which he called a friend who had barely gotten into bed and was willing to come and pick me up from the hospital to deliver me home.

Too many coincidences to not feel something more is at play. Too much came together to make it what it was. I don’t doubt God’s hand in my life at all.

The one thing from that story that speaks to my mind is when I saw a Trinity of Birds flying in a triangle formation over my head.

When I was starting to go right, they swerved left into a swatch of trees of the highway. I felt compelled to follow them. And wouldn’t you know that they flew right over top a break in the fence I could crawl under to get to the railroad tracks down below on the other side. Leading me to the beginning of my Seven Houses of God walk.

I believe that God puts in my path the people that are most open to receiving the light of the Universe. So yes, I feel that we were led to be together in this moment. To share as we are sharing.  To perhaps light a spark in your soul that you never felt the warmth of before.

So you could be the light in other’s lives. I think of it like a match that lights an explosive. And you kindle that warm feeling within until a positivity implosion happens and you can’t help but spread the love.

What was that dream?

Interesting, I believe in the reality of our thoughts and energies creating presences beyond what we can understand. When you think of these dark entities that wish to hurt you, were they ever able to or was it just the perception they were out to get you?
Because in my mind, I think of them dragging you into the life that you were avoiding being a part of with the choices you were making. So they took your choice to avoid helping others and filled you up with the desire to listen to others online.

Sounds like Lucifer to my mind – do you believe in the devil?

Yeah Lucifer is supposedly a female entity that likes to bully men.

I can understand, it all sounds out there to consider. But my mind literally cannot escape these beliefs so I embrace them and also prepare to be proven wrong at any moment. So I hold to truth but also free myself to recognize I could have it wrong.

If it was Lucifer then it would strike your soul. Meant to hit where it strikes a chord and creates a new resonance in your being.

Ah see I have a different perspective on the “MIND”


Lucifer is part of the Creator Trinity and therefore can touch your being in ways this reality doesn’t like to consider.

So if you are vibrating on a reality where you are nice but not actively helping others, Lucifer could reach in a strum a chord that makes you feel bad for not helping others.

But along with the MIND to me are the BODY, SPIRIT, SOUL, and HEART that lead to what the MIND “knows”.

No of course it’s not a bad entity. This reality is ruled by God but the illusion is that man walks apart from God. Realize the trick and you’re free to live outside the bounds of their control.

I can’t either, that’s part of what I deal with in the bipolarity. I can never really get a bead on my sense of self. So at all times I feel like I am fluidly trying to create a person for others to interact with.

I think that we are a part of the Trinity of Creators. That he was so spectacular that he wanted to create each of us in his image to give the chance to celebrate how wonderful it is to be a Creator.

As he is the basis of Creation, and we are based in his form – we were all already there before Creation began. But existing as a thought versus in real living form.

Our life is our chance to understand his being.

Everyone in existence wishes for the chance at life.

Think how many possibilities exist in one women’s lifetime for life to be created. And how infrequently that life comes to manifest.

I don’t like to force my beliefs on anybody so when I refer to GOD I mean


This allows people the freedom to interpret the meaning into their own terms without disagreeing with my belief in God.

I believe that God is in Human Form presently. I think that once upon a time he lived in the Heavens and ruled from there. But that things were broken in Heaven because of things on Earth. So he took his light from the sky and came down to earth to personally invest himself in the betterment of Humanity. I don’t think that any would know God in person if they met him so secret is he about his identity.

Because just because he CAN make us do it his way doesn’t mean he wants to be a controlling dick that forces people to act against their wishes. He wishes people to choose to follow him willingly. Not by pressure or fear or coercion.

Of course there is. But look at Humanity as a whole. How destructive and horrible they are as a collective. Do you not see the threat that Humanity poses to the stability of the Universe should they find a way to breed beyond the planet they are confined to? Can you not see how Humans would bring war to the Heavens in the most disgusting way possible?

The Heavens war over the continued existence of Humanity so bad are they. By Heavens I mean otherworldly realms connected to ours that are beyond our words and definitions to understand.

Evil is a human construct. I can’t say how realistic being EVIL is outside of Earth’s confines. Weaker is another human term. For humans crave power and domination.

Other beings don’t desire to hurt others for their own promotion.

Good is the absolute and everything else is just worlds of words to explain the difference between Right and Wrong.

Right is Right, even if no one believes in it. Wrong will always be wrong even if everyone is doing it.

Right and Wrong are merely degrees in knowing yourself. If you know yourself fully, you will always feel Right. But if you doubt yourself constantly, you will only ever know the words of Wrong.

Doubt is fear of the unknown in my mind. While acceptance is appreciation of what is.

There’s a world of difference between light and dark just as positivity and negativity feel a world of difference.

Trusting in something leads to no doubt. Lack of trust leads to doubt of anything under the Sun.

That’s interesting because I don’t believe in Death being but a momentary changing of the Vessel that is your vehicle to traverse time and space. While your body passes from the mortal plane, your essence lives on metaphysically forever in some form or another.