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I would love to discuss all things that are true to your heart.
For me, I like to dig in and get a real feel for the mind behind the screen.
So I like to talk about anything that might interest you.

Well we can branch off anywhere – My first thought is how do you feel about the future of our society? So much is going on, so much is happening, there’s so many things to think.

When you think about where our society is headed, would you say you’re hopeful or pessimistic?

Would you call yourself a “realist”?  So many that I’ve talked to with a non-hopeful perspective use that term for themselves?

For me there’s both Nothing and EVERYTHING behind Existence. And which side you see is dependent on the outlook you have for life.

My husband is a realist, so I’m intimately aware of their minds.

I’m floating on the other end of the spectrum feeling all kinds of positive toward Existence and feeling wonderful because of those thoughts. I’m making life to be something positive and uplifting and in response, I feel positive and uplifted.

You get what you put out there, in my mind. Not to say that I don’t swing down into funks, just spent the past couple days in that mindset.

I was told by my doctors (I’m bipolar) that our brains create pathways that they habitually run. To my mind, these are the paths (feelings) that we regularly conjure in response to outward stimuli. And so habitually, people with negative thoughts tend to have negative reactions. I believe it takes creating new pathways and practicing those thoughts to erase the old negative tendencies.

Do you have a deep sense of self love?

Are you happy being by yourself with nothing to do? No games, no electronics, no entertainment but for your own created thought? That’s how I would gauge self love.

Bipolar is something that I’m beginning to think touches us all in some form. Kind of like a spectrum of feelings that some are more intense in.

If you life doesn’t matter to you, I would wager a bet that your self love tank is a little on the empty side.

I think that’s a boat that so many of us are in. Escapism through the means of the material world when nothing in the material world can truly make you feel better about yourself until you learn how to love yourself for all that you get to be.

Hmmm, do you think your choice to not participate in life could cycle around to the thought that you don’t matter because you have nothing to do?

You’re closer to my oldest daughter’s age (12) so if I come off mothering I apologize. I strongly feel that we don’t protect our children and force them to “adult” long before they are ready.

Sometimes the nest is the most comfortable place to be. I’m a borderline recluse that only leaves the home for doctors and grocery shopping. So I can feel you on wanting to be safe at home.

So late in life your parents decided they wanted to share in the more that life offers. That’s beautiful! You were a blessed baby born of love not just coincidence.

Losing a parent is really hard – harder the younger you go through it I think. My husband has lost both of his parents and I can see how difficult the separation is.

Perhaps you pull close to home to stay with your mom so she doesn’t feel the loss of your father as heavily?

I can see what your siblings mean when they think the littlest gets treated better than the oldest. I think it is natural for every sibling to feel insecure about their place in Mom and Dad’s eyes.

I think that what they don’t see is that your parents aged and matured as they raised their babies, giving them a different outlook on life by the time you came along.

I have four children. I can tell you how I treat my youngest is far different than how life was for the oldest and they were all born between 2008 and 2015.

Being a parent changes you and makes you see things that you once thought important aren’t necessarily so.

Indeed it becomes the little things that make the most difference. And once where your mother thought spanking was how to raise a child, in time her heart softened and couldn’t stand to put a hurting on her babies.

It’s all important because these are the things that help shape who you are in this moment. No worries about being emotional, I love to see the truth of a person. And emotions are deeply held hurts and beliefs that can create connection when discussed.

I live and breathe by the quality of my emotions so I ever try to help others feel as comfortable being emotional.

Your brother that has a grudge against you, what’s his life like that you know of?

Thank you for opening up to me. Believe me, more than words can express, it humbles me to be so close to your heart.

Sounds like he might be the kind of person that blames others for the state of his life. Never taking responsibility for the poor choices he repeatedly makes.

Yeah, because fathers are known to push their sons down the aisle. Like I’m rolling my eyes at that thought.

If he admits that he made the choice, then he has to face the fact that he chose wrong or didn’t work hard enough to make it last.

Things blamers don’t like to do.

Losing your parent often forces awakenings that you didn’t hope to have before.My husband faces the responsibility of life with no one that brought him in the world.

That is a heavy weight coupled with a wife a four kids. So now the world is in his hands and he’s just got to find a way to float.

Maybe your brother feels something similar. He’s close in age to my husband who is 41.

I am what I am because my husband spent 19 years showing me how to be a better person. For 13 years of our relationship I was the sinking ship until I learned that I needed to love myself to properly feel love.

So when I talk of self love, please know it’s because I was without it my whole life.

I understand completely. I find it better to wait until the right moment comes than force something that was never going to work.

Also, you choose often not to take opportunities when they come – would you say you would leap at the chance should a good woman come along?

What if hiding your feelings is the very thing that makes another not trust they are there in the first place?

I like to throw myself head first at every situation diving as deeply as I can possibly muster. Falling in love with every person I meet even if I’ll only meet them for a second.